Is there a way to access my phone as a removable disk via a bluetooth connection. I.e. access it through windows explorer the same way I would a usb flash drive, save to it via direct drive letter access etc., Without having to use a third party program. Currently the only connection to my phone is though third party software, which requires you to save files to the computer first and drag them to the program window to copy them to my phone, and wait for files to copy to the computer first before I can open or modify them, which can be a pain. Is there any FREE software or drivers that will allow me to access my phone as a removable drive. It would be so much easier to be able to save and work with files directly off my phone. The only way I have to connect my phone to my computer is via bluetooth connection. I am running windows vista home premium and have bluesoleil software to connect my phone. My phone is a samsung slm (also know as a747) if that helps.