505 Games has announced a new game for the Nintendo DS called Fashion Designer: Style Icon. The game lets players go to fashion school without the worry of expensive student loans or those horrific cat fights that ensue during critique sessions.
Unlike real life, upon graduation you actually get a job in fashion right away - creating your own workshop, accepting private contracts, supplying small boutiques and setting up mail order companies. The game comes out in November, and there's also a freestyle outfit design mode that can be played multi-player √* la Project Runway. That is to say, it's a walk off of designs with you doing your best Tim Gunn impression in your head.
I have a friend in fashion who might actually be into this game. After going to South America and seeing all his designs made, he found "all those busy little hands" very disturbing. Kim Phu

Milton Keynes, June 25th - 505 Games today unveils is slinky new number for November, Fashion Designer: Style Icon, for Nintendo DS. The game sits in 505 Games' burgeoning portfolio of 'lifestyle simulations' and allows fledgling fashionistas the opportunity to conquer the world of fashion via Nintendo DS stylus.
Players take the role of a young designer eager to dominate the catwalk and follows their career from fashion training school, through graduation and beyond. After graduating, players can start a workshop, accept private design contracts, supply small boutiques and set up mail order companies. Design the best fashion creations and players can even supply outfits to the stars and VIP clients.
The comprehensive simulation gameplay is mission based and offers players the chance to present their creations in catalogues and movie posters, and even gives designers the freedom to select which supermodels, hairstyles and creations will strut their stuff on the catwalk. Player performance is rated according to factors including tailoring time, design choices and accuracy. All must be heeded if players are to become the world's most popular fashion designer!
In addition to the extensive Career mode, it is also possible to design freestyle outfits whenever inspiration strikes in Free mode and to challenge friends to design-offs in wireless multiplayer games. Unlockable patterns, fabrics, accessories and supermodels also feature as rewards for exceptional designers.
Fashion Designer: Style Icon promises players a taste of the fashion world without the risk of scissor injuries and catty colleagues. Developed by Creative Patterns and published by 505 Games, Fashion Designer: Style Icon is scheduled for release in November.
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