To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
We're pretty open here, so I'm gonna keep it open. I was raised an only child (and have the temperament to prove it!), but I actually have a half-sister. She's from my father's first marriage, and there's an age gap between us. Not only that, for whatever reason. I remember seeing her visit once or twice when I was a kid — while playing with Batman Playdoh, she told me that the Joker had killed Batman and that Batman was dead. Kinda freaked me out. And we've spoken on the phone a few times. That was the extent of our relationship — her telling me that Batman was dead.
Last year, VH1 incorrectly claimed that I wasn't related to her — an odd non-sequitur, but still kinda odd! My dad got a phone call from her the other day. She's an artist in New York, see. I've never seen her work, but am curious. Every time I'm in NYC, somewhere in the back of my brain I'm thinking there's someone you're very closely related to wonder these same city streets. Back to the phone call. She said that she had sold a painting to...
...yup, Gawker Media czar Nick Denton. Now, I'm really curious. Actually wrote an email to Nick, asking what painting he bought. Haven't sent it. Like I said, the extent of our relationship is her telling me that Batman is dead. Still, she is my half-sister, a fragile connection that becomes increasingly important as the years tick by and my immediate family grays older and older.
What you missed last night: