In the most recent edition of Rare's fan mailbag feature "Scribes", the fans demand to know: Are Rare working on Killer Instinct 3?! Secondary and tertiary to this are questions about Jet Force Gemini and It's Mr. Pants sequels. Whatever! Anyway, Rare, Killer Instinct 3?
Rare denies it.
Purely out of contractual obligation, no, we're not working on KI3, no, we don't have a secret team in the basement finishing off JFG2, no, we're not brainstorming an exciting sequel to It's Mr. Pants and traditionally we're not big players in the RPG market either. Until we're ready to unveil some of the games beyond the new Banjo that we are working on, why not go back and sample some prime Rare goodness from the archives such as NES classics Time Lord or Super Glove Ball?
That certainly doesn't rule out an Xbox Live Arcade release of the first two Killer Instinct games, but it certainly doesn't fill the lil' TJ Combo in my soul with much in the way of combo-breakin' happiness. Guess we'll have to wait a little bit longer to engage in more ridiculous pirate skeleton versus giant lizard battles. Michael McWhertor
Scribes - June 25, 2007 [Rare]