randomly(sometimes both at the same time)? What the question says. I am using windows 7. When windows gadgets crashes the specific gadget "All CPU Meter" closes but the default weather gadget remains open and like I said, PC Advisor dock also keeps crahing. The gadget I mentioned is a trusted well known gadget that appears on the front page of the windows gadgets page. I ran a Norton 4.0 virus and Spyware Scan, chkdisk(which took forever), HP tuneup, and disk defragementor and yet the problem persists. Please help. No other applications are affected in anyway. I am using a HP G62-140US notebook. It's fairly new because it uses the Intel 2010 Core Processors. (I'm using Core i3 if you're wondering.) I've owned this PC since May but the problem just showed up a month and a half ago.