I'm thinking about getting some new gadget and I'm really confused about it =(
I would really love the iPod Touch 4g..but there are some stuff that make me think twice (poor camera, hardware progressing very fast on portable devices, heard something about overheating problems and so on..)

The 2nd gadget I would like to get is a sony cyber-shot dsc-tx7..its a great camera..but..it's a camera..I really enjoy recording stuff and taking pics but I get bored REALLY fast..(proud sagittarius xD)

The 3rd would be a HD handycam. Not sure which one yet, but it should be around the same price as the sony camera and the iPod Tocuh 4g (8gb or 32gb) ~300$ (hopefully less). I wanted to go for film school after finishing highschool and ofc..I LOVE filming stuff xD

So yeah..it's a hard decision xD

I need you guys to tell me which one I should get, WHY, and maybe why should I NOT get the other.