yellow Gadget x2
Green gadget x2
Red gadget x2
D.D warrior lady x2
Neo spacian mole
Breaker the magical warrior x2
Banisher of the radiance x2
Blackwing Gale
D.D. Assailant x2
Cyber dragon
Gorz the emissary of darkness

Pot of avarice
Enemy controller
Brain control
Book of moon x3
Fissure x3
Heavy storm
Soul taker
Lighting vortex x2
Smashing ground
Mystical space typhoon

Royal oppression x3
Sakuretsu armor x3
Mirror force
Bottomless trap hole x2

Phoenix wing wind blast (thinking of side decking)
Torrential tribute

Now I'm working on getting 3 Doomcaliber Knight, 2 Kycoo the ghost destroyer and some thunder king Rai oh,
What could i improve Please and thank you
Synchro deck
Magical android
Black rose dragon
Stardust dragon
X-saber urbellum
Brionac, Dragon of the ice barrier
Flamvell Uruquizas