disadvantage in our life? Hi

1> My life was just fine when i was a kid.
A> Then my dad purchased a mobile & I got addicted to it. by watching video & downloading stuffs.
B> Then my dad purchased a computer & I got addicted to it by watching movies & playing games.
C> Then my dad paid for an internet connection and i got addicted to it by u know.
D> Now as we have many electronic equipments available in market we don't do any of the physical activity.
E> We don't think or talk about anything which is worth for on internet.Just about his pics,i dated with her and u know blah blah
2> Now many young users watches porn,chats,downloads and plays games all day/night.Instead they should concentrate on their studies.

Now lets talk about advantages a bit

1> It's close to nothing actually
2> We can conntact with any1 and have a chat with,but whom do we chat with a strange person {waste of time}.
3> Gadgets/electronic equipments makes things easier but those things can also b done without that.Or even if u don't listen to songs u won't die.It would b better if u takeout a bit of time 2 help some1.
4> For business purpose only they r useful a lot.

Note: I m not removing my frustration over anything of what happened to me in the past due to advances in these electronics.

What i want to know is that
1> what do u think of my opinion?
2> I have deeply said negative things about internet/computer/gadgets/electronic equipments but do u accept with me?
3> For what purpose u use internet,computer mostly.
4> Ur list of advantages and disadvantages.

I need answers
plz don't b dumb and don't answer this question.Feel free to write ur thoughts on this.