I found this website that basically will give you free stuff.
This is actually a legit website, I have found loads of sources proving it is legit. Anyway the website is:

Copy that link into ur address bar and follow it and it will take you to the website. You dont have to put into any credit card details or anything, all you have to do is complete one of the offers. There are a few free offers which I would recommend. After you have done that you are free to do the same as me and invite people to join and as soon as you have enough referalls you can exchange them for a free gift which will be sent to you for free. There is loads of stuff on there. Anyway this ofer is genuine, I found out about it recently and it is fantastic. There is a section on the website explaing how they do it and how it works so im not gonna bother explaining it here. If you want me to prove this is geuine then I can, im happy to IM people or email people, just send me a message. Anyway please copy the link and complete one of the free offers so I can get my xbox 360, thanks.