I'm currently a high school senior and I'm looking at my options for College. I'm thinking about majoring in Nutrition and getting a masters in occupational therapy, however I'm only focusing on my bachelors right now. I want a college with an attractive campus, (going to live there for 4 years, come on...) AWESOME academics, great college life, and just... well a place to have a spectacular college experience.

I have visited all 3 colleges and have already been accepted into TWU, I have automatic acceptance into both Tech and A&M (top 10% of my class). I liked the feel and look of Tech, but I dislike the distance, (I live in Austin). For TWU, I love the campus, but I feel the school is a bit to small, and I HATE the women to men ratio, (I'm a girl and I would like some men, haha.) However I know that TWU is known for their medical majors. For A&M, I have heard nothing but great stuff about it... the only thing? I didn't get a good vibe when I visited the campus. I also know that A&M is far more prestigious than Tech, but I'm unsure. I am personally not into sororities and fraternities, I don't like alcohol, I'm wanting to stay in Texas, and I'm looking at college honors programs. I'm trying to take everything into account... student population, scholarships, price, prestige, academic opportunities, college life, presence of intramural sports... Help Please!!! I would prefer alumni to respond, but all responses are appreciated! Feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcome! Thanks!