I just bought a new DVD RW SATA drive for my computer. It already had a DVD-Rom SATA drive installed. The HD is also SATA.

Here's the problem. BIOS doesn't recognize the second DVD drive...for now, I have switched out the ROM and put in the RW, which is on port SATA1. I want to have both drives running so I can copy personal DVD's in one step (The ROM drive reads while the RW drive writes).

I have 4 SATA ports. HDD on port 0, DVD drive on port 1. They are different colors (I don't know if this matters like it does for RAM) listed here:
0: Blue
1: Black
2: White
3: Black

I have tried putting the secondary drive on both 2 and 3, but they are not recognized by BIOS and do not read any discs when running Windows Vista. They do operate however; open, close, attempt at reading. Any ideas?
How do I set master/slave on a SATA drive? There are no pins for jumpers or any extra slots like on a hard drive.
The motherboard is a
Dell Asus M2N61-AX