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    Junior Member karaaz80's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    Why can't I watch DIVX videos on without downloading the "Vaudix" plugin?

    when I visit the website I would find a tv show or movie I want to watch it & all of it's videos are in DIVX format & every time I would try to watch the video would require me to download 'Vaudix' plugin in order to watch the video. when I downloaded the 'Vaudix' plugin & reboot my computer to play the video I wanted to watch it would keep telling me that I need to download the 'Vaudix' plugin. after awhile my computer would start acting slower & when I used Avast to scan my computer I found out that 'Vaudix' plugin was a Trojan virus. my question is has anybody been able to play any videos on how did you get around the requiring you to download the 'Vaudix' plugin? can anybody shed some light on this problem?

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    Karaaz80 It is interesting to note that when you go to to watch a movie like space above and beyond you only get that message to download Vaudix when running a
    PC and not a Mac. It is clearley targeting PC's.

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    Avoid that plugin like the plague. To avoid it on veehd, all you need do is make a free account ( register ), and then ALWAYS log in to veehd before streaming or downloading. That way, the option to downlaod vaudix doesn't even appear.
    Veehd is safe, i have been registered for 2 years, and have never had even one spam email from them, apart from the first registration email.
    Vaudic, like codec-c before it, is most certainly NOT needed.

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    can someone please tell me how to remove vaudix. after i installed it nothing happened ( its not in my extensions or in add/remove programs) but if its a virus and still lingering somewhere then i would obviously want to know how to get rid of it. Thanks to whoever can help

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    If anyone is still looking for a way to fix this problem, then
    -if you are using Google chrome, right click on the screen, then press inspect element, this will allow you to remove any aspect of the website that you are viewing(of course, this in no way remove the actual website in anyway, so if you remove something you didn't mean to, say the video that you are trying to watch you can just reload the website and everything is as it was).
    -it should be the same for firefox.
    For most of this what you want to remove is the ads and it usually say that, it also show you the overview of what is selected so you now what you are removing. As I don't know a lot of the technical stuff and cant really read the website script and understand it completely, I will not be able to tell you in detail what the stuff are(for most part, it's trials and errors for me), so you just have to try it yourself, and as I tell you earlier don't worry about making a mistake all you have to do it reload it, but once you get the hang of it, it should be no problem.
    I do hope this help anyone who wonder about it and not make more question then answer.

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    Thanks, it works!

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    thanks alot for your advice

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    Check2 Registering works!

    Yep, registered on VeeHD no more stupid Vaudix adware required to view video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Yep, registered on VeeHD no more stupid Vaudix adware required to view video.

    No need to even register....

    Using google chrome:

    1. Search for movie
    2. Click Title you want to watch
    3. Right click on movie
    4. On right click list at very bottom click Inspect Element
    5. Find Line of Code " <div id="_vdcbl"></div> "
    6. Right click above line of code and left click on DELETE NODE

    7. Left Click Movie. Enjoy!

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    Well, I tried that "inspect element thing" yes it worked but when I start to download it, it downloads fast but when I open the movie, it will play maybe just 3-5 mins and then it's cut off. The movie is not complete.

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