It seems to me that Rumagnoli are at least subconsciously ethnically conscious, if that makes any sense. :-) Although at the same time, they also have a tendency for Italian nationalism(e.g.Felice Orsini).

Some random stuff about Rumagna:

1)There is a free Romagnol nation speaking a Gallo-Italic language: San Marino.
2)Raul Casadei's song "Romagna Mia" was quite suggestive, I think.
3)Discrete ancient heritage: Mainly Umbri and Senoni(a group of Galli).
4)Actors like Ivano Marescotti, Laura Pausini, and others have admitted their sentiments about Romagna.
5)Also, there are tons of sites like RomagnaOggi, RomagnoliNelMondo, etc.
6)Romagnols were overrepresented in Mussolini's govt/military, who himself was a Romagnol.
7)Very distinctive last names: Casadei/io and M(i/e)ngozzi/ucci/uzzi.

8)Food: Piadina----a strong symbol of Romagna, imo.
9)Very distinctive personality. Simply can't say they're a "mix of Tuscans, Picenes and Emilians". They're clearly distinct.
10)Several Rumagnol poets in the 19th century, who wrote in the Rugmanol language btw, brushed very closely with ethno-nationalism....
11)Distinctive phenotypes and DNA patterns that set them apart from a) other Cisalpines and b)other Central Italians. (G.L.---feel free to disagree with me on this one. :-) ).