A little about me so people can tell me which would be better suited for me.

I scored a 98 on the ASVAB but only scored 102 on my DLAB in October. I need 105 to qualify for 1NXX for the Air Force and I am currently scheduled to retake in April. I have 3 years of college. (If I were smarter I'd finish school and go in as an officer but I won't go into that.) I'm a 5'4" female although MEPS measured me at 5'3.5" so I can't be airborne. I had originally wanted to be an airborne linguist. My current boyfriend is in the Navy as a FC.

I didn't realize there was a "Navy Linguist" but did recently find the Cryptologic Linguist Interpretive, CTI rating. Honestly I wish I had known about it earlier! I'm still unclear as to what the minimum DLAB score is. I have had 3 different recruiters/sources tell me 100 and one say 105. The Navy recruiter I spoke to called the classifier at MEPS and said as long as everything I was telling him was true (No drugs, debt, single, no children, etc.) that she said I would be guaranteed that rating with my DLAB of 100 and shipped in May/June.

I swore into the Air Force DEP in October. I currently don't have a job booked so it wouldn't be too difficult to request to leave.. but it is funny that after I bring that up my recruiter tells me I can write a request for a waiver for the Linguist AFSC with my DLAB score of 102 which will take a month to process...(Wish I had known back in October!) the same amount of time it would take to process my request to leave. I don't really expect it to be approved.

Just like a previous post I've seen the Navy recruiters seem much more willing to process me than the Air Force ones. I appreciate that.

I would like to travel. I feel like there is more opportunity to do that as CTI. I know it's more of a shore duty kind of job but there is opportunity to be on a ship and planes and from what I've read in the Air Force not so much. I also feel like I would enjoy Navy deployments more so than the Air Force ones...

TLDR: Wait for waiver for DLAB score of 102 to be approved for Linguist AFSC? If that fails I have to retest in April, THEN wait for the job all the while I am technically waiting for one of the other 5 jobs I have listed on my sheet. Should I ask to be removed from Air Force DEP then process for CTI with the Navy? I'm just afraid to leave the Air Force DEP after waiting for so long then for some reason not being able to process for the CTI rating... one of the other AFSC jobs I have listed might open and if I get assigned one of those I know it will be complicated if I still want to leave DEP. I'll be that jerk.