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    Junior Member twizzlergir1's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    Supple Beverage: Has anyone tried it??? ?

    Any feedback on this product by Peter Apitow???? is it working or just a scam??

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    Supple Beverage Company

    Be very careful when dealing with the Supple beverage company. We tried in vain to cancel our order with Supple and we weren't able to until they sent another order out to us! Supple then they told us if we want our money back, we had to pay shipping and we wouldn't be refunded the $20 to have it shipped to us. In other words, for us to cancel our order with Supple, we had to pay out $40. The Supple beverage and drink company is running a scam and if you place a standing order with them, your gonna get ripped off. Please be very careful when dealing with Supple.

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    Supple is great, i love it!!!!

    I am sorry, but all info is available to you prior and during the time of placing order if you ask the rep. Give them a break they are there to place your orders not to give you the 411 on supple other then the basic. If you are not sure on product do you homework and think about it before ordering! I have been an off and on costumer and i love it! Remember supple does not cure arthritis but it helps with the pain, swelling, endless nights of no sleep due to my arthritis. Now everyone's body is different and it took me my second shipment before i felt the full effect! And it is worth every penny! I love their customer service always there when i need them. So do them a favor and read the terms and conditions, return policies etc, etc, or whatever you are calling to bitch about. They are just doing their job like you should before committing to an order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's a scam, you can buy the same supplements at GNC for a lot less and not have to worry about them sending and sending order after order that you don't want. Oh, and nothing can rebuild cartilege, these guys are full of sh!t.

  5. #5
    YOU CAN'T buy a liquid drugs (vitamins etc) in drug store. I had to go to the doctor to have complex B injected every 2 weeks! And here I can just drink it... I don't know how well it works, but I can't take any tablets, just liquid and that's works for me...

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    SUPPLE Beverage

    I've used Supple almost every day for two years now. You cannot get the same quality of ingredients from any other source. While there is no cure for artheritis, as there is no cure for aging, it does rehydrate and rebuild the tissue for much pain releif. While everyone's body is different, most of the friends and family that I've recommended also order it regularly. What is more important is the fact that it allowed me to sleep through the night. I use an alarm clock for the first time in 20 years. That allows my body to naturally heal itself better as well...I can't live without least as well. My life has changed as a result. I've begun to work out, I've lost 18 pounds, from 203 down to 185. Not bad for a 5' 10" average build. Thanks Supple!

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    You supple supporters have drunk the magic kool aid and are spewing rip off company propaganda..

    Go to Costco (or Sams) and buy Joint Juice (1500 Glucosamine, 25 calories), sound familiar? total cost, $14.99 for 24 cans. No shipping. Costco has em on sale for the next two weeks for $9.99. It's the same thing as Supple ya knotheads!

  8. #8
    Thanks to all who believe in Supple (and the customer service). Supple is a great product. It may not work for everyone, but it does help many people. For those of you who feel the need to bad mouth the product (and customer service) that just means you haven't given it a chance.

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    RE: Supple Drink

    I've been to GNC. To get the same supplements in the Supple Drink you would have to buy several bottles of pills; totaling more than Supple. Anyone who knows anything about vitamins and minerals knows that liquid forms are the best. And Natural Organic forms are what God intended us to have...not all this man-made synthetic crap with pesticides, herbicides, and perservatives. And who ever says that Cartilege can't be rebuilt is totally incorrect. Why in the world would God create all these wonderful plants if they didn't do us any good. Its the drug companies, doctors, and the FDA that don't want us to know the truth. They want money and don't really care about anyone

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    someone is paying a lot of money for shipping and bottling, the same is also paying for tv infomercials. there are more efective ways of getting the same product for less. ALSO, always take your supplements with a protein to get the best assimilation of nutrients.

    this is NOT a drug,therefore, the FDA has nothing to do with this product. any and all claims are never challenged by the FDA, there are no testings available and NONE necessary for the company to sell the product in the US. SUPPLEMENTS are not regulated by any government agency.

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