at cooking? People who've never tasted my mom's cooking will call me a terrible son for saying my mom's cooking is terrible, but family and friends will agree with me.

Not only is my mom's cooking bad, she's also against junk food. I don't drink, I don't smoke, but I do drink coca-cola. The first thing my mother does when she goes to my house is to give me a hard time for having soda on my fridge.

After tasting cakes at birthday parties, I loved cakes, but since my mother is against junk food, I learned to work the oven at age 7. When I was 7 years old, I was able to follow instructions, and make my own cake, and my own frosting.

After eating pizza at school once, I loved pizza, but there's was no way my mother would buy a pizza for me. So, at the age of 9, I learned to use yeast to prepare leavened dough, and prepare my very own pizza.

I also love spaghetti which my mom also considers junk food, so I needed to learn to prepare good tomato sauces for both the spaghetti and pizza. So, at the age of 10, I started drying tomatoes under the sun in order to make my very special full-of-flavor sauces.

I got into a lot of arguments with my mom until I finally left home for not eating her cooking. I really don't like her cooking (no one does,) so I had to learn to cook for myself.

Everyone says I'm an amazing cook. Do I owe my good cooking skills to my mom's bad cooking?