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  1. #11
    me and a couple buddies made a bong with 6 chambers out 20 oz bottles, 1 time i nade a bong out of a small pump that sucks up air and shoots it out the other side and a bottle and it pretty much gives u a crucial ass shotgun, and i finally rolled a cross jay the other day from pineapple express.smokes pretty much like a regular joint but its sweet

  2. #12
    Guest Vaporizers Pipes Accessories Gifts and More

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  3. #13


    theres nothing like wookies and a good chewie blunt im a chick and smoke better than you! hahahaa

  4. #14

    poppers not yachts :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Yachts bro. They get you fried!
    Metal bong bowl, take off the bowl, use the tube, pack a tear of tobacco, and pack the rest with pot.

    Higher than you have ever been
    in ontario its called poppers

  5. #15

    glass cup meathod

    select a choice nug and place it on some non-flammable surface and light it on fire. iv done it off of tile, but a bowl from any bong is years better. Make sure you have a nice flame. for best results you want as much smoke and as little flame as possible. It may take some time to get the balance right. after you have a nice column of smoke place a glass cup over the nug. watch the cup fill with smoke. hit however you see fit. i stick a bendy straw from a juice box under the bottom of the glass and drink it out. i think hash may work better for this method. furthermore for those who care if you place the weed in a bowl from a bong then you can put the bowl and the cup in a shallow plate and fill it with water so smoke, which sinks, does not escape through the bottom.

  6. #16

    Badass Gravity Bong

    Yo one time I made this gravity bong out of a 3 gallon water jug. Got me blazed outta my mind, plus its a sick invention to show ur friends. Here's what you do:

    1. Go to marsh or kroger or something and buy one of those 3 gallon water jugs thats like a rectangle that sits on its side. It has a big white cap on top and a water release valve on the bottom of the side.

    2. Take off the white cap and drill a hole in the middle of it. make it as big as u want to depending on how much weed u wanna smoke.

    3. Fill the jug up with water till its almost full and screw the cap back on.

    4. Put aluminum foil over the hole in the cap and push it in a little bit then poke very tiny holes in it.

    5. Put ur weed in the aluminum foil and light it up at the same time you release the valve on the side of the container.

    6. Once all the water's gone without lettin any smoke out (you should tip it forward to get all the water u can out), you pass the jug around to your friends and suck out the smoke through the valve. You get some high as fuck haha

    Its cool as shit cuz as ur lettin the water out, the jug is smokin the weed for you and since the jug is clear you get to watch it fill up with smoke until you let all the water out and its just straight white. Enjoy!

  7. #17
    listen to this shit me and my friends got a gasmask 6 bongs about 4 bowls we smoke at least 3 blunts a day and i own my own bowl and jay papers are always handy and yes i got them too. but the point is that "RO-MOs" are prob the easiest things to make if you have a joint or a blunt and its burning your fingers at the end this is the best to use if you got nothing else get a water bottle burn a hole so you could stick your blunt or joint in that hole and then make a second hole a little lower and use that as a carb to clear your hit . easy and quick and trust me i know.

  8. #18

    Check2 omg

    Quote Originally Posted by unregistered View Post
    yachts bro. They get you fried!
    Metal bong bowl, take off the bowl, use the tube, pack a tear of tobacco, and pack the rest with pot.

    Higher than you have ever been
    fuck yeah you do!!

  9. #19

    yooo poppers

    lmao yo in orangeville ontario its called poppers we made that shit son OVILLE FOR LIFE/POPPERS 4 LIFE they fuck u up nigguh

  10. #20

    Drink Blue Buckets....

    bucket bongs: take a 2 Litre juice bottle, preferable over milk because its tougher, and cut off the very bottom. It should now sit flat on the table. Fill a container of somesort with water up to the neck of the chosen bottle. Take the lid from the bottle and put a hole in it so your cone(bowl) piece fits in airtight. Put the bottle into the water (without the lid attatched) so its submerged. Screw the lid back on. Light cone and roast it till it starts to smoke lightly. At this point proceed to lift the bottle out of the water slowly so that the cone starts to pull. Sway left to right slowly whilst pulling it out of the water. Once the cone is suffieciently lit pull the bottle up so that it is just underwater. Unscrew the cap - mouth over hole - push bottle down - breathe in - breathe out.

    WARNING: These take a little bit longer then bong hits to get you, because its more of a head high. About 10 minutes to really feel it. So best to only have about 3 or 4 in a row the first time, if your not used to it.

    Have fun.

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