Yesterday in my physical diagnosis class, we learned of how to do a full skin exam. In our labs we usually pair up and then examine each others. It was a harmless exercise and we didn't check the genital areas. But any ways, every time my partner would touch my skin, he would make sure to tell me that it is not his choice but that he has to do it. I didn't think twice about touching his skin. He was definitely uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Earlier during the semester a similar thing happened in another lab, where we tested each other for joint mobility. It seemed that all my straight lab partners felt like they had to make a point that they were only touching me because they had to. Not because they were interested in me. Even though I never really thought about them being interested in me any ways. I try to keep things strictly professional.

Also at other times, these same guys have made "gay jokes" especially in the military. They say they are ok with any one being with any one else, but for some reason they are really obsessed by anal sex. Its really immature if you ask me. Why do you think they do that? This seems to be the trend with a good proportion of straight guys in my study group.

Btw these people don't know I am gay. And most of these guys are either married to or in a relationship with women.