So my bf, who recently came out to his good friend of 10 years, decided to plan a road trip with me and his best friend. I was on a 3 day road trip before and when I was coming back I would just get in their car and go with them. The best friend decided she didn't want to go the day off the trip because I was going and it would be uncomfortable even though my boyfriend told her I was just a friend. Should I be offended because she saw it as a sexuality thing?
I feel pretty sad because they went to the road trip and I stayed. Should I be mad at my boyfriend? Im feeling pretty sad because i feel like she didn't want to meet me because im gay idk it was just now thinking about it makes me question it..

P.S. My boyfriend told me the situation and when I got home from the road trip I said it was fine to go without me if she felt uncomfortable.