hitting on me.? Here's what I do, I occasionally rub her back or leg, put my head on her shoulder, and squeeze her hand. We do hug and I kiss her on the cheek.

Here's what she does/says

I'm not sure if she's as straight as she says she is. The first thing she noticed about me today was my breast. She said I see you have the girls out to play. And she laughed. I said yeah, they haven't been out in awhile. She goes oh so bring them out on the day you see me and started laughing. We were going to her granddaughters play. She kept her arm and my arm touching and never moved it and I'd occassionally put my head on her shoulder and she'd smile. She's 58 and I'm 21. Both females. Before you judge me, I don't know how we became friends. She was my former boss.

She calls me her angel, baby, angel girl, etc. She tells me about her sex life (not like details, details) past and present. She told me she needs to find someone worthy of touching them and that I shouldn't let mine go un-used (I'm currently single). She came outside in her robe one day and told me on the phone she didn't have clothes on. She has made comments about her sex toys. And has mentioned she wasn't going to masturbate after making a comment like, I'm going to play for a few and go to bed. Then she said not with myself, but a game on Facebook. She fits women for bras at Macy's and she made a joke about closing her eyes and feeling her way around. She has mentioned our breast touch/rub when we hug, yet she hasn't changed the way she hugs me. She has hugged me from behind a few times too. I'm so confused. She does have a tattoo with lots of colors in it. It's a butterfly. She told me today, to please stop joking and calling her old. Because when I say it, it's a reminder to her. And she also asked me not to talk about her sister because she hates her. And said she isn't jealous but she doesn't want to know that we did things together in the past (not sexually) just like I went to a play with her sister also. She said what I don't know won't hurt me. So does that mean by me telling her, I hurt her? She buys me expensive jewelry, a bedspread and sheets, writes things like I'm never alone as long as your in my life, you're my "special" friend, just like that. She told me she's never a girlfriend she can just jump in the bed with. (No, we haven't done that)

She talks about my breast a lot. I mean a lot a lot. Not just like a few comments here and there.

She can't go 3-4 days without speaking to me. However, she can go months and months without talking to her other friends. If I brush against her arm or shoulder, she kinda shivers and then relaxes