I am 21 years old and have always been with men. But my freshmen year of high school I became very bi curious. I hooked up with a girl on a drunken night and enjoyed it a lot. I started thinking more about girls and being with them. I told 1 friend about it and she freaked out and wouldnt talk to me, I decided then to push the feelings I had aside so I didnt lose any more people in my life. About 2 years ago it started getting more obvious these feelings were coming back and strong. I ended a 3 year relationship, I was engaged and I told him I was leaving because I was unsure of my sexuality. I have never been with a man and been entirely happy. Id always try to get the man to let us invite women into the bedroom because it was just more fun that way. In the last few months I have met a girl that makes me very happy. Shes not sure about dating because my sexuality is still iffy. The more I talk aloud about her and about being into girls the less scared I become and the happier I become. I feel like I was scared to be who I was and held it in for so long. Now im not certain on where I stand. I know fully I could live without a man sexually. Really the only thing that scares me is if a women can make me happy in a relationship. Although a man has never done that either. I guess what Im asking is based on what I have told you would you consider me a full lesbian or just bi? I know its kind of a stupid question but I feel like I can not consider myself a lesbian since I have had sex with men for years and have never been in a actual relationship with a girl other than sexual. Im just trying to figure out where I stand.Thanks in advance for your help.