I'm having a crush on a celebrity.
I'm really obsessed to him.
I always buy his endorsements.
I always watch his shows and movies
His songs was in my iPod.
I always dream of him
I'm jealous with his loveteams
and I think I'm going crazy

If you're curious, my celebrity crush is Rain,the korean one
and he's 12 years older than me
his a bigtime celebrity
hey, is it normal??
I also want to add that all over my room
he has posters on my wall
I bought all of his CDs
and watched all his concerts in youtube
even in my friendster
my layout is his face
I have many pictures of his
For me, he is the perfect guy ever

He's tall, cute, sexy
hot, he has sexy eyes
he rules the dancefloor
and the most important thing is that
he's single ..
gosh ..
his picture: