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    Josh C

    is the band hollywood undead a gay band?

    i mean the people

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    theres a picture of them with two of them holding hands :O

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    Hu bad

    after hearing the music id say yes

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    there music is bad ass there not gay and if you said it to there face they would probably fuck you up

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    Ok, I gotta say something here. I like their music, but I just saw the pics of the band for the first time.

    1. They're skinny asses wouldn't be able to beat their way out of a wet paper bag.

    2. They look like Slipknot in junior high (except the fag with the bandana wrapped around his face, he just oozes 'gangsta').

    3. And so far, 2 songs...I'll be surprised if these guys make it past the 2 hit wonder status. But hey, good luck, maybe one day they'll grow up to be half the band Slipknot is......maybe.

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    Hollywood Undead

    I do love their music. It's bad ass. But just halfway listen to some of the lyrics... There's no way you can tell me at least some of them aren't gay. I wouldn't go so far as to call them a gay band... I'd say they cover both sides of the line.

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    If G.I. Joe knew their song was featured in his movie, he'd be pissed. LOOK AT THEM, masks???!!! Fuckin please

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    Heart New There's a chance..

    Well I know theres the whole "bromance" thing, but I saw a pic of J3T kissing a dude.. Idk. There was also photos of him feeding a guy a cherry, a picture with his head in a guys lap, a picture with his face close to a guys belly and a picture with a guy in his lap. Take a look for yourself: [ame=]YouTube - Johnny 3 Tears Pictures[/ame]
    I've also heard things about Da Kurlzz but I think people just say that because appearently he takes alot of crap from the other members [especially Charlie Scene, so I've heard] But not seen anything from him to say he's gay or bi.
    I get the feeling though, Idk why, but at least one member is bi
    & I also saw the photo of two members holdin' hands.

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    u no wat go fuk ur self uif u wanna no send em an e mail or somthin dont do it behind there fukin backs u fukin pussys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    u no wat go fuk ur self uif u wanna no send em an e mail or somthin dont do it behind there fukin backs u fukin pussys
    lol wow listen to this ignorant dumbass. "send em an e mail or somthin"? yes, because the band gives everyone their personal email addresses so that fans can ask about their sexual Also you're calling the people above you "pussys" because they are talking "behind there fukin backs"? If I ever saw them in person I'd just walk up and ask (at a show or something) "hey, are any of yall gay?" im sure they would just answer the damn question.

    Also, I like hollywood undead but after listening to all of their music for a long time, theres gotta be at least ONE fag in there. ANYONE who is willing to let Jeffree Starr sing on one of their songs is just BEGGING to be called gay.

    "All you fags on sunset show me where the fuck you at" - Scene for Dummies

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