This week, we get to read about yet another battle over the billions between Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. This week, Star Magazine is reporting that the girls are sick of each other.
“They’ve finally had enough of each other,” says a “friend” tells the magazine. “They just don’t see eye-to-eye anymore and are tired of constantly butting heads.”
They also pulled out the Mary-Kate is “immature” bit too.
“Ashley isn’t an angel, but she’s tired of having to take care of Mary-Kate,” their source says. “One second Mary-Kate is maniacally happy, and the next she’s sobbing. Her mood swings are dragging Mary-Kate down, and finally, Ashley’s decided she doesn’t want to go down with her.”
Because of this, Ashley has been seriously considering separating their assets and getting her own financial consultant and manager–separate from MK.
Apparently, they still fight about their decision to buy out their parents from DualStar–a deal that went down when the girls were 18. Mk regrets it, Ash doesn’t.
This is how I see it: the girls are getting older and their professional interests are becoming increasingly separate. It’s obvious that Ash is more into the fashion stuff than MK and that’s totally cool. And from that end, it does make sense to separate their money. However, it’s silly that these magazines keep spinning it out of control.
I wonder if this “friend” is the same “friend” who spoke to the National Enquirer.
Thanks to jj for the tip.
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