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    Junior Member Bug9g's Avatar
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    Jul 2008

    anyone believe in this site -

    i seen the website but i think its scam, can anyone tell me if this is real

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    Car Sedan Blue

    ya that site is for real!, i recently put in an order for the Lamborghini Gallardo, and i didn't want it to be on a doner car, so there building me a tube frame, i paid the down payment and, when they were done building the fram they sent me the pictures, and a video. once i was satisfyed i sent them the money for the fram, i have been doing this for about 2 months, and now we just getting down to the paint and interior, this company is for real, if u go to youtube u can search them up, and u can go through vids of the different area's in there work shop..

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    My god, and you really belived them.Well,wish you all the best and lets see if you ever will receive your car.Do yourself a favour and tell them you will be coming to see see the car personally and see what they say.its a scam,and pictures are taken from different sites.They operate from a free web site and phone lines are internet based diverted to their number where they are.
    All the best
    Scam detective.

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    dark nazo23


    their for real im pretty sure they didn't do all this for nothing. and just to be clear im not working ofr supereplicas this is just my opinion.

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    big shot
    HA HA HA SCAMERS??? they aren't scamers all your proof is " those arent their pics and nobody has ever seen a car". GET A LIFE and learn that minimum things like that is BULL SHIT

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    lol just take a look at their latest video of a ferrari california, which is a "100% replica" when in fact it's a real california, losers think they've got everyone fooled. if they can't build a decent murcielago or reventon replica that looks anything at all like the real thing then i highly doubt they can build that roof mechanism with their two bit banana republic shop. i say scam. all u people that 'ordered' a car just bought these douchebags a real ferrari.

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    I echo the points made by the previous poster. Undoubtedly, they're a scam operation and to be brutally honest, I don't feel sympathy for any individual who falls for this as it's so unbelievably obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense/intelligence. There are 101 reasons why this is a scam:

    1) There are numerous issues with regards to Copyright, Trade Marks, Patents and Design Rights that make producing a kit car legally difficult. For example, there's no way that Super Replicas could sell replica badges + create interior features with the name of the manufacturer that they're allegedly replicating without infringing numerous Intellectual Property rights. Normal/reputable kit car manufacturers are not nearly as brazen as Super Replicas.
    2) There's absolutely no way that they can generate replicas for $20k that look virtually identical. Flowing from this point, to create complex electrical & mechanical systems from scratch would cost Super Replicas far more than $20k and quite possibly more to manufacturer than Ferrari, Lamborghini - ever heard of economies of scale?
    3) Do you think Super Replicas could generate anything of quality from their dingy, ill-equipped dirty workshop? They don’t have any proper plant facilities necessary to create these alleged replicas. Normal repair garages are far better equipped and less cramped.
    4) The 3 year 75,000 mile warranty is completely ridiculous. The reason why car manufacturers offer warranties is because they've spent hundreds of millions/billions on developing their car and rigorously crash-test/drive their prototypes over millions of miles in all kinds of weather conditions. That’s why manufacturers offer warranties with confidence.
    Even if Super Replicas ever created a car for a customer (which is highly doubtful), do you think they’d ever test their cars? The answer’s no. Thus, why would you want a car from them unless you were a complete idiot?!!
    5) Their videos are extremely amateurish and it’s obvious when they’ve used a real car and tried to pass it off as their replica (Ferrari 599 GTB, California, Rolls Royce & Bentley videos). During these videos they’re extremely brazen about showing off all aspects of the car from the exterior, interior, engine bay, sound of the car and complex hydraulic parts.

    However, when it’s obvious they’ve created their own replica (their crappy Enzo & even worse Reventon), they only show it from specific camera angles and never show the interior properly or start up the engine/put the car through its paces. If the car is moving in their videos (which is very rarely), then it’s doing so very slowly. In fact, their Reventon replica looked like it was built on top of a very crude truck chassis. Finally, most of the videos show extremely crude incomplete fibreglass kits that I could manufacturer.

    Surely the above is enough to convince people that they’re scammers?!! Regrettably, there’s a sucker born every minute and Super Replicas are taking advantage of this.

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    Thanks so much to the above poster for the in depth analysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bug9 g View Post
    i seen the website but i think its scam, can anyone tell me if this is real
    Sorry i don't know anything about that company. If you want to find website legit or not you can follow the below steps:

    1) Do proper research:

    First you can to do a proper research before ordering something like face book or any other socical networking sites page.
    You can check previous deals and users response on them

    2) Read customer reviews

    Customer reviews is also very important so you can regularly check for the customer review of a page.

    3) Use whois lookup tool :

    You can use whois information here they are providing all details like website owner contact details,email id,phone no.etcc.
    First you can check all of them whether the phone no,email id and contact details is right or wrong.
    If it is right means it is a good website. You can use that site.

    If you find the whois information is fake please don't make order or use this site.

    If you need whois look up tool you can visit this site here you can get the full information about that particular website .

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