have been reading the mortal instruments books over again to see if i could find any connections between MI and the upcoming Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

If you have been hiding under a rock you might know that IF is about Tessa who discovers she is a warlock and immortal and this story is set around 1878. Tessa is torn between silver-haired Jem and Will (who i personally think will be the Jace Wayland of that time. Hot!) And it is obvious that she will end up with Will because of the descriptions of the website, this will also prove interesting since their is no law in this time to kill downworlders and based on Will's description hates downworlders, so maybe her being a downworlder and him being a shadowhunter might make their relationship forbidden?

Cass has not released any last names except Tessa's. Her names Tessa Gray (which i think she is somehow related to luke because his name is Lucian GRAYmark. Cass sees Tessa breifly COG and mentions she somehow looks familiar, so Tessa might be somehow related to Luke. i dont. just a theory."

check out: www.theinfernaldevices.com to find character descriptions. now i found a quote Cass released. its when Tessa is talking to Magnus Bane....

“And that there,” Magnus said, looking across the room at Will. “The boy with the angry looks and the eyes like twilight in Hell. That's Will?”
“That is unfortunately Will,” Tessa acknowledged.
“He'll be in demand tonight,” Magnus predicted. “He’s very pretty, and vampires like that.” He narrowed his eyes. “Black hair and blue eyes,” he added, with a sort of drawl. “My favorite.”

so no last name is given to Will but i suspect he might be a Lightwood, because we all know Alec Lightwood is a blue eyes, black-haired boy who happens to hook up with Magnus in MI. Or maybe he could be a Penhollow or a Hightower? And Jem is described as having silver hair, i think he might be related to Madeline Belleflour who is mentioned to have silver hair.

Also in COA on pg 121 it is when everyone is saving Jace from his Cell, Magnus offers up his home as a house arrest sort of thing for Jace, magnus has said he has done it before. Clary notices he was looking at Maryse Lightwood, perhaps he did a similar thing for Will a possible ancestor or maybe some other lightwood featured in the series.

I also think Tessa might be the infamous yet unseen Ragnor Fell. Cass has mentioned that Magnus Bane will be very close friends with Tessa so maybe he was just covering for her when he said that Ragnor was dead because Tessa is seen alive and well in the epilogue of COG. I dont know. just a theory. ALSO in COG it is mention a mundane has known about Shadowhunters in over 100 years, maybe that is Tessa's brother Nate or something.

I am sorry but i just love the mortal instruments and cant wait for the infernal devices. i think Cass has left little clues in MI for IF.
I know i obsess!

What clues have you picked up or what theories do you have?