Hey, I just want to know if anyone has any Ideas of what I can do for fast cash…I have had a hard time over this past year. I lost my home , my car, my dog, my cat, my independence, my job, and I acquired so much debt that I almost became homeless. Since February of 07 I have worked my back up from the very bottom and all I have done is get myself from 10,000 in debt to 1,000 in debt right. I am staying in a place that does not make me pay rent but I need to get out as soon as possible. I still have not gained anything back that I lost. I am just looking for a break….I need money enough to move into my own apartment , get a car get some furniture again gain some self worth….I want to go to medical school but as it is right now I just don’t know how that can happen…..I had a dream last night and don’t laugh but Madonna came up to me and she told me that you have to ask for what you want…..so here I am asking…I am asking the universe for a break for some money so I get…back up on my feet again never to fall into this slump…..Anyone?