we got this headset for another phone with Bluetooth and it works flawlessly but with my Motorola EM326g i cannt get the headset to connect for some reason on the phone we got it for it no longer finds the bluetooth by searching for bluetooh devices (it did when we got it) we have to turn the bluetooth on and press the button and it will pop up on the LG600G saying "Accept Bluetooth request?" but pushing that button has no effect on the EM326g it doesnot find the headset in a seartch it it because the phone is only mean to connect to a pair of Stereo Bluetooth Headphones and the computer? or is it because it requires a corded headset with a 3,5mm jack? in the settings it has Bluetooth Link --> Add Audio Device that is the only option with the bluetooth supposedly i can transfer files from one phone to this ont via bluetooth but have not tried that yet let me know