of phone?)? OK well I got a Kyocera Wildcard (virgin mobile) on my graduation and right now I have a full photo album thing in there (i have already used the allowed amount of pictures in the phone). A lot of the pics are irreplaceable and I read somewhere on the packaging that this phone had a Bluetooth capability. I was wondering if you can print the pictures from the phone on a Kodak picture machine (like the ones at Target, you know, the digital prints station). This lady was printing pictures from her phone but she had a different phone from like verizon wireless or something but she was using her bluetooth to send pics to the machine. I really don't know if I can print pics from my phone to the picture machine and if any of you have done this did the photos come out good? The phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera so I'm not sure if it will look nice. Anyway sorry if this is a lot to ask but please help! thanks!