It's a sony The model number is a bdp 3100. When tested, it says it's connected to both the network, and the internet. Signal strength is between 90-95%. IPv4 settings are correct (no IPv6). It will connect to the PC, play video from it, pictures, etc. So i know it's connected to the network. Just wont go online. It wont connect to facebook, netflix, or any other site. It WILL connect to youtube, will display the menus, recommended videos etc. It just wont stream them. The only error it shows is "video unavailable". When i try to surf the Internet, i get a "document doesn't exist" error. When i try to connect to netflix, i just get a "netflix unavailable" error, and just gives me an option to try again or exit.

The modem is ancient but everything else (two ps3's, a 360, a desktop, a laptop, and multiple smartphones) have no problem with it. It's a Motorola 3347 if that's important. My connection tested at 1.4mbps, 51ms ping through . It's not possible to run an Ethernet cable to the bluray as the only internet connection is in another room at the other end of the house.