my music from a torrent? I received several warnings from my ISP comcast to stop downloading from a torrent which i complied with. I use the torrent to play my songs and haven't downloaded anything since the warnings.

Comcast has shut my internet off 2 more times on the grounds that people are uploading copyrighted music from my torrent. The torrent doesn't allow you to turn off uploads entirely, you can only limit it to 1.

I know downloading is illegal but does comcast have the right to shut my internet off for the exact reason given - people are uploaded music from my torrent and they shut my internet off and make us call to acknowledge the warning.

I don't think they can do this, I know with downloading they can but do they also do this with other users uploading my songs?

I understand comcast has terms and conditions but I don't see how they can try and someone for simply having music and allowing others to upload it, this is no violation imo.
I think comcast is trying to over step their boundaries since they are in bed with the record labels. Stopping downloading is one thing, but to shut off a users internet because people are uploading form them -- this crosses a line to me.