Bitcoin Donations? )))

Everyone online says a lot of people donate bitcoins, like one student got over $200k after he posted his address as a QR code on a sign at a football game, and I guess Bitcoin owners are a lot nicer than regular people lol, I think its the fact that the online community, specifically, the bitcoin/next generation/techie community are more social and kinder to each other than the older penny pincher generation (no disrespect meant, when my parents were still alive, they were the same way, coupon clipping, the works). Im trying to do what that student did as I wasn't exactly left with an inheritance or a trust fund lol. I doubt Yahoo Answers is the best medium to ask for donations, but why not try it? That student probably didn't think he'd get any responses.
I'm not sure how it works, but my wallet address is below, if anyone has "spare change" they want to put in my "tip jar" that'd be awesome.


Also, what are ways to make BTC assuming asking on Yahoo Answers isn't a success? I can't afford mining since you need to pay for equipment or for someone to do it for you, and lets be honest, if I could afford that, I wouldn't be asking strangers for donations.

Thank You all!!!