I currently own a first generation 8GB iphone. My friend used to have the same phone as me, but he recently upgraded to the iPhone 3G, and it is awesome. The GPS works everywhere and the 3G is blazing fast. But those are only two things that are different! But then again, those are the main two features I use. I've recently been looking around the internet, and I saw something cool, iPhone Pro. It looks really cool and everything but is it real? I don't think so. What should I do?
1. Get iPhone 3G, now?
2. Keep my 1st generation iPhone for good?
3. Wait for a new iPhone to come out?

If it's the third choice, how long do you think it will be. I really don't want wait more than 3 months for a new iPhone.

I have 325 spending dollars. What should I do?