My stepfather has a plasma television connected to an HD set-top box in the family room, but downstairs I have an HD LCD television with a digital ATSC/QAM tuner, and an SD (standard def) digital cable box, this leads to 2 questions

1. I heard somewhere on here that, if you order an on demand video on a digital cable set-top box, if you do a scan on an HDTV with an ATSC/QAM tuner, you can pick up whatever on-demand channel that was ordered on the cable set-top box, as long as it is not a filtered channel, is this true? And if it is, does it stay on that channel, where I could add it to favorites, or would I have to do a scan for every on-demand video?

2. (most important), if I order an on demand video on the living room HD set-top box (given it's an SD on-demand video), would I be able to get that same video for free on the other SD set-top box, or will I have to repay for the same video?