Okay, I got a Blackberry smart phone in October last year, and I love it, but I have a question.
Two, actually:
1. How can I access my new Blackberry email password? and
2. If I upgrade my phone and get something OTHER than a Blackberry smart phone in the future, will I still be able to use my Blackberry email to communicate with people?

I'm just wondering because I don't know whether or not I can access my Blackberry email from places other than my actual phone. If so, how would I retrieve my password? I can't remember what it is anymore because my phone never asks me for it; it just keeps my address "logged in" all the time.

AND when I get my upgrade (if I get an upgrade), will my Blackberry email still be usable? Where else can I access that email if not from my phone?

Please help me out! Thanks in advance; I always appreciate it!