Apparently some of you like seeing cool old movies in cool old movie theaters because when we posed the possibility of seeing Bullitt at the Redford Theater, 131 of you gave us a hell yeah and 42 said maybe. Now, the Redford Theater is a pretty big place, and it's a fair bet the old timer will be able to hold ya'll, but we don't know how they'll feel when over a hundred car nerds show up. Now, on with the details
Okay, so doors open at 7 pm and the movie starts at 8 pm. Redford isn't the nicest town in Detroit -- not terribly dangerous, but on the skeevy side. Rest assured though as the parking lots as seen below are guarded. You'll be treated to some really cool old-timey Chinese themed movie theater kitsch, so bring your camera if you're into that kind of thing. We'll be there early, but we haven't really figured out how we should identify ourselves as a group. Perhaps you all can come with something good, we'll run a reminder on Thursday with some kind of scarlet letter to point out the nerdliness.


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