We like to think our skills as automotive wonks are fairly well-honed, but Mr. Eversman at AutoMuse makes us and our little Rules Of The Road feature look amateurish. If you'll remember, he was the one who brought the Allstate repair case to our attention. Now he's taking aim at the "direct repair" or "concierge" services offered by the major insurance companies, which is another insurance program aimed at hurting consumers.
Eversman's major problem is that these programs, which offer to take your car and get it fixed without hassling you, provide an incentive to the insurance companies to hire someone who is going to do a crappy job for less money. In fact, he's been following the stories of numerous cars repaired under these programs later deemed too dangerous to drive. He's taking his message to various state governments because, as entities that require us to have insurance, they have an obligation to provide oversight. Right on, man, Right on. [AutoMuse]


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