Every since I took on Commenter Of The Day duty, I've marveled at the crazy cool exotic material created by a certain Jalop. But today that Jalop really took it to a new level and evidently underwent a metamorphosis at the same time. It was a rare and glorious thing to watch. And so, without further ado:
Yes! It's...well, it's the commenter we once knew as POLAR, but will henceforth address as "C Я 人 P Ѕ T 人 Ї Й." Feeding off yesterday's COTD post and its bliblical intonations--not to mention a vast reserve of polymathic creativity-- C Я 人 P Ѕ T 人 Ї Й supplied a day-long tour de force, at times demanding highly evolved slliks gnidaer, highlighted by this comment, in response to the numerological implications of our 14-Romanians-in-a-Skoda post:
Hmm... 14, coincidence, I think notThe 14 Stations themselves are usually a series of 14** pictures or sculptures depicting the following scenes:
POLAЯ is condemned to no more COTDs
POLAЯ receives the dissing
POLAЯ falls the first time
POLAЯ meets His Mother
Simon of Cyrene carries the cross
Veronica wipes POLAЯZ face with her veil
POLAЯ falls the second time
POLAЯ meets the women of the Geneva Auto Show
POLAЯ falls the third time
POLAЯ is stripped of His Restecp
COTDfixion: POLAЯ is nailed with having his styles bit
POLAЯ dies on Jalopnik
POLAЯ is removed from Jalopnik

POLAЯ is laid in the tomb and covered in some good bud and rollies.
**Some people consider a 15th station, The Resurrection of POLAЯ as
C Я 人 P Ѕ T 人 Ї Й.
Welcome to the Brave New World.

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