You should be well aware of your own state's laws regarding use of cellphone while driving, but how about those Aussies? A recent report shows that police in Victoria have managed to wrangle approximately $5 million worth of revenue from silly drivers talking on the phone. They way the Aussies take the fines is an interesting one.
Upon being pulled over for driving while talking on the phone, the base fine is $145 that is paid on the spot. I'm not too sure how the legal system works down under, but damn, having to pay a fine of that magnitude on the spot sucks, really.
The $5 million comes from approximately 40,000 violators over the year. Don't think it is the Chatty Cathys doing all of the talking--men accounted for well over half the violations. Yes, 28,500 mates had to cough up $145, no questions asked. Now that's a fine. [Scopical] (Image)


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