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  1. May I vent to a complete stranger?
  2. my 3 yr old dog has hurt his back/hip area. he is walking fine but...
  3. Theres a chemical coming through the a/c vents in my car, what can it be,...
  4. Is this a poem or a rant or both?
  5. How can people argue for a fine-tuned universe yet argue against evolution?
  6. How can You argue that Europe was Freer in the 1680s?
  7. my 3 yr old dog has hurt his back/hip area. he is walking fine but...
  8. Should feel air coming from the vent in my microwave while it is running?
  9. How to control bugs, insects coming through air vents?
  10. Block echo from a/c vent in bedroom with common household materials? Read Please?
  11. where can i find a sky light and replacement vent for travel trailer?
  12. Should the presenter of Countdown be reprimanded for a politically motivated rant?
  13. Puppy snapping, whining, and acting very upset.?
  14. Why is Yahoo so over promoting the moronic rant of comedian Bill Mahr?
  15. cost of venting a small attic?
  16. Guys do you like it when a girl complains she's scared during a scary movie?
  17. Atheists: How can you argue with this proof for creation?
  18. Your thoughts on kids and reptiles/ my rant?
  19. Venting bathroom. Any ideas?
  20. How do you deal with people who want to vent their frustrations endlessly
  21. Why don't conservatives complain about Mormons on welfare?
  22. Why do conservatives call obama "the messiah" then rant about ronnie reagan
  23. What are the screaming, whining Muslims trying to prove by rioting and saying "Death
  24. Atheists: How can you argue with 99% of humanity?
  25. Why do conservatives call obama "the messiah" then rant about ronnie reagan
  26. Any loudspeaker design programs that will calculate aperiodic vent and/or
  27. Why do conservatives call obama "the messiah" then rant about ronnie reagan
  28. Atheists: How can you argue with 99% of humanity?
  29. The establishment and media are afraid of Ron Paul
  30. My dad is so MEAN
  31. My dad is so MEAN
  32. Girlfriend complaining about how things aren't okay.?
  33. Why could it be argued that new technology has destroyed the way young...
  34. 1 year old pulling up vent covers?
  35. my 4 year old is complaining her head hurts?
  36. New Puppy Won't STOP whining?
  37. animal control not doing their job. whom to complain?
  38. Why do cons complain about Obama's bailout of GM when GM has repaid every
  39. any new video sharing sites worth visiting?...and general ranting about the
  40. Our puppy whines all the time?
  41. Just a political vent, will you comment please?
  42. I'm ranting a little bit here. I'm just not really sure how to feel right now?
  43. Why does my boyfriend always argue with me about who's right and who's wrong?
  44. Whining when you do not like something you see?
  45. complaining about a garage uk?
  46. Need some laughs...a place to vent :)?
  47. Is a guy mad if you are arguing and you say?
  48. How do I make a funny rant for YouTube?
  49. Will all this pain ever go away? Venting...?
  50. What is a good original rant topic?? Need help.?
  51. Wife is arguing over getting third dog?
  52. How do I correctly remove an old dryer vent?
  53. So why are you people complaining that Sheamus won?
  54. did mossberg make a 16 gauge shot gun with celect a choke that has vents
  55. Why do people complain about corporations, but buy from them?
  56. Me and my girlfriend always argue during sex?!?
  57. How often do u argue with ur partner?
  58. When will atheists stop "whining" about the fact they cannot cause our faith to
  59. I have to do a rant for English. Mine's on spiders. HELP?
  60. Need help finding an article arguing pro euthanasia?
  61. Dog makes purring/soft whining sounds? What does it mean?
  62. Why do American rappers whine so much about "the ghetto?"?
  63. WTS: Apple iPhone 4S, 4G, Apple iPad 2 64GB, Blackberry Playbook Tablet
  64. My dog whines a little when I pick him up?
  65. I'm pist off and can't seem to vent my anger?
  66. Check my rant for English on Twilight **10 POINTS**?
  67. How many college graduates who whine about the bad job market have a...
  68. Are you looking for a place where you can just rant, have a fun
  69. Check my rant for English on Twilight **10 POINTS**?
  70. Why is my dog just laying there and whining at me?
  71. Isn't it kinda sad for these atheists to be here arguing with Christians instead of
  72. Poll: Why do adults always whine about technology?
  73. Poll: Why do adults always whine about technology?
  74. Poll: Why do adults always whine about technology?
  75. Does it bug you when people don't SPEAK UP for themselves yet whine?
  76. Why is it always the fat people on the news whining about someone supposedly...
  77. I desperately need marriage advice (and, honestly, a little venting)?
  78. just wanna vent.... :(?
  79. Complains about my body odor .. profiling can lawsuit possible?
  80. i want to go on this trip (Tennis:Europe) need someone to rant to....?
  81. My lab puppy wont stop whining when im at work!?
  82. is it ironic at all that NOW the right-wingers complain about "tyrrany"...
  83. my dog that just got spayed 3 days ago is whining and barking to go out?
  84. Did the person recording the 'Emma West' rant ask her permission to film her?
  85. is it ironic at all that NOW the right-wingers complain about "tyrrany"...
  86. My guinea pig is whining and severely favoring her leg- what should I do?
  87. Where can I find out how long you have to argue the results of an Army APFT?
  88. just venting off ....?
  89. What do you think about having foil over the vent?
  90. How can I vent my emotions without losing it?
  91. Good places to vent what's on your mind?
  92. What is wrong with my bird? Swollen Vent?
  93. Arguing with a friend haha?
  94. Should YA create a section to alleviate the whining and insults in the
  95. Normal for parents to argue even in front of their kids?
  96. to whom do I complain about SOPA and how?
  97. Cost for a ridge vent?
  98. Are Fox discussion panels intended to be Obama whine fests or do they just...
  99. Some people complain that God was not loyal to them?
  100. 1983 microwave making high squeaking noise and steam/smoke coming out a vent at top?
  101. How to keep a clear head while arguing?
  102. Do people who think that a lack of afterlife argues for callousness have it
  103. What do you think are the chances that the racist, Arizona girls ranting about...
  104. where exactly is the evap canister located on a 06 explorer, for the fuel vent.?
  105. Please help !!! Someone who has been married or is divorce! I love my wife but day
  106. Why is my transmission whining?
  107. Ac/heater only throws out air from the vents, no defrost?
  108. My mom and I are always arguing ...?
  109. How do I confront him wihout arguing?
  110. Does Bruno Mars sing or whine?
  111. Why do people want to continue to argue and name call via e-mail?
  112. Puppy whining in cage?
  113. What do you make of someone who attacks their predecessor for a lousy...
  114. What placements in a natal chart make someone get drunk and rant online?
  115. how to be polite with complaining customers?
  116. My boss discriminates against single people, who can I complain to?
  117. 2005 bmw 325ci interior ceiling vent?
  118. Complain about something, anything?
  119. Unemployment lowest in 3 years, military coming home, jobs added yet reps. still...
  120. How can I get my dog to stop whining?
  121. Boyfriend complaining of horrible head pain?
  122. Stink bomb in school's air vents?
  123. Liberals how come you are always attacking Fox News and never complaining about...
  124. I just feel like ranting?
  125. How can there be debate on Y!A when communication has degraded to where...
  126. How could you use Kantian ethics/imperatives to argue why drugs should
  127. Teenager problems...am I weird? Long rant included so (TL;DR)'ers, move along...?
  128. What is wrong with my 99 chevy s10 when the steering is making a whining noise when
  129. Venting my bathroom fan?
  130. When did I complain about you practicing the violin at three in the morning?
  131. When arguing with your significant one, do you yell, curse or use irony to
  132. My car is making a weird squeal/whine/grind sound when I turn the steering wheel.?
  133. Okay this is more of a rant.?
  134. If you need to rant, where do you usually do it?
  135. Fellow Repubs: When did we become such abysmal losers? One of our TP advocates...
  136. Why do people complain about going to prison for smoking marijuana when it is...
  137. Do you think that Christians purposely try to irritate people who aren't...
  138. Who would my husband complain too about his boss?
  139. I just feel like I need to vent to someone?
  140. Why aren't GOPers ranting about Newt being a draft dodger too like Cheney...
  141. Voice Changer for Skype, Vent, etc?
  142. The best M2TS Converters on Windows and Mac
  143. Stink bugs in my Central heat and air vents. HELP!!!?
  144. How do you vent out your pain?
  145. President Obama said "Merry Christmas" so what are Republicans whining about now?
  146. Just a crazy rant, what do I do?
  147. I have a friend who complains about a chip?
  148. Why are wasting your lives arguing in this section if were all gonna die?
  149. Again, why are atheist on this site, & why does yahoo let them rant profanity most...
  150. Why is my vent not blowing out air?
  151. My mom is complaining bout her period what actually goes on during a girls period?
  152. Jaskster whining about kennel?
  153. My Boyfriend Wants To Be With Me But We Argue Alot What Should i Do ?
  154. Why do Christians complain about "political correctness" whenever someone...
  155. Why do conservatives whine about entitlements but then feel entitled to
  156. Parents arguing? Venting time.?
  157. rant about roommate, need ways to deal with anger/frustration?
  158. How do you argue with a short tempered boyfriend?
  159. Where did abiogenesis first occur: clay, boiling ocean/sulpheric atmosphere,...
  160. Why is there allways some Atheists kids on here whining about how horrible there
  161. THERAPY SESSION: How Do You Vent Your Anger!?
  162. Does there seem to be quite a bit of childish rant in the politics section?
  163. Why does my boyfriend and I argue so much?
  164. I asked once before, more info this time. I am venting about bio family?
  165. Break up, heart break and suicidal thoughts. *emotional rant*?
  166. female cat moaning groning constantly moving slow whining acting strange help?
  167. why do people on YouTube who are arguing about religion and politics say?
  168. What's worse, having a lot of bragging laker fans or a bunch of whining...
  169. TEENS: Vent out all of your frustrations!?
  170. funny youtube vloggers that rant about random shiz?
  171. Is it bad for a social teacher to argue religion with their students?
  172. Who can I complain to about my fafsa?
  173. What is the difference between a vent and a rant?
  174. How come Creationists and Christians aren't complaining about Cosmology
  175. Why is my sim whining in Seasons?
  176. Is it hard to get in the vents on the top of the dash by the windsheld its
  177. Why do some white people complain that they can't use the N word?
  178. Scientific study on arguing?
  179. What is my Sim whining for? (Seasons)?
  180. Just kind of venting...?
  181. my partner wont orgasum with me on top but complains he does all the work what
  182. What are you arguing about heaven this heaven that, hell this hell that?
  183. Why is it that UFO's aren't taken seriously? NO RANTING ANSWERS.....?
  184. Does my ex want me back? Why is he arguing with my boyfriends?
  185. does fuel line work for your carby's flood vents?
  186. Anyone have a link to a video clip of Mac from It's Always Sunny going on
  187. My dog constantly keeps whining, crying and barking over everything?
  188. I "stole" a girl from her bf and now she's going back to that guy. Just need to vent?
  189. Why do women whine about "rape"...?
  190. Christians, Why do you complain about the "War on Christmas"?
  191. How do complain that yahoo picked my best answere without a message & I thought I
  192. Some commentators have argued that the failure of the “Supercommittee” is good
  193. Can we stop whining about the points, being as the old points vs. chase
  194. american standard freedom 95 furnace vent?
  195. Does it annoy girls if you vent about your ex girlfriend to them?
  196. A friend of mine argued that anarchy and violence go hand in hand?
  197. This may sound like a rant but how can any bi woman like men more then
  198. the handcuffs of god enjoy the fun (rant)?
  199. apoctalyptic rant enjoy the fun.?
  200. Why does everyone complain about the map size in Battlefield 3?
  201. Why do girls use facebook to vent out their problems?
  202. How can anyone really argue that white people of western European origin...
  203. Why is my dog breathing hard, whining and panting?
  204. Why do [most] women complain...?
  205. Is it true that when women complain, they are 'speaking out' but when men do
  206. How to start argument By the way i dont argue read discription and you'll
  207. Can ranting be considered a talent?
  208. If Ron Paul is going to accept contributions from Neo-Nazi groups should he whine
  209. how to start argument By the way i dont argue read discription and you'll know what
  210. Loud whining noise since ball valve replaced - why?
  211. Vent free gass fireplace system?
  212. Just a Rant, But need advice!?
  213. My boyfriend complains of his penis is in pain?
  214. 98 chevy silverado. no air coming through vents and bad smell with smoke?
  215. True or false? When someone argues for a position on the grounds that most people...
  216. Rant about something gender-related?
  217. Why do GOPers whine about how Cain "is being treated by the press"?
  218. How to stop ranting at my ex-girlfriend?
  219. So Obama complains about the Congress elected by the citizens to make Obama act...
  220. True or false? The red herring fallacy occurs when it is argued that someone's
  221. Rant: Does anyone think beauty spots are nice?
  222. Teens: Why do some kids whine over a B or even a low A?
  223. Why do girls go after guys who act like jerks, and then complain about
  224. I need to vent, and also like to hear yal opinions.?
  225. What do you do when you need to VENT, but cant..?
  226. Neighbor damaged My Property while they cut tree on their property, where I...
  227. How can i counter argue this argument?
  228. Enough "double standards" that feminists rant about are due to FEMALE REACTION
  229. my 1996 chevy suburban is making a whining, humming, and grinding sound from the
  230. In the Shakespeare play "Hamelt", what is the next thing Hamlet does after he
  231. I have proved once and for all that abortion is wrong. Could you argue these fine...
  232. My 99 ford explorer makes a whining noise when it's cold and hot ?
  233. So y'all who argue against God by pointing to the diversity of religions?
  234. Why are all these "Revolutionaries" whining about a little pepperspray when shoppers?
  235. My PS3 makes a noise its like the fan or the vent it its loud though?
  236. Why is Mitt Romney Complaining that obama is attacking him when Romney attacked
  237. As a Christian,do you ever feel embarrassed about the many illogical Youtube
  238. Why did liberals stop complaining about the Patriot Act after Obama extended...
  239. HELP my 2003 nissan sentra ser specV is making a whining noise from the timing
  240. He's easy in bed and treats me well - why am I arguing with my fwb?
  241. Do some people really complain that the USA stolled land from Mexico?
  242. Tumble dryer has nowhere to vent?
  243. why are grandmas so bitter unhappy rude and always complaining?
  244. why do leftists insist on asking loaded questions that are thinly disguised rants?
  245. Was this a race rant or freedom of speech?
  246. Dryer Side Vent and Wall Vent Do Not Line Up, Best Fix?
  247. Rather than whining ppl want to get Obama out,why don't he & Dems give any GOOD
  248. How to get my friends to stop arguing?
  249. How do you argue and win?
  250. Why do women whine so much about their periods?!?