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  1. What would you like to rant about?
  2. Why do players complain when they have to play two games in a week?
  3. My dog is whining and is in heat?
  4. Why do some argue "nature or nurture"?
  5. My dad wants to put heating vents close to the ceiling and get rid of the floor
  6. Why do I whine and moan in my sleep?
  7. Need a movie with a good villain rant?
  8. I live in S.E England, help please, who do I complain to about a badly repaired...
  9. Why do Muslims feel the need to argue so vehemently that 9/11 was an
  10. Does all the whining and bs site posting change who is president?
  11. animal shelters? (rant!)?
  12. What are some ways to break my 1 year old whining and screaming habits... she
  13. tough day at work just need to vent?
  14. For those in a relationship how much do you argue?
  15. Should I complain to the front desk?
  16. Why are Atheists so keen on ranting here over something they think is meaningless?
  17. How do you soundproof vents?
  18. why do atheist argue againts religion so much?
  19. If so many people dislike and complain about the contemporary pop music...
  20. If women complain about all men being the same.?
  21. One line rant: I have been harassed for so long that I finally want the guy
  22. Me and my BF argued. He didn't text me even 1 since last night. What should I do?
  23. 2006 BMW 325xi wont blow any air out of the vents?
  24. I recall libs whining for years about Bush's wiretapping, so what's the Dem
  25. what in my birthchart indicates why im good at arguing and have a sharp tongue?
  26. my dog is whining, plz help!!?
  27. Why do so many people complain about their lifes?
  28. How to get rid of weed smell that is coming through my car vents?
  29. Is standing in front of a microwave exhaust vent dangerous?
  30. Compressor whines during acceleration?
  31. Why do I argue all the time with my friend?
  32. Black fibers in wall around vent what are they?
  33. If men think feminists are whiny, annoying and complain too much...?
  34. Why does my dog rub against me and whine?
  35. Did John McCain just get a put down on his Benghazi rants?
  36. Laminated floor. Poor job was done by the laminated flooring company, who...
  37. Why do people keep making racist rants about different races?
  38. Pregnant or not Vent or questions?
  40. Why wouldn't GOPers rant and rave if it were 4 Black Americans killed in Benghazi?
  41. Survey: What is one group of people you refuse to argue with?
  42. So, on Yahoo Answers, girls complain about their pregnancy, and they cant just
  43. always arguing with my boyfriend?
  44. Must we tolerate RfR's racial rants and hatred?
  45. Why do my girlfriends only want me around when they want to vent?
  46. My girlfriend doesnt to do ‚n‚l. if i complain to her friends will they will help
  47. How close to roof edge can I cut a hole for a bathroom exhaust vent?
  48. Women, why do you like to argue with men?
  49. If someone argues that there is only the physical brain, they would believe that..?
  50. how do I find the pilot light on an old Peerless vent heater model NV22?
  51. Why do a lot of girls complain about having bone/stick straight hair?
  52. What do you call a person who complains about every little thing?
  53. my wife always argues but never wants to talk she calls me names hits me then...
  54. In how many minutes will Republicans complain that Mitt Romney was rude &
  55. Did/do you have a teacher or a professor who always ranted about something?
  56. Republicans are whining about having a lie corrected that they claimed
  57. Why do people rant on about overpopulation and other things I haven't asked
  58. Is there a GPS car air vent mount for a Chevy HHR?
  59. Completely burnt out. Should I just stop whining?
  60. After complaining to the boss and manager I am still being bullied at work?
  61. Bisexual Venting!!!!!!!!!?
  62. my mum keeps arguing with me about donating blood, can anyone shed some light?
  63. Can I rant about this (without getting in trouble)?
  64. Transgendered Venting!!!!!?
  65. Is it funny or sad that all of the Con whining over polls evaporated over night?
  66. Is it funny or sad that all of the Con whining over polls evaporated over night?
  67. From the day i realised i actually care for him, i start to pressurise him n to...
  68. Are any laws being broken if a child arguing with his mother leaves the house...
  69. Some people can't hear me in vent but some can?
  70. Where to go to complain about a pub?
  71. Why do whites complain about diversity when they brought Africans to the Americas?
  72. Kitchen extractor hood vent keeps flapping?
  73. Anime character that can beat Alucard? I hate Alucard so much!... (Hellsing + rant)?
  74. what to do, my pup whines at night!!?
  75. Why do Far Right Cons just whine about there not being a "White History" month;
  76. Is it safe to put a ventilater patient on the vent if their bleeding?
  77. me and my bf argue constantly how bad is that should we just call it quits?
  78. JW's please help me understand what this JW is ranting about?
  79. Ramadan : Before arguing Muslims, non-muslims should know that there are 5
  80. Can some one check my rant on snickers for a english test?
  81. even if we had proof, would we still keep arguing?
  82. Should I complain to ofsted about this teacher?
  83. If someone complains of no work then turns down ALL job offers, is it laziness?
  84. why do foreigners especially americans move/visit the philippines then...
  85. fifa 13 rant, am i the only one?
  86. Why is my puppy whining all the time?
  87. Poll:Were you one of those kids that would whine and cry if you didn't get...
  88. Why do Westerners think it's disrespectful if a child argues with their
  89. what is the difference between a normal police complain and an FIR?
  90. Any venting sites that are out there?
  91. How to argue against a stimulus package?
  92. why do foreigners especially americans move/visit the philippines then...
  93. my heart beats super fast when i shout or argue...?
  94. Puppy drooling, whining and acting lethargic?
  95. if I blocked the heat vent to my room with a cloth and the closed vent (it did
  96. A middle-aged woman admitted to the unit this morning, complains of
  97. 4 months ago i ask this question about my girl cheating more like a rant, but
  98. How do I complain about a foreign magazine?
  99. When a person cries is it considered complaining?
  100. Why do people complain so much about how intrusive air port security is when it...
  101. Why does my Syma S108g marines helicopter top rotor whine when I go to take off?
  102. Why did fox argue that voters were too dumb to understand Clinton's facts/argument?
  103. Gasoline smell through vents of car?
  104. Why do people now vent their frustration and rant at big businesses, tv shows,
  105. My car whines when the revs are at around 2000-3000?
  106. Major major rant and vent (needed to let off some steam)...question at the very
  107. Vent about idiot highschool friends (easy 10 points)?
  108. Why does my steering wheel make a whining noise when I turn?
  109. Why do English people complain about chavs so much?
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  112. Why are liberals still ranting about Ryan's budget proposals?
  113. don't you hate it when people complain about smoking?
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  143. I didn't notice Jess Ennis whining about 'the pressure' did you?
  144. Has anyone read the Ann Romney Rant about women who want to be paid the same as men?
  145. Why is my A/C switching back and forth between upper vents and defrost?
  146. My cat is CONSTANTLY attention seeking...I'm at my wits end! Sort of a rant?
  147. What is the musty smell coming from the vents in my car?
  148. My youtube video has low audio and i have had a couple of people complain. Is
  149. Why do we argue a lot?
  150. why does my g/f love to argue?
  151. Why did this Anti-Abortion protest lead to rants about "ugly black babies"?
  152. Arguing because i didnt get scholarships...ungreatful?
  153. Did you pout and whine when Santino lost his match?
  154. I dont want to have sex with my husband anymore because he is always complaining?...
  155. How do you replace an Evap vent valve/control solenoid on a 2000 Buick Century?
  156. Are people who respond to trolls with serious objections ignorant or just venting?
  157. Is it wrong to vent to your friends about your spouse? ?
  158. My boyfriend and I keep arguing over the same thing, help??! Cant stop nagging.?
  159. Why is it that whenever I use proper punctuation, Y!A complains that I
  160. Arguing with my husband?
  161. I am dealing with a lot of people in my life that complain.?
  162. I have a 95 chevy c1500.. my a/c blows out the wrong vents. When it's
  163. Soffit Vent Installation?
  164. Puppy whines for no reason?
  165. Why people can post racist rant like the following but my posts are censored for the
  166. Air blowing thru defrost vents, 98 dodge dakota?
  167. Isn't it contradictory how some will complain about "getting kicked out...
  168. AC Unit not cooling below 78; 82 degrees outside; vent temp 60 degrees?
  169. Why don't people who deny evolution understand the mountains of evidence that...
  170. Arsenal fans, can I give you an opportunity to vent ?
  171. happy july 4th with a rant ok?
  172. where can i complain about my employer in california?
  173. Can spiders come in through central a/c vents when the air is on?
  174. Theists: Do atheists sound like they have mild to moderate Asperger's Syndrome when
  175. My mom is always complaining?
  176. Virus RANT: What the heck is Anti Phishing Domain Advisor? BROWSER VIRUS!?
  177. My stand-up electric fan's making loud, high-pitched squeaking and whining noises-
  178. Why don't the people who complain about benefits being more than wages give
  179. Rant about life (not a question)?
  180. Why do Americans complain and whine and care about "race" so much more...
  181. my b$Tche$ vent. yall read this?
  182. coolant leak and smoke/smell from air vents?
  183. How many of the people on here who complain nonstop about bad teachers...
  184. My son is leaving tomorrow for the marines and i am really sad? I knew this day
  185. Why do fans complain about restrictor plates?
  186. Does using a Flo-vent inhalor daily help those with COPD?
  187. crankcase vent plastic end broke off into engine?
  188. How much it is to add an island vent hood above cooktop to vent outside through wall?
  189. how do i get my dog to stop whining?
  190. My dog constantly runs back and forth whining and hollering and idk why! Help...
  191. I was just listening to jeanette winterson-she argues lovelessness is passed down...
  192. How much and who should I hire to add a island mounted vent hood above
  193. Help my rottweiler started to whine two days ago?
  194. Snake through plumbing vent fixed clog but?
  195. The laundry guy gave my husband's very expensive 5 shirts to somebody...
  196. i always argue with my husband?
  197. Can i right to my local MP to complain about HMRC?
  198. Why do people discriminate/ rant on things they hate?
  199. Me and my bf argue way too much over stupid things?
  200. Why do teams complain about injuries when the heat played the whole year without a
  201. Racism Or Rant: Why is Donald Trump STILL saying President Obama was not born in the
  202. Can I use PVC pipe to vent my dryer?
  203. Vent/need advice. Long?
  204. Blew a .012... Any way to get off/argue it?
  205. FML This is just a vent not a question!?
  206. what do I do?My family doesn't communicate at all. I try so hard to keep...
  207. Who and how to complain about a movie?
  208. My 11 month old whines all the time?
  209. I think i complain too much, breaking the habit?
  210. Why can't you vent to someone without them telling someone else about it?
  211. Can women reading 50 Shades of Grey complain about their men reading Playboy?
  212. what does it mean when your dog shakes, breathes heavily for long time,
  213. Lyrics: Whine whine whine girl how you whine?
  214. Need jetta vent clip? Where to buy another piece?
  215. Please listen to me, im VENTING?...?
  216. T or F: Women reading 50 Shades of Grey can NO LONGER complain about Playboy?
  217. why won't gm back up their vent valve defect?
  218. Where to complain about not receiving a Police Report?
  219. Why do people complain so much about 9-5 jobs?
  220. what is the lifetime of an individual hydrothermal vent community?
  221. Can you send air back thru an air conditioning vent?
  222. I just blew into the back of my laptop, where the fan vent is - and my fan...
  223. I just blew into the back of my laptop, where the fan vent is - and my fan...
  224. Lyrically, Adam Levine = male Gwen Stefani? (Maroon 5 rant)?
  225. How much should I sell this candy for at school? people were complaining about my
  226. is there a fuse or relay that controls the vents in a 2002 explorer?
  227. Why do liberals try to use reality based facts when arguing with conservatives?
  228. Libs can blab and spin and cry and whine and talk PCT. all they want but
  229. Why do some single mothers complain when men say they don't want to date women...
  230. How can a Iib desire high profits in their investments & at the same time
  231. Is it bad to complain about boyfriend to friends?
  232. Rant: Group Projects~?
  233. What do you think of this investing rant?
  234. Should I complain about this?
  235. Why do all John Cena fans whine and cry when someone attacks and beats their hero?
  236. My car made a high-pitched whine when I tried to turn the key?
  237. Why can't we comment on yahoo news items any more? I constantly want to vent my...
  238. My parents have been arguing a lot lately?! ?
  239. Is it bad to have an air vent covered up by a piece of furniture?
  240. need help with whining dog?
  241. My Dog doesn't stop whining, HELP!!?
  242. Why is this dog wagging her tail WHILE growling and whining?
  243. depressed & everytime i tlk to my bff about it she basically tells me to quit...
  244. Why does Yahoo Answers complain about correct punctuation?
  245. If, as Christians argue, homosexuality is wrong because it inhibits...
  246. Why do women whine and complain so much about their periods?
  247. how do i create a vent and does it cost anything?
  248. There is a smell that smells like sharpies/nail polish coming from the vents in
  249. Will we ever stop arguing?
  250. Does anyone else wish Donald Trump would stop whining about Wind Farms?