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  1. Why do young men and women not want to join the military but complain that...
  2. My boyfriend dosent like the fact that I scream during sex!?
  3. Is complaining about "muslim persecution" in america overrated?
  4. Scream Queens did they pick a winner?
  5. If Palestinians complain about wanting aid, then why is Hamas targeting aid
  6. How badly will Georgia Tech fans whine when LSU beats them in their own state?
  7. If a Republican whines about Obama?
  8. If a tree falls in the forest & no one hears it,does it mean we fail to hear god
  9. does your samsung rant freeze alot?
  10. Can a boss - owner use profanity and scream at employees for no apparent...
  11. kind of a rant but question included?
  12. Survey: Have you ever seen a participant get bitter when they don't get a
  13. How to lock texts on a samsung rant?
  14. just need to complain 37 weeks?
  15. samsung rant problem!!!! ?
  16. Why do MOST (I believe that is the case) non-custodial parents complain about...
  17. My insulin shots are starting to hurt more and more... I have to scream...
  18. Why does my 2 month old scream when I am at work all day?
  19. Samsung Rant...rant I guess LOL. (Color of phone)?
  20. How Do I Put A Ringtone On A Samsung Rant?!?
  21. How come people complain about Muslims?
  22. Don,t you agree that now fewer people around the world believe much that
  23. Picture of Paul Pierce laying on back screaming at the rafters...?
  24. what does the silence scares me because it screams the turth mean?
  25. Complaining when stores sell out?
  26. How can I get my dog to stop whining while riding in the car?
  27. My neighbor, a "mom" always screams and is so cruel to her kids?
  28. HELP baby bunny screaming!!?
  29. Is 8 PM too late a bed time for a 13 yr old boy? He always complains about it.?
  30. My daughter complains she can't urinate at night!! What's wrong with her?...
  31. Screaming Screaming SCREAMING!!!?
  32. Last night I got up quickly and ran in to check on my screaming baby and
  33. Is there a band like Dimmu Borgir that doesnt have that screaming? Im not a big...
  34. Parents who scream at your children in public, why do you get so defensive...
  35. In the song "scream" by keri Hilson and Timberland...?
  36. When your kids are misbehaving in the public or with a lot of family around, would
  37. How long will my puppy whine for?
  38. At what point in all your complaining about how bad your life sucks right...
  39. My 9 month old keeps waking at 5am and screams the house down?
  40. Please Help!! My daughter complains she can't urinate at night!! What's...
  41. Can you scream very loudly?
  42. Conservatives scream about dangers of playing the "victim card" where does
  43. were can i get a scream voice changer?
  44. How do i fix a whine in my two front speakers?
  45. How can liberals complain about people riding on their parent's coattails
  46. Is it illegal to badger or to complain to a teenager's parents?
  47. Do you think that those who complain about the bad job-market, are simply a
  48. My kids are complaining that sunscreen is too cold when its applied to their skin?
  49. Have you ever had someone on R&S rant at you and then end their rant with...
  50. can I substitute regular vinegar with red whine vinegar? ?
  51. Sprint Samsung Rant and Picture Mail?
  52. Was there sometime you just felt like "Screaming"?
  53. Why do the Jews always whine about the fact everyone's all against them?
  54. How to lock texts on a Samsung Rant?
  55. People can't hear me on my rant?
  56. My little brother was complaining and stuff cause he wants to see some funny things
  57. My friend keeps complaining that she wants a boyfriend?
  58. Why do the Jews always whine about the fact everyone's all against them?
  59. where can i watch the Kerli's performances on the 2008 Scream Awards?
  60. some1 tell me the name of a rap song that has these lyrics:"im all up in
  61. My mom screams out loud while sleeping, what could this be?
  62. Is letting my baby scream himself to sleep the best way to teach him to sleep...
  63. A Mic for Screaming/Growling?
  64. samsung rant problem!?!?
  65. Getting a puppy to stop whining?
  66. How did Noah drown out the screams of terrified children treading water?
  67. is the samsung rant a good phone?
  68. Opening Scene Movie Poll: The Dark Knight vs. Scream vs. Jaws?
  69. Did Noah lose respect for God after hearing screaming and terrified
  70. me and my mom are having problems and we argue all the time and scream at each
  71. Why do girls complain about how bad men treat them, then go after the bad boys?
  72. What is Your Favorite Scream Queen?
  73. Connecting to PC on a Samsung SPH-M540, the Rant,?
  74. Samsung Rant Vs Nissan Altima?
  75. How do i get FREE ringtones for my samsung rant without internet for it?
  76. How do i get FREE ringtones for my samsung rant without internet for it?
  77. How do I get my song files to work as ring tones on my Samsung Rant?
  78. why do women complain about studs, jocks etc when they like to have sex with them?
  79. overheard parents complaining about me?
  80. When is the last time you wanted to scream for no apparent reason.?
  81. My dog cant stop whining and i need to make her be Quiet.?
  82. PC HELP PLEASE!! about to scream?
  83. Complain About Bank Racism?
  84. How do I complain about a WordPress page content?
  85. Would you do a primal scream if you found out one of your contacts was a he
  86. adding music to my samsung rant?
  87. Don't you hate those people who give best answers just to rant at people they...
  88. Metal(screeching solos, relentless riffs, screaming/growling voices and...
  89. wat song by coheed and cambria has a gnarly creature screaming at the end of the
  90. Stupid eyelash curlers have snipped off my lashes, who do I complain to?
  91. PLEASES HELP,my GIRLFRIEND ask me to hit HER with a IRON PIPE to MAKE her SCREAM?
  92. Are you sick of the whining like I am?
  93. bands that both scream and sing?
  94. No Sleep, Screaming Baby......help?
  95. what would you do if your husband woke in the middle of the night and...
  96. When you are finally alone in your house the first thing you scream is?
  97. My '03 mustang gt makes whining noises when in gear?
  98. Why didnt i get a ticket. (not that im complaining)?
  99. scream the movie.com (type it in on google toolbar) and it should say...
  100. Why don't the men complaining about gold diggers try dating professional women?
  101. WOULD it be O.K. to HIT my GIRLFRIEND with a IRON PIPE to MAKE her SCREAM?
  102. Family constantly complains about my quiet personality?
  103. night time whining? favorite?
  104. Do you have people in your family who are older and complain about everything?
  105. POLL: Why Does Billy Mays Feel The Need To Scream In All Of His Commercials?
  106. What do we do about downstairs neighbors complaining of our walking?
  107. What can I do about a father who is constantly yelling and screaming?
  108. What makes you want to scream?!?!?!?
  109. Samsung Messager or Samsung Rant?
  110. i have had a bad day and maybe ranted a little tonight i am sorry if i...
  111. How to find a male scream singer?
  112. The media publishes a lot of news stories about the mortgage crisis and...
  113. Why are Muslims Complaining about the War on Israel?
  114. Computer is freezing...gonna scream!?
  115. why are none of my questions showing up??!! (whiny whine!)?
  116. Gaza screaming 300 died and media lying Will you take a min to read this ? ?
  117. My 17 month old daughter will not stop screaming, rubbing eyes, runny nose,...
  118. Erm... what was that Canadian audience screaming when Mchelle McCool turned...
  119. Outbox on Samsung Rant?
  120. Why does Billy Mays always scream at you in his commercials?
  121. POLL: Where is the worst place for a screaming child to be?
  122. Why is my dog whining? How to make her stop?
  123. Can you tell me wat the difference between a rumor and a rant is and wich one is
  124. Would you complain or let it go?
  125. Screaming in my dreams, there's many people around, but no one can hear me.
  126. Why do American Christians scream with joy when jews (who hate Christ) kill...
  127. My older female cat has started the habit of screaming under my door at
  128. wut colors does the samsung rant come in?
  129. Is there a market for crabby old men who wont do much of anything but complain?
  130. Which phone is better? (rant or rumor)?
  131. How come my samsung rant wont save the pictures I take?
  132. why do people scream out anica?
  133. Why do Repubs complain "Clinton lied" about sex..when Nixon, Reagan,
  134. Can anyone tell me who won Scream Queens ?
  135. How do I put ringtones on a Samsung Rant (Sprint)?
  136. What is wrong with kids these days (rant about teen/tween pregnancy)?
  137. how do i upload pictures from my samsung rant to my computer?
  138. Christians, what words do you scream during sex?
  139. what do you want to see in scream 4?
  140. Do all women complain a lot...?
  141. lg lotus vs samsung rant which 1 is better?
  142. Poll: Do you scream, or shout, if you wanna go faster?
  143. Screaming and singing?
  144. What should I do???*whining*?
  145. I just got a samsung m540, which I guess is the Samsung Rant. Cant
  146. Samsung Rant, Music Help? Look Please !?
  147. Why Don't Palestinians Complain About The Arabs Killing Palestinians?
  148. Why in almost all the countries, where Muslims are in minorities, they
  149. samsung rant owners pleeaasee answer this :)?
  150. Why do Arabs rant when Palestinians receive just retaliation for bombings when they
  151. why is new fuel pump whining LOUD, 2001 merc grand marquis, not thru speakers(I
  152. i just need to rant. its kinda long, but someone please take the time to read?
  153. Rant about Anti-Feminist men!?
  154. How do I put Music on My Samsung Rant Cell Phone? ?
  155. How do you resolve a family relationship when really you want to scream at them...?
  156. I'm looking for the "family guy" episode where an angry Lois goes crazy
  157. wt is the composition of,beer,brandy,whisky,rum,gyn,whine,?
  158. What BEATLES Recording Was It, Where LENNON Was Doing His PRIMAL SCREAM Therapy ?
  159. My boyfriend keeps complaining that his period flaws are too heavy!?
  160. In a traditional marriage- are women given more room to complain from...
  161. Why do women complain so much that guys only want to spend time with them for sex?
  162. My dog won't stop whining in his kennel at night?
  163. Why do girls/women so often complain that many men only value them for sex?
  164. It's a shallow world ain't it? It's a rant ... read at own risk?
  165. What BEATLES Recording Was It, Where LENNON Was Doing His PRIMAL SCREAM Therapy ?
  166. Is screaming in music an expression of frustration or an art form?
  167. Bf complaining that he hasnt seen me naked?
  168. My 4 month old does not fall into a deep sleep and wakes up screaming?
  169. Why do some conservative Christians complain when they are the targets of
  170. Should we keep complaining about WWE letting talented wrestlers wrestle?..more...
  171. My nephew is 2 1/2. He screams no a lot and is very antisocial. He toe walks
  172. I'm wondering what a panther's scream sounds like?
  173. I'm learning how to scream...?
  174. Why does my dad whine so much?
  175. I just bought a new sprint rant and i put music in it but i want to put a...
  176. My 7mo son is groaning/screaming as if he is in pain?
  177. Is it ironic the people were screaming socialist before FDR was president...
  178. What is better? Samsung rant or m520 slider by Samsung?
  179. !!!!!!!!samsung rant!!!!!!!!?
  180. Help with the Samsung Rant Please!?
  181. POLL: Who or where do I complain to or about the fact that I have rec'd...
  182. My little sister screams when she pees?!?
  183. Is there a place I can call to complain about a grocery store?
  184. Can you believe that when terrorists attack Israel, liberals complain...
  185. I got a samsung rant and i cant connect to my computer?
  186. Hardcore or screamo or eletronica orrr w/e band that screams?
  187. Whats with all of the growling and screaming in the new metal bands of today?
  188. I see fundamentalists complain about "man-made traditions" but can't understand
  189. 11mo old screams every time I change his diaper?
  190. Smoking: Do people whine too much?
  191. How do i put music on the rant?
  192. When complaining about people, should you do it on the site where they are, or
  193. 11mo old screams every time I change his diaper?
  194. Why do women scream while giving birth to a child?
  195. Why does my dog always whine when I'm in my office?
  196. Why did a Fox News host complain about working Christmas day ?
  197. Where can i find a free download of HSM3 "Scream"'s instumental?
  198. Constant screaming and threatening=child abuse?
  199. What song just makes you want to scream?
  200. Why do people complain about gas prices but buy bottled water and pay a...
  201. is the Samsung Rant a good phone?
  202. I like little kids but when the scream and cry i want to yell at them?
  203. Why rant about Twilight?
  204. Why did people complain when Jesus healed a woman who had been stooped for eighteen
  205. How can I get completely free ring tones onto my Rant?
  206. I just got Samsung Rant.. IDK how to do 3 way. Help me...?
  207. Is it normal to have people screaming their conversations to each other at Xmas
  208. How do i put music on the rant?
  209. Do kittens have colic like human babies? My kitty wont stop whining/crying?!?
  210. How do i get my puppy to not whine while in his crate?
  211. can some one link me to a puff daddy or p.diddy scream sound mp3 or wav?
  212. my girlfriend is whining because we never flirt while we text?
  213. how many Christians have had someone scream or shove or slap you for talking
  214. How can I ask my friend to quit complaining?
  215. screaming help please?
  216. On New Year's Eve, are we all going to scream "Leap Second!!" at 23:59:59?
  217. My 2 and a half yr old was sleeping in her own bed and now she refuses. She
  218. He hurt me, but is hot, funny, smart. Forgive him or Run screaming away ?
  219. How many times do you have to complain about someone in animal crossing 4 wii...
  220. help with the samsung rant ?
  221. Anybody got a screaming dryer?
  222. Oh how the mighty (boston and their fans) have fallen. Why are you fans
  223. free ringtones and wallpaper for samsung rant?
  224. If 95% of blacks were to vote for a black Republican nominee, would people still...
  225. Why do Christian whine so much on here?
  226. I have the Samsung Rant and I want to set a song as my ringtone for text messages?
  227. On Jan. 20, 2017, will those of you who whine about Obama all day...
  228. samsung rant HELP!?!?
  229. My 10 month old daughter is screaming..............?
  230. Why Does Billy Mays Have To Scream Like This In His Commercials!?
  231. I want to SCREAM and HIT SOMEONE really HARD!!! How do I get rid of this...
  232. girl screaming next door could she be abused?
  233. how much will it cost to update the firmware on my samsung rant? ?
  234. Fellas: When your children were born did your wife scream so much that you got
  235. How do I add music on my Samsung Rant?? ((please help))?
  236. How can I growl/scream like this, the right way? (Video inside)?
  237. How do i download songs or ringtones to my samsung rant ?
  238. how to download ringtones for my samsung rant without ANY data charges?
  239. Pc difficulties installing my samsung rant?
  240. how do i put music on my samsung rant..and is it free?
  241. Samsung Rant or LG Rumor?
  242. How do you complain to the government about Microsoft?
  243. Who won scream queens? 10 points!?
  244. My son is six years old and complains that the tip of his penis stings...
  245. My Holiday Rant anybody agree?
  246. to some Christians, Why do some of you complain about the gifts you got?
  247. can i complain of "emotional distress" when my employer imposes "merry...
  248. How can I die in my sleep like my dad not screaming and banging on the...
  249. What's wrong with me? Screaming for help?
  250. Is the UK and Achmadineojihads Rant at Christmas proof that immigration