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  1. is it normal for my 21 month old to whine if i try to touch his penis and...
  2. What are song for breakup it can be rap or screaming?
  3. Which phone from sprint is better? Samsung Rant or The Palm Centro?
  4. Why does my dog whine and moan so much?
  5. Why is it that ladies complain about the smell in the bathroom?
  6. why does obama keep complaining about the national debt?
  7. my 9 week old shih tzu whines and barks to try and get into our bed at night .?
  8. The Christian Bale rant compared to TV?
  9. is there a difference between a Samsung RANT and a Samsung RANT M540?
  10. Where can i get the software that came with the samsung rant?
  11. I have a 22 month old and she constantly cries (whines really) all day it. Like...
  12. Do you know someone that screams when you wake them?
  13. EXTREMELY painful bowels? Sometimes I can do nothing but scream in pain?
  14. My Puppy won't quit whining!?
  15. Samsung Rant................?
  16. Help!!! I'm Obsessed With Scream Aim Fire!!!?
  17. Why do girls scream and moan during sex?
  18. Why do women complain about?
  19. Loud Screaming in my sleep and not by me!?
  20. What's the point of having pedestrian only bridges? plus rant on eco-warriors?
  21. What causes people to scream when they're frightened?
  22. What is the (older) rock song that is fast beat and starts off ith a guy...
  23. Is it true that White House staffers are complaining?
  24. Rafa Benitez Famous Rant?
  25. Why is my 3 month old puppy is whining while chew on his toys?
  26. Who has lost respect for Christian Bale since listening to his rant?
  27. Don't you find it kind of silly that everyone complains about the team that wins...
  28. How loud in God's ears were the silent screams of the Egyptian first-borns?
  29. Dominos Pizza: if u complain and they have to resend you a new pizza. do u
  30. Does anyone yell and scream at your employer, or is all conflict passive aggressive?
  31. Would this help the food servers who complain in here?
  32. When do we stand up and stop our whining?
  33. Good NOT screaming and NOT high pitched voice metal bands?
  34. Have you heard the Christian Bale terminator rant?
  35. if I see a black child playing with the doll "snow white" should I complain
  36. Our Samsung TV from right when turning on to when you shut if off whines. Any help?
  37. how do I complain about a crossing lady?
  38. I think I am gonna scream!!?
  39. ok i got a rant rite?
  40. what did girls do at The Beatles concert besides scream?
  41. If you complain about WWE's PG Era...?
  42. Our 4 month old baby wakes up screaming every hour every night?
  43. scream 4 ????? 10 points?
  44. I am complaining about logging in, the new system is yuk, I tick the 2 week keep my
  45. What should a nobody like me rant about to get air time like a Batman ?
  46. My Boyfriend Always complains that he is so tired no matter how much sleep he gets?
  47. Any body see Blago whining on Fox News and later on Letterman last night?
  48. What's the difference between a whistle note and a scream?
  49. Should I complain to the post office if the mail man refused to bring my...
  50. How come Liberals hate life and spend 90% of the day complaining while drinking
  51. Question about my new Samsung Rant?
  52. Stop and ask yourself, DO YOU scream like a GiRl?
  53. fighting in hockey (NOT a rant)?
  54. samsong rant moving tiles?
  55. How do you put songs on the samsung rant? it didnt come with a cd what should i do
  56. annoying whining sound from computer?
  57. Christian Bale rant????!!?
  58. F/S Dell Xps M2010 Laptop
  59. Instinct or Rant from Sprint?
  60. Propane wall furnace produces ear-splitting whine as it heats up. Suggestions?
  61. I plan to write sears & roebuck customer service department to file a...
  62. my son is 2 days from being 4 mths. he sceams when he awakes and he screams until
  63. GUYS why do women crave chocolate when on their period yet complain of
  64. Who wrote "The Rant" (I am Canadian)?
  65. how can i make my puppy stop whining?
  66. fall out boy screaming songs?
  67. Dont you hate when people complain about what they should do in the game, when...
  68. Why does my dog cry and whine? Is he to attached to me?
  69. Why is it that liberals can moan and scream and cry and whine about all the bad
  70. Have you ever complained when you found a hair in your food?
  71. My friend is constantly complaining and hates where we live, it's very
  72. Should I complain about my psychologist? Were her comments racist?
  73. Is it appropriate to run into a child's birthday party with fake blood on you
  74. Why do people complain about where there team is ranked in hte top 25 in Men's hoops?
  75. CARTOON: Fat lady screaming WENTWORTH!?
  76. Ranting about miss informed people..... agree?? disagree?
  77. Should I get the Samsung Rant or the Palm Centro?
  78. I have a German Shepard and she loves riding in the van but she constantly whines...
  79. In "A Christmas Story," why does Scott Farkas make his victims scream uncle?
  80. How can i put ringtones into my samsung rant?
  81. Why does my car alarm scream?
  82. Who think Survivor Man complains too much?
  83. Will those of you who called others, who complained about Bush and his...
  84. In 05 the liberals complained bitterly about the elaborate waste in the inaugural...
  85. How much does the Sprint Rant phone cost?
  86. I can never have a conversation with my dad without screaming at him. PLEASE HELP!?
  87. i have noticed alot of people complaining that the xbox 360 or ps3 has...
  88. my cat won't stop whining to go outside?
  89. My baby awakes crying & screaming?
  90. Does it annoy you when people scream WW3?
  91. How do I get my dog to stop barking and whining when I leave the house every morning?
  92. Why do tax payers whine so much?
  93. Would "Scream" by A7X make a good vampire fan-video?
  94. So when do the fundies start their rant about Easter, nobody told me to go to hell
  95. Dog barks and whines when I leave my apartment?
  96. how can ii send pics from my samsung rant to my e-mail?
  97. why is the media complaining about the 20th hijacker being tortured?
  98. Guys: Are you sick of women complaining that guys just want sex...?
  99. A friend of mine has been really annoying lately, always complaining and
  100. Poll: Who can we complain to that Canadians ....?
  101. screaming newborn.. need help!?
  102. Please help me with my new Samsung Rant!!!!!?
  103. Is it possible my ISP is limiting my speed (and usage), until i complain about it?
  104. When was the last time you had to scream, 'You're not the boss of me!!'?
  105. PLEASE HELP - My baby is screaming his head off and wont stop :'(?
  106. What will you complain about now?
  107. Can some one tell me how to reset a rant?
  108. When do girls' whining reflexes start to kick in?
  109. What's the name on someone who complains too much about being sick?
  110. I have a 15 mo. old boxer who gets very panicked when he sees other dogs. He starts
  111. How can I find a promoter to bring a ranting Alabama snake handler to proform a...
  112. My son 4months old is screaming to the core until i pick him. ?
  113. Why do a lot of girls say they want a good guy, then choose a bad guy over...
  114. Girlfriend whines too much?
  115. who's seen the fat rant on youtube?
  116. Can mums scream if they like?
  117. What to do about my whining puppy?!?
  118. did u hear about the talks on Scream 4?
  119. For all you guts(Atheist) that complain about correct spelling?
  120. Who went 11-5 that everyone keeps whining about not making it to the playoffs?
  121. Return Samsung Rant and get Samsung Instinct?
  122. What do you think about the 8 year-old Atheist girl on YouTube who ranted
  123. Which songs starts and ends with the singer screaming something like "yeah"?
  124. Does this mean we're going to have to hear Blyleven whine some more?
  125. Do girls ever stop complaining? what do i have to do?
  126. Why do people complain about raising kids, yet still have them?
  127. Why do Untied fans whine and complain ?
  128. LADIES: If you could somehow pee standing up, would u still sit anyway so you...
  129. Screaming on The Inside?
  130. my chihuahua pee on a cactus now he cannot lift he legs to pee or jump on the...
  131. When will Rafa apologise to SAF and United fans for what has become to be known as...
  132. shoule i stop driving like a maniac now that people are complaining?
  133. i dont know. not really a question, bit of a rant thing?
  134. what should i do when i see a crazy boy screaming that he hates girls?
  135. R&S is the section of rants... Do you agree or disagree?
  136. Do you ever want to complain about people who complain but don't because you'd...
  137. why is my cat whining so much?
  138. Screaming on The Inside Part 2?
  139. What's with all these little sissies who keep complaining about fighting in the NHL?
  140. If Republicans are "pro-life", then why do they whine because they aren't
  141. My 11month old yorkie refuses to stop whining, peeing and pooping in the...
  142. So how are these lyrics/scream?
  143. Just RAnting. about petsmart.?
  144. cat bites, screams, cries, scratches when i try to groom, brush or comb him help!!!?
  145. my new daschund puppy won't stop whining!?
  146. Help With The Samsung Rant Music?
  147. My 3yr old has Sensory Integration Dysfunction and screams during diaper changes.?
  148. why does YA attract racialismistic ranting?
  149. how do you hardcore scream?
  150. Do you think Bush Supporters will finally complain about a corrupt
  151. Does getting lots of people to complain against your gamertag so MS make you
  152. Why is asking a legitimate religious question considered ranting?
  153. Is it normal for a baby to scream all the time?
  154. The FA to investigate Rafa's rant. Justified or not ?
  155. Isn't Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne really complaining about his own...
  156. OMG!!!! I jsut got an email and I'm going to have to see my nan tomorrow, I can...
  157. Why do people hate complaining?
  158. Does the rev from A7X do screaming ?
  159. How do I scream sing without damaging my voice?
  160. i was in greece last summer and someone called me a brit. can i scream racist?
  161. my husband complains of his nuts hurting once in awile?
  162. Is Sarah Palin showcasing her inexperience and immaturity when she complains
  163. I dont know what to do about my dad (long rant)?
  164. ..Nanny rant...thanks for reading !!?
  165. What has your latest rant been about? Put it here! I want to read it...?
  166. What appears to some first in black and white and then emerges in full...
  167. Where do you directly complain to yahoo about a service being shoved down your
  168. I have really bad temper, when me and my bf argue i scream out mean offense comments?
  169. could you imagine mariah carey screaming?
  170. Primal Scream Therapy?
  171. Should I get the Instinct or the Rant?
  172. i scream in my sleep?
  173. Where are the songs "Scream" and "Bet On It" in the game High School Musical 3:
  174. can spitting blood up be a result of screaming to hard?
  175. Why are people complaining about Bush nixing Israeli airstrikes in Iran?
  176. How do you scream from your stomach?
  177. Get the song from the 100ssmed on samsung rant to a ringtone?
  178. Does screaming deepen your voice?
  179. I hope anyone isn't complaining about the Ravens-Titans game!?
  180. Why does my daughter scream at night saying her legs hurt?
  181. Can you live one week without complaining?
  182. Is it me, or are there loads of married women on here complaining of lack of sex?
  183. Wife hates her job. I hate her complaining about it. What do I do?
  184. How do you stop a 2 year old Indian Ringneck from biting, screaming and
  185. Is there a religious cheese and whine party going on here tonight?
  186. Have any of you heard older (37+) housewives complain about their husbands
  187. My little brother always screams in public?
  188. Is the Rant by Samsung a good phone?
  189. Why does my crazy mom keep complaining about me getting on the computer?
  190. They tend to yell or scream....why?
  191. Can I get an AT&T Rant?
  192. Rafa's rant got me thinking .......really it did.....honest..!?
  193. Western students are whining gits?
  194. A friend of mine keeps complaining about the cost for his Man utd season ticket. ?
  195. my daughter is now 12 but she finds it difficult to talk in class or make
  196. how is my scream coming (ten points)?
  197. Sarah Palin whining and saying not Fair?
  198. scream music screamooooooooooooooo?
  199. Do they have samsung rant in purple available in Canada?
  200. Ever Dealt With Someone That Screams All The Time?
  201. how is my scream please rate and comment ?
  202. Waking up screaming at night, and not remembering in the morning? HELP?
  203. Why don't people who complain about affirmative action complain about soldiers'
  204. so hows this scream coming?
  205. A rant about "poser" hate?
  206. Some PLEASE tell me I don't have to go through another book with Bella whining!!?
  207. Loong Rant/Question: Was it wrong of me to leave my sister there?
  208. I need help with my singing/screaming. Metalcore/thrash singing?
  209. with all the problems in the usa today why are people complaining about obama's
  210. how do i get my 4 year old to go to bed without screaming?
  211. if you could scream something on a rooftop..?
  212. All Star Whining ( Read On) ?
  213. Asian prayers?, probably religous? - annoying neighbours screaming them all the time?
  214. I don't want to go tonight (rant, but advice?)?
  215. Do I need to instal a cd for my samsung rant on my comp?
  216. What is my dog whining about?
  217. Video of a girl who was complaining about her Mum..?
  218. How much is the monthly bill for the samsung rant?
  219. What are some good songs for a guy you hate and want to scream about? :)?
  220. How do you balance a migraine and a screaming baby?
  221. Im learning how to scream, and have some questions about it:?
  222. Benitez criticising someone else for complaining about the fixture schedule?
  223. in the movie scream,what scret was sidney's mom hiding?
  224. How do I get a "free" ringtone for my samsung rant?
  225. scream queens winner?
  226. Do u therefore agree African Americans musn't all complain about freedom?
  227. What do you think of my rant / article / intro?
  228. My dog gave birth 5 days ago and today she is panting allot and will walk...
  229. Who do you think was the first band/musician to scream?
  230. Why does my puppy bark/whine so much?
  231. Should I let my 7 week old husky/german shepard puppy sleep by himself,
  232. i screamed george lucas's name while having sex ?
  233. Palin complaining about "class bias": Since when did Republicans care about class?
  234. Anybody know the name of the italian song from Kicking and Screaming?
  235. Panting, moaning or screaming?
  236. Are there spiritual rewards for recounts of recants in the recent religious rant?
  237. If a left handed man shot a child and I complained,could he reasonably accuse
  238. How to stop 4 mo. old Doberman whining! ?
  239. Would you like some cheese to go with that whine?
  240. Why do people take their money out of the stock market, then complain about...
  241. samsung rant disabling internet?
  242. How do I send picture mail with my Samsung Rant?
  243. Erm, I see that the local Co-Op has been shut all day due to lack of...
  244. Is Sarah Palin still whining about Katie Curic? Isn't that called a phobia?
  245. Am I good at screaming....?
  246. Good Screaming Songs?
  247. Whats the song called? one part is" i want to scream at the top of my lungs" ?
  248. a confused kid's rant.. life, what the hell? ?
  249. Sometimes while sleeping, why can't we move body part, can't scream for help?
  250. Has there ever been a recorded case of a black person complaining about a...