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  203. how can i tell my friend that it pisses me off when she anways whines about
  204. My 8 week old puppy wont stop whining and crying in her fenced in area?
  205. Argue or ignore a parent?
  206. Why do republicans ship jobs overseas and then complain when people end up
  207. Why are Americans complaining so much about the cold?
  208. How can I tell my bf he complains too much?
  209. I need emotional help but can't afford therapy, who can i vent to?
  210. Theists, if you can't meet your burden of proof, why even bother arguing with...
  211. Rant, Help for Lying in Relationship (girls/ppl in relation help Q.Q)?
  212. Me and my boyfriend keep arguing about.....?
  213. Help me please. I have a friend who really misses me but all we do when we are
  214. Where your place to vent emotions?
  215. water heater vent is transite, what is code for existing home sale?
  216. Where do I find women that don't complain excessively?????
  217. Will climate change deniers suddenly start to cry and complain that nobody told
  218. So my boyfriend has a Husky dog, and it whines all the time. His parents
  219. why so many black "american" males are always on social media complaining about
  220. im 40 yrs old woman. my hubby complains of some sort of discharge from my nipples...
  221. So my boyfriend has a Husky dog, and it whines all the time. His parents...
  222. What is the name of this lifetime movie about a woman who has a child after being...
  223. If, as ce Cons whine, Obama did not bring down Osama bin Laden, how could Cons
  224. my 8 week puppy has just arrived to my home Monday night. he whines and
  225. Why do Republican accept the tyranny of the Kenyan King and do nothing but whine...
  226. Why do my ex & I still argue!? What does it mean?
  227. Does it make sense to complain Made in ____?
  228. How many Americans argue against evolution?
  229. Why do people have to complain instead of fixing the problem?
  230. who do complain to about the worst meil?
  231. Did Henry Clay and Daniel Webster ever argue in the same Supreme Court case?
  232. Why do fans complain about Cenas 5 moves and praise Daniel Bryan's wrestling?
  233. Will atheists stop complaining about tax-exempt status of churches if the first...
  234. Who can argue that consciousness is not divided?
  235. this guy called me cheap and keeps arguing with me?
  236. Moan/whine in my sleep?
  237. Why did the ecumenical councils decide to argue about things God never brought up?
  238. Why does no one complain about Punk "burying" Rollins?
  239. Is it haram to write a sexual story to vent out sexual desire?
  240. Guys, (Men) what would be your resoinse of you witnessed a transsexual...
  241. this dog barks/whines constantly in my apt building?
  242. Why do conservatives complain about immigrants taking American jobs but have
  243. Anyone with good arguing skills help??
  244. Why is my old dog starting to whine?
  245. Is my way of venting my anger bad?
  246. Please! name ONE Rush Limbo rant that actually work + came out good for all...
  247. whats the difference between a rant and a rave on craigslist?
  248. My dog is whining at me, scratching, and biting her ear? Help?
  249. how can i make him stop complaining about me?
  250. how can i make him stop complaining about me?