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  1. George W Bush & the Republicans spent over 1 Trillion Dollars on a war, why did no
  2. FS:Nokia 5630 XpressMusic...$354/Blackberry Curve 8900...$320/HTC Touch Pro2...$385
  3. Bones in higher area of butt cheek hurt so bad I could scream! What is this?
  4. Do you like this guy's rants?
  5. Does the Samsung Rant work with Google Latitude?
  6. Who do you complain to if the manager at Berger King was a jerk?
  7. Why is it that tax malcontents never whine about the special treatment the
  8. Making a rant***Canadians***?
  9. Why did blacks allow themselves to be enslaved and now today complain about it?
  10. Samsung rant help!!! best if you have a samsung rant?
  11. Can you put songs from Windows Media Player onto the Samsung Rant?
  12. Why does my dog cry/whine when another dog barks at him?
  13. What is the greatest coaching rant in NFL History?
  14. Do You want to scream "I love you" from the top of your lungs?
  15. Why did blacks allow themselves to be enslaved and now today complain about it?
  16. Why do man-whores complain so loudly that they can't find a "good girl"...
  17. Screaming band - can't hear singer scream over instruments - can anyone...
  18. Survey: Here's your chance to rant: What happened to the 650 billion or...
  19. What kind of doctor should I take my 8 yr. daughter, she complains about headache
  20. Do you think venting every now and then is healthy, or should people just let...
  21. How do I complain to advertising standards in the UK?
  22. A slight rant/question.?
  23. Why doesnt Aaron Lewis scream much anymore?
  24. How can I get my lover to explore sex in other places? He's complaining that
  25. I complained to the ABC about a show to keep on?
  26. I got my hair dyed and she stained my skin, should I complain?
  27. I complained to the ABC about a show to keep on?
  28. Why my 2006 chevy impala makes a whining noise only when accelerating?
  29. How do i connect my samsung rant to my pc Via Usb?
  30. what was the motive to kill Drew Barrymore's character in scream?
  31. What songs by Escape the Fate would be good for my MySpace? A song by them with
  32. My friend whines about everything?
  33. Do you this scary face will scare you if it suddenly pop up screaming on
  34. my four month old recently started screaming/crying anytime he isnt being held...
  35. why is everyone screaming socialism when for the last 15 years, we've been
  36. can you please complain about my gamertag?
  37. How do i put picturs from my phone to my computer???(i have the samsung Rant)?
  38. Another student is constantly complaining about money problems even though her...
  39. Viewing picture message on samsung rant with no internet.?
  40. my Siberian Husky won't stop whining.?
  41. Why do Democrats whine so much?
  42. something fun to complain about?
  43. my friend asked a girl if she liked me and she screamed NO and turned around does
  44. samsung rant question?
  45. With all of these people here on line that are complaining and raising a...
  46. I want to scream at her! Am I overreacting?
  47. Why do girls complain about guys going for good looks ?
  48. What makes your soul scream!!?
  49. why does my puppy whine every night?
  50. How do i get songs on the samsung rant?
  51. Why are so many people complaining about money being distributed to lower income
  52. how can i complain about a website company and stop others using the site and
  53. Scream Zac Efron HSM3 piano sheet!?
  54. Can crying/screaming kill my baby?
  55. How to calm a whining blind dog?
  56. What have people complained to you about, that was related to your sign?
  57. Just a stupid rant i need ta share?
  58. my 2 week baby couldnt breath one morning,she was asleep ,she screamed and...
  59. s he good t this? (screaming)?
  60. Why is there screaming in Our Time Now by the Plain White T's?
  61. I have swollen gums and my dentist keeps complaining.?
  62. Which Palahniuk book should I read: Rant, Choke, or Lullaby?
  63. sick and tired of whining?
  64. If you had a daughter in law that you went out of your way to be nice too,
  65. How do I get my 7 month old to stop screaming?!?
  66. How many times have you heard someone complain about how hard their life is today?
  67. any good over counter dog shampoos, my dog rubs and whines and scratches?
  68. I keep waking up screaming - why does this keep happening to me?
  69. What was the last word or phrase that you screamed?
  70. Can you buy extra back covers for the samsung rant?
  71. will a little whine from my alternator coming through my speakers damage my speakers?
  72. Why does my puppy whine all the time?
  73. Does anybody know any ranting websites?
  74. my class teacher always complain about me,to my mum so wt should i do?
  75. He flirts and screams to me does he like me?
  76. War: Was religion the only cause? (Disclaimer: No im not having a rant.)?
  77. if Omstarts is having problems with getting a woman does this mean we all...
  78. People whining about lowering their standards?
  79. Husband complaining I have not been grocery shopping. What motivates you to
  80. Why are the Republicans complaining about all this spending?
  81. How should I handle my bridesmaids' complaining?
  82. Why is the 'rant & rave' section on Craigslist so bad ?
  83. WHO DISLIKES ANIME? Who wants to rant at me for this question?
  84. Who can I complain to about internet scam by shopflipflops.com they have scammed
  85. Does it annoy you that people are complaining about a possible fire warning...?
  86. I have a toy shih tzu whom was bleeding from the rectum & now is just whining a
  87. Best techniques/microphones to record screaming vocals (hardcore/death metal/etc.)?
  88. Why do Dems drop out of school and then complain about hard working...
  89. Why do Democrats whine about the mere $407 billion deficit under and don't...
  90. throat hurts too much when screaming?
  91. Why are republicans and right wingers whining about....?
  92. My gf complains about frequent urination whenever she eats something sweet?
  93. Have I permanently damaged my voice by screaming?
  94. How loud would your neighbor have to scream, and for how long, before
  95. Samsung Rant AIM problems?
  96. Why is immigrants always complain about country they don't belong?
  97. I've been asked to name a company, metalcore, hardcore, and scream-0 bands?
  98. Have I permanently damaged my voice by screaming?
  99. Are people who complain about the stock market indexes dropping too dumb...
  100. Is it Republican's best bet to whine about the economy and see what happens in 2010?
  101. Gimme a break guys!! You complain about Obama, but you won't say no to the...
  102. Scream Singing Question (Need Answers) IMPORTANT?
  103. My 8 month old pitbull whines, its not always at the same time, why does
  104. Transition from singing to screaming and back?
  105. how to scream like mushroomhead?
  106. Isn't it utterly pointless to complain about Obama today?
  107. theres a rock song....that ends wit the singer screaming something like...
  108. my 2 year old sister always screams when what she wants isnt done?
  109. Who Do you think gets the biggest scream and girls freaking out reaction? ( Jonas
  110. Will the Democrats all whine when in less than 608 days they will lose their power?
  111. in life what little thing makes you so upset you could scream?
  112. Do you find it as funny as I do the way that all the sore Republican losers
  113. Is it hypocritical to complain about Democrats still blaming Bush after the first 60
  114. Are you the kind of person to complain if a DJ plays crap music that no-one can...
  115. Since Repubs were screaming that Obama is a Muslim does it bother them that
  116. How Can I Fix My Singing Voice, After Doing Pig Squeals (Throat Screaming)?
  117. My girlfriend is complaining about sex?
  118. my bf is complaining that I'm too jealous and possessive, how can I stop or
  119. On That '70s Show, at the end of the title sequence does he scream "Hello
  120. 7 week old waking and screaming?
  121. What custom ringtone softwares are compatible with the Samsung Rant?
  122. what are some great math metal bands with growling, screaming?
  123. My husband screams out "Yahtzee" when he orgasms. Is this normal?
  124. why do girls scream and all that when they see a hot guy?
  125. For my book report project, what should I draw for the book, Secret, Silent,...
  126. when the market recovers will the righties still be complaining?
  127. how would i put "silent Scream" in a sentence?
  128. single mom with 11 year old son complaining of testicle pain?
  129. i got sick, and now i cant scream anymore, is this permanent?
  130. Does it ever seem like people only like to complain about Metallicas more
  131. Why do Feminists complain they?
  132. where complain pti guard who working frzee name and digree?
  133. Scream Singing Help Please!?
  134. In sprint stores,How much is the purple samsung rant?
  135. My chihuahua whines in her cage?
  136. why do people complain about muslim women wearing veils?
  137. ABS & brake light coming on in Astro Van-makes whining noise and...
  138. The whining sound in Bossa Nova?
  139. Is the Red Samsung Rant a Girls Phone?
  140. Why do people these days complain that kids don't play outside?
  141. Whom can I complain to about U. S. visa application delays for Iranian citizens?
  142. Should i get Lg rumor or Rant?
  143. Whining noise when I hit 40 mph.?
  144. Killzone 2 Rant : Warzone : No Exp?!?
  145. HELP ME PLEASE? I am really in love with barney. everytime i see him I scream...
  146. why do Air Headed girls come to concerts just to scream and cry,THAT IS SO DUMB?
  147. Would you reccomend the Blackberry curve, Rant or Palm Centro?
  148. my boyfriend is always complaining that my vigina is too wet when we're having sex?
  149. My dog won't stop whining?
  150. why do republicans complain about immigrants...?
  151. The U.S. economy is going down the tube yet some Americans are whining about
  152. Complaining that I always text at the wrong time?
  153. How do i download music from limewire to my rant?
  154. hey dems,when you see the pub rants on this site don't you lol?
  155. Bands similar to underoath (sing/ scream mix)?
  156. Samsung Rant and Rumor? Which one is better?
  157. Can a TV show that was cancled come back on the air if enough people complain?
  158. I have a whirlpool washer that is making a whining noise?
  159. How to get animation video to move or what software is needed to get it to...
  160. just a little rant... feel free to make me feel better! :)?
  161. How can I contact MSN to complain?
  162. how can i contach cnbc pehredar for complain against airtel mobile services?
  163. Why is everyone complaining about the housing market being in such bad shape?
  164. i want to complain about bleach, who can i complain to?
  165. Race Fan Rants; What is wrong with those who rudely and stupidly insult others?
  166. chris cornell scream chat?
  167. what's with all this ranting against the Indians in this section?
  168. Samsung Rant question ...?
  169. To whom do I complain (State & Federal) re fuel price rip-off?
  170. learning how to scream?
  171. Need help on Rant cell phones?
  172. Is it true that if you jump in the air & scream "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!" that time
  173. Did the GOP's Supreme leader, Rush Limbaugh ever complain about deficits...
  174. Should those making over $250,000 per year stop complaining about their
  175. Scream or not to scream!!?
  176. Okay, this Question made me want to scream how does it make you feel?
  177. Horrible screams, in the darkness of the night, from under your bed? What is it?
  178. now is the time to complain?
  179. The Jonas Brothers movie??? Is it true that the girls start screaming at the screen?
  180. Why can't I sync songs to my Rant?
  181. Does anyone have a Samsung Rant?
  182. How fun is it to hear the Republicans whine about Obama and falsely...
  183. Does anyone have scary faces that scream and pop up on the screen for a youtube
  184. Somebody makes you a bad breakfast, do you complain?
  185. If I scream into a pillow over a period of time will it make my voice deeper
  186. Have you heard Pawlenty whining about the deficit he and other GOP leaders created?
  187. Do people scream when they see a dead body?
  188. What do I do about a bunch of kids who keep complaining about all the refs calls?
  189. my landlord called me an unappreciative bitch because I complained about things
  190. Sometimes i just want to scream to a beat whats wrong ?
  191. screaming O vibrator?
  192. I think I am going to scream?
  193. i have a question and rant for mom's who took a long time to finally conceive?
  194. my 8 month baby screams when her dad gives her bottle and settles her at night...
  195. watchman rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  196. Why is my dog whining all of a sudden?
  197. How can I scream?!?!?
  198. What causes a rear end whine when turning?
  199. Why dont rich people complain about where GOV spends their tax moneys? 900 million a
  200. you got anything to scream or shout about let me know?
  201. Gas is down, so why are people still complaining?
  202. What is the quickest way to regain your vocal chords from screaming and yelling?
  203. If Octo Mum had been Gov.Republican of California, I imagine you would
  204. Should we adopt failed policies because the conservatives are complaining so much?
  205. Me n my gurl tried hardcore sex...But everytime we hav sex when im hardly into...
  206. Why do atheists complain about Christian billboards, but then go and put up anti
  207. What can I do when I really want to scream right now, not wake up my dad,?
  208. Now that the fairness doctrine has been voted down what will cons whine about?
  209. please help my 5 yr old screaming in sleep?
  210. Anyone know good bands that scream?
  211. Women Say They Don't Have Time For Relationships, But Complain About Being Single?
  212. Are you prepared for "SCREAM 4" in 2010?
  213. Why do humans constantly complain and vilify those who are different?
  214. How to write a letter complaining to a car dealership?
  215. Why do people feel it's necessary to rant about social assistance?
  216. Why are the SAME politicians who complained in the past about the huge
  218. Is there an official site to complain about yahoo vid-links not working?
  219. Friend's complaining that we don't call around anymore?
  220. Did That Guy From CNN Who Ranted About Obama Get Fired?
  221. Looking at the painting "the scream" by Edvard Munch does it seem damaged,
  222. my boyfriend is amazing but I complain a lot about stupid things?
  223. Why does my dog whine and bite at his leg after eating?
  224. How do i get the song "Scream aim fire" to play on a school computer?
  225. Happy Friday R&P! Question (+ rant) for influential rock (especially Nirvana) fans?
  226. Does anyone know of any good scream-o bands?
  227. What would you do if your guy best friend whines a lot?
  228. Do white women complain more than any other race?
  229. My son is happy when we move in the car but screams when we stop.He's 3 months. Any
  230. Republicans are whining about class warfare? but what were they doing when...
  231. been hearing a really weird screaming outside my window..but not directly outside...
  232. Who's scream is the loudest?
  233. Why do Fat people always complain about its hard to lose weight, but at they same
  234. Can a neighbour complain to the police or sue you if you walk around your
  235. how to upload pictures to the computer from my rant?
  236. Hi. I just want to clarify. How can i complain againts HR Payroll Office?
  237. Do YA UltraCons have ANY original thoughts rather than parroting the vile,
  238. Why is the left screaming about "bipartisanship" when they have enough RINOs...
  239. My wife has been screaming at me that I never pay any attention to the man in the...
  240. Shouldn't we all quit our whining and enjoy the one or two freedoms we have left?
  241. How much more whining do I have to do until someone feels sorry for me?
  242. Can I lodge Complain to the Consumer Forum on-line ?
  243. Why do libs fight against business so hard and scream when jobs go away?
  244. Have you ever made up a secret word and when someone says it you scream real loud?
  245. How long of a video does the samsung rant take?
  246. What will right-wing talk radio rant about now that 44 Senate Democrats voted to
  247. Disability charities have expressed anger after a number of parents complained that
  248. i've decided to take drugs which'd help me loose weight b'cos my guy always...
  249. Why do people complain about racist questions, but yet they flock to them and...
  250. Anyone who has seen Scream 3 (spoiler)?