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  1. My dog whines ALLL the time for no reason at all?
  2. shouldnt people who complain about getting older just go ahead and kill themselves?
  3. Girl Always complains her stomach hurts after having sex?
  4. Girl Always complains her stomach hurts after having sex?
  5. don't you just hate it when you hear people whine about how bad their life is?
  6. Why is Hot Water Heater venting into the room?
  7. Why Don't I have friends?( A Rant Explaining and a Question)?
  8. just want to rant a little bit ... small question mixed in though ?
  9. Anything to rant about? (:?
  10. Why do pretty girls complain about guy troubles?
  11. why might a person argue that migration or movement characterized african-americans
  12. Talking about problems is complaining?
  13. My mum feels like she's arguing with me?
  14. Have you noticed the women who complain about not having a husband have never had...
  15. How long are we going to let bias ref continue his Vikings whining?
  16. my furnice is admitting a smokey kro smell out of the heating vents..?
  17. Why do people whine so much when you stab them?
  18. Why does my puppy keep whining?
  19. The aircon in a car recirculates the air. Where is the intake vent for the air
  20. samsung rant fried, can i take micro sd card into another phone (sprint)?
  21. FF11 Linkshell with Vent?
  22. Who complains more Republicans or Democrats?
  23. What can I argue about "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien?
  24. Why Are So many People Whining About The hurt Locker Winning Best Picture?
  25. arguing a position paper?
  26. Athletes sometimes complain of oxygen debt?
  27. What feeling does it signify when my dog whines when i make her stop barking?
  28. Why do Man Utd fans whine about their owners so much?
  29. Why do the number of rants posted by republicans about Obama tops the rants...
  30. Should there be an open vent for oxygen to enter in a fuel container?
  31. Why would parents complain about him?
  32. why do girls complain about stupid things?
  33. asathecomic's unnecessary rant on YT?
  34. How come no complains about the old-school remakes?
  35. What does it mean when someone calls you a rant?
  36. Do you like to whine on the internet?
  37. Why is he like this. I'm on a rant about stupid guys. Come join me?
  38. i have a 53 plate corsa its making a loud whining noise n sounds like a loud diesel.?
  39. i have a 53 plate corsa its making a loud whining noise n sounds like a loud diesel.?
  40. Echo in vent when I push to talk.?
  41. corn snakes vent is red?
  42. Due tomorrow (the 9th), just need to vent.?
  43. how do couples argue?
  44. how to argue FOR socialism?
  45. what do teen couples argue about?
  46. Due tomorrow (the 9th), just need to vent.?
  47. What is something that you never argue about?
  48. Does it scare you that people are arguing that academic freedom and...
  49. What is the highest rated over-the-range microwave/convection oven with vent in back?
  50. Needing to vent. TTC 18 months now and starting clomid.?
  51. why do women argue alot?
  52. Why do I always argue with people on YouTube about disagreeing over anything?
  53. 15 here & I feel like something is my fault ...(mental health ?) Need to vent...
  54. my boyfriend and i argue about baby boy names.?
  55. WWE Fans if WWE Rulez then Why are you always whining?
  56. Why do I always argue with people on YouTube about disagreeing over anything?
  57. my boyfriend and i argue about baby boy names.?
  58. Why do people always complain about illegal immigrants?
  59. My boyfriend said I am a complainer. I don't think I complain more than...
  60. What do you call someone who complains about tax rates they don't pay?
  61. Samsung Rant question!?
  62. How do I change the vibrating pattern on my Samsung Rant?
  63. So, whilst Celtic players are complaining...?
  64. Our science teacher argues that Christianity or any religious beliefs are bad for
  65. I can't hear anyone in Vent, they can hear me?
  66. Why do Atheists argue about the existence of God?
  67. Why do people complain about periods?
  68. HELP! LG Keybo (enV2) or Samsung Slyde (Rant)?
  69. To replace my vent caps, wind turbines and stackboot?
  70. Old B Vent fireplace...What are my options?
  71. Question for those Who Stopped smoking, then went back to smoking again?...
  72. why wont my puppy stop whining at night?
  73. Does anyone know where the vent/fan in the bathroom leads to? where does the air
  74. Why do certain rants get pulled from Y/A but not others?
  75. A song/songs similar to "Whine fi me" by Vybz Kartel and Lisa Hype?
  76. Help! My Dachshund is whining and wont get up!?
  77. few examples of arguing speech?
  78. Whats Obama whining about?
  79. Under the equality act, do you have the right to complain about someone who...
  80. How to cover a plastic vent in our bedroom?
  81. trying to repair a vent on dash nissan Titan?
  82. how to deal with a couple friend who constantly arguing?
  83. Dryer vent for cat pee smell?
  84. Where can I find this rant?
  85. I live in an RV and when I am away for a few days, I come back and hear the
  86. How do I vent my wood stove?
  87. how dealing with friends (a couple) who constant arguing?
  88. Why do you get people complaining about black people being racist to white people?
  89. How would you argue with a racist?
  90. i would like an evolutionist to argue from a creationist point of view and...
  91. AK47=The Best 818 has gone on a hating rant against the city of Cleveland?
  92. my dog had puppies that we recently gave away to good homes, she is now whining...
  93. Is urkel now whining to the dems, "come on! it'll be historic"?
  94. Rant: Comcast, Bad Service or Worst Service?
  95. Rant: Comcast, Bad Service or Worst Service?
  96. Would you rather read another whining Vikings rant or see this video on replay
  97. Why do "African-Americans" complain that they don't have their own culture?
  98. Why do WWE mark's complain about TNA all the time +BQ?
  99. Which is more annoying, whining Vikings fans or fingernails running across a...
  100. What do you say if somebody always whining or making noises constantly?
  101. Why are republicans whining about reconciliation?
  102. Does a worker under the table has the right to complain if some hours worked was not
  103. RANT!!! Why do people block you for the DUMBEST reasons on here?!?
  104. Notice, the women complaining about being single, are always fat and ugly women,...
  105. My car makes a whine noise or humming sound????????????
  106. Why don't rants like these not get reported at all?
  107. You and your friend notice that trees thrive on the east face of Mt. Mitchell. Your
  108. Mr. Anderson Says Orton/Cena Complaining Got Him Fired.What is your opinion?
  109. Why don't rants like these not get reported at all?
  110. Why is air flowing inside my car from the air conditioning vents even though all...
  111. Would a sealed or vented encolsure sound better in the trunk of a car?
  112. Is it true that when a man and woman argues alot they have better sex?
  113. 1998 Pontiac Sunfire air trickling out of vents?
  114. Is it true that when a man and woman argues alot they have better sex?
  115. My Samsung Rant ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  116. old stove vent in the upstairs floor of my 100 + year old house.?
  117. Are men who complain about the Selective Service policies and how they only apply to
  118. Rant Question: Why can't more people be like me and my friends?!?
  119. Do you ever keep arguing when you know you're wrong?
  120. It's perfectly normal to cry when you're arguing with someone, right?
  121. My dog started staring at the heat vent 24/7?
  122. ok i have 2 kicker 12'' l7's and i was wondering vented or closed?
  123. Does anyone know if the 2 Avent bottles on the market vent differently?
  124. Is it normal for me and my partner to argue like this?
  125. Can the President argue or have sex with his wife in the White House?
  126. Why do atheists and religious people argue all the time?
  127. americans and online rants towards Brits about northern ireland? why do you even
  128. Whats something you would like to complain about?
  129. car making buzzing & whining sounds?
  130. Do shelties ever grow out of this whining stage?
  131. Can you imagine how much better this country would be if you actually
  132. Why do people complain that we're taking the Bible/ other ancient book out of...
  133. Why is my German Shepherd whining when he runs? Is it cramps?
  134. Why add me as a contact if you're going to complain about it later?
  135. Why do so many people whine about stuff that is free?
  136. Samsung rant vs. exclaim?
  137. My friend is sleeping around yet she complains of being lonely?
  138. Why do women reject the nice guys? Go out with the badboys and when he is
  139. Why do theists so often use bad logic when trying to argue for their creator?
  140. Republicans, is venting in YA therapeutic for you?
  141. Should I argue paying this doctor bill?
  142. My office has no air vent or windows and has been freshly painted. How do I
  143. I just got a puppy tonight and she is whining. Should I pick her up and...
  144. Help with vent for WoW?
  145. soot coming from heating vents due to blocked air intake?
  146. Have you ever played loud music in your house just to annoy complaining neighbours?
  147. What are some good topic for a rant in baseball?
  148. my 2001 durango makes a humming or a whining sound?
  149. I have the Samsung Rant on Sprint, which phone should I upgrade to?
  150. why pepole argue about dead pepole ,religious leaders?
  151. I have the Samsung Rant on Sprint, which phone should I upgrade to?
  152. Does the "Rant" slider from sprint support GIF images as background?
  153. What are some good topic for a rant in baseball?
  154. phrases britans say when angry, frustrated or arguing?
  155. phrases britans say when angry, frustrated or arguing?
  156. My parents never argue.They always see eye to eye.?
  157. My parents never argue.They always see eye to eye.?
  158. Is it worth arguing online when you've got the internet at your fingertips?
  159. My mum is complaining of random dizziness?
  160. how do i adjust heating vents to better heat my basement?
  161. What does it mean when out of every ex you have, there's one that you never
  162. Would a child have the right to complain yes or no?
  163. What is the difference between vented, polarized and standard lenses?
  164. Looking for auto transmission vent on my 2000 jeep wrangler?
  165. Why does my math teacher argue with me?
  166. help? i feel angry, depressed, and alone all the time? (sorry for ranting)?
  167. Why do people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh always use racist and sexist
  168. Can i charge my Samsung Rant through USB via PC?
  169. Are there forced air vent filters?
  170. Should "chat" and "rant" simply be combined as "chant" in R&S?
  171. My girlfriend complains that whenever we ride in my car she feels suddenly carsick.?
  172. My Pit Bull/German Shepard constantly whines!?
  173. Why do republicans whine about dems "controlling congress" when they...
  174. Leftists/Socialists/Statists: You whined and cried about Tim Tebow's...
  175. Leftists/Socialists/Statists: You whined and cried about Tim Tebow's...
  176. my 2003 vue makes a whining sound?
  177. When Iran triggers a nuclear weapon on US soil, will we be glad we argued over
  178. I argued Harry Potter was fine and christians say it's bad? What do you think?
  179. Why does my friend always have to argue with me when we talk?
  180. Arguing about our beliefs (on God) shows that we both ultimately care for each other?
  181. Are men who complain about the Selective Service policies and how they only...
  182. why do woman always complain about toilets?
  183. Why do Jews Complain So Much ?
  184. Obama Extends Patriot Act...Oh! No! What will they complain about now?
  185. Samsung Rant for Sprint Unlock Code & Number?
  186. How can vent in a healthy way?
  187. how to unlock a samsung rant?
  188. Can I Just Vent And Does Anyone Agree With Me?
  189. Read my random summer rant? Tell me what you think?
  190. New puppy question: How do you get a puppy to stop whining? He whines...
  191. Need to vent and ask about Heaven..?
  192. What do you think of this bumper sticker: "Where can I find a man who doesn't whine"?
  193. Rear vents not working....?
  194. Rear vents not working properly?
  195. why are the vents on my beetles (2) filled with foam?
  196. Why is having big boobs treated like such a bad thing (long and I apologize...
  197. How to I save ringtones on my Samsung Rant?
  198. God theory has been disproven long ago...why are people still arguing?
  199. Why are democrats no longer complaining about the Patriot Act?
  200. Since everybody is too busy arguing about the apolo dq...?
  201. Why are people still talking about Sidney Crosby being a whiner, when all his
  202. why are so many people complaining about the new Y/A page look?
  203. Are you serious? Are you really bored or do you like to argue?
  204. Since everybody is too busy arguing about the apolo dq...?
  205. How is Sidney Crosby whining to the refs different from any other player doing so?
  206. Can leaving vents to wood stove cause carbon monoxide in house?
  207. Why do all the Indian trolls on this site keep blocking all the best users
  208. how come michael weiner is always complaining?
  209. when people complain you dont call or write and you start writing but you
  210. Do you really care about the things your friends complain about?
  211. _ was the first to argue that the sun not the earth was the center of the universe?
  212. what do you think about all the arguing back & forth over healthcare and now...
  213. If Plato argued that there are perfect geometric shapes that exist outside the
  214. I'M SO ANNOYED. my friend and i are arguing because we want to wear the same thing...
  215. Does anybody wish JBL was commentating with Cole tuesday, So JBL could of
  216. Why do the lazy good-for-nothings continue whine and demand more unemployment money?
  217. one page long rant on "how you would like to be remembered"?
  218. Wasn't it embarrassing to see Obama flail and whine and look like a
  219. Women who rant over here to be superior to us, why don't you stop talking...
  220. who likes fucking with people on vent?
  221. Why do conservative complain about paying so much in taxes when they got good jobs
  222. who likes ******* with people on vent?
  223. Why do Republicans complain about Black People only voting for Obama because of Race?
  224. Bradford Power Vent water heater pilot stays on and wont start up again.?
  225. How can I set free downloaded ring tones for text messages on my Samsung Rant?
  226. My dog had surgery to repair his ACL, today...What can I expect...Is his
  227. my neighbors keep complaining to the council?
  228. I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer that makes a whining sound. Kinda sounds
  229. Are men who complain about Selective Service only applying to men...
  230. Why do white people complain about the Christopher & Channon case so much?
  231. Still not quite over this chick? (Long read/Vent)?
  232. How can I identify sexual abuse...my 3yr old niece is complaining of pain...
  233. Who is the most dramatic and complaining person on this TV Show?
  234. How can I identify sexual abuse?....my 3yr old neice is complaining of pain
  235. why was the complain relevan under federal legislation?
  236. How to get my Samsung Rant to take pictures with out it freezing up?
  237. Could alcohol be responsible for the rants?
  238. Why do Atheists and Christians sit around and argue all day?
  239. Why do Atheists and Christians sit around and argue all day?
  240. Why do people rant at my question or me when i asked this question?
  241. Why do people rant at my question or me when i asked this question?
  242. IS Dryer vent air bad for me ?
  243. where can I find replacement vents for my 99 pontiac sunfire gt?
  244. How to argue against this racist comment?
  245. How can I make my puppy quit whining?
  246. How to mute my mic on vent, but still hear other people?
  247. What Do Your Parents Say To You When Arguing?
  248. Question about fighting and arguing around a almost 11 week old baby?
  249. What is this whining noise I am hearing from the front of my truck?
  250. How could you possible argue against universal health care?