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  1. How to stop my dog from whine to go outside every second of the day?
  2. How do teabaggers and Republicans propose to make the government smaller?...
  3. Should a mother complain when her husband takes a few hundred pictures of
  4. Is my dad poor? Why is he always complaining about how poor he is?
  5. Why do Muslims complain about Jews taking over tiny Israel, as they have taken...
  6. Why are leftists still whining about things that happened in the Bush years,
  7. What should I wear to the fresno ani-vent on july 17th?
  8. Laptop has funny smell coming from the vent. Help?
  9. Warcraft Ventrilo (Vent) Info and Password - anybody up for soundboard fun?
  10. (Long Rant) any advice on cheap activities?
  11. how do you set a song ring tone on the samsung rant?
  12. R & S crew; Why do rabid anti-Christians so often post rants?
  13. Do you think old people have a right to be complaining about young people?
  14. we got fumes coming thru the vent at work. is this bad?
  15. can i get unemployment? worked under the 12wks but i was let go after complaining
  16. Is this good if not help me w/ it It's arguing to convince formal essay...
  17. How come the Libs loved the term "Dubya" (Bush's middle initial), but whine...
  18. my samsung rant randomly shuts off and i cant use the keyboard?
  19. How can i argue with what this guy is saying?
  20. MEN..What makes a guy continue to argue when clearly he is wrong?
  21. 18 Month Old Boy That Won't Stop Crying & Whining?
  22. Why do we argue all the time?
  23. Have you noticed the least qualified argues against science?
  24. shouldn't there be vents under the laptop fan?
  25. We argue a lot. Should I leave him?
  26. @ Cazador de malditos how can you claim Sanchez is the best in Mexico and...
  27. Why does my 2001 dodge caravan like whine when trying to start the car as if...
  28. Is it bad to give my dog table food when he whines?
  29. Why do 360 fanboys keep arguing about which is better?
  30. Three year olds arguing over a toy?
  31. WHY is my sister going out of HER way to have US argue?
  32. What should I do? (my little sister hits, kicks, pushes, punches, and argues with...
  33. I recently purchased a used 1992 Ford Explorer, there has been gas fumes...
  34. what can i argue in my argumentive research paper about the chicago
  35. Why do islamists complain only about hijab bans in the West and behave as if...
  36. how can i get my dog to stop whining and barking when outside or in cage and
  37. Rant but bare with me. I had a girlfriend for 4 years she left me and married...
  38. My kids are watching the stupidest shows imaginable, should I let them,...
  39. How can those that argued Obama should increase troop levels in Afghanistan...
  40. Why do people complain about Facebook if they aren't on it to see what it's about?
  41. Eyebrow Vent over Built Up Roof 2:12 Slope?
  42. Midwife Rant! - Anyone else feeling like this?
  43. Is "racist" the liberal ad hominem for when they cannot argue with facts?
  44. Rant rant rant... does this bother you?
  45. troll ranting about a bright tongue...?
  46. Atheists: Here you go. Evidence of God. Now stop whining.?
  47. Atheists: Here you go. Evidence of God. Now stop whining.?
  48. I don't feel like the people who argue on this site know enough about the side...
  49. What does it mean to have a dream about arguing with the one you love?
  50. my car ac vents giving petrol smell inside my car?
  51. This is me venting and asking for advice. Will someone please please please
  52. Do you own a Dodge Durango? The rear air vents in the ceiling in the back seat...
  53. how do i fix this problem on my samsung rant?
  54. Screen crushed inside purple Samsung Rant?
  55. Why are cons here always whining about the deficit?
  56. What's with all these people complaining about gay marriage rights in the
  57. alternator whine from amp?
  58. How do i potty tain my puppy and have him stop whining??? HELP?
  59. How come all the people complaining about Al Gore never seem to know as much about...
  60. why does my dog keep whining?
  61. The United States justified its 2003 military intervention in Iraq by arguing that?
  62. Do Pisces girl and Capricorn guy argue since there so compatible?
  63. i have a 1992 dodge dynasty when i turn the air on u can barely feel air comin...
  64. Any rapping beatbox ventrilo or vents?
  65. Why is my laptop constantly "breathing" so hard through its vents?
  66. In my dream about a crush I called and hung up she called back and later on we
  67. Can anyone argue that the Founding Fathers were Conservatives?
  68. Poll: Don't you hate it when people argue with you over where you bought something?
  69. How can Republicans complain about the stimulus not working as well as necessary...?
  70. why are there more women than that complain about their maritial issues here?
  71. Why does my air vent smell like fish?
  72. Why is everyone Complaining about the All star selections?
  73. Could my bond to my puppy be broken? Part Vent, PART question.?
  74. Sooo im in a pretty bad situation.. Tips? Help? *please dont complain*?
  75. Rap & Hip-Hop: Why do people complain about Lil Wayne's rock type image?
  76. my 5 yr old has been complaining of headaches and throwing up for 2 days he
  77. WHy do orange avatar liberals whine about hate speech but block those who...
  78. How can conservatives argue that liberals make up the majority of people on welfare?
  79. In my dream about a crush I called and hung up she called back and later...
  80. I like arguing with people does this mean I would make a good lawyer. I...
  81. just venting out because i am in a terrible state...please read this and
  82. no cold or heat in three vents in car?
  83. 4 year old child complains of hand hurting in morning?
  84. Why do people complain about Hitler, when Stalin was 10 times worse...?
  85. my neighbours keep complaining about me.?
  86. Do you think Rush Limbaugh takes some of his radio rants from Yahoo ANSWERS?
  87. 1yr old just won't stop whining?
  88. Should I complain about a noisy and disruptive tenant ?
  89. Poll Survey: Complaining or Settling?
  90. why do people complain about a non-existent recession?
  91. Why do people complain about a non-existent recession?
  92. A/C Unit turns on (Fan outside) - but no air is coming through vents;...
  93. Anyone remember Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) complaining about 4%
  94. Need to vent how im feeling thankyou,x?
  95. Why do people who complain about this section so much?
  96. how to add slots to a free vent, or make my own server for others to connect to me?
  97. For those complaining about Ortiz (or whoever) being in the AS game...
  98. Can the Baseball section stop complaining about the all-star game?
  99. What can I do to stop arguing with my husband?
  100. My 14 year old Siamese cat whines & cries often?
  101. Whats a good way to vent my anger?
  102. Air conditioner comes on but doesn't blow through vents?
  103. IS trying to reason with a woman sort of like arguing with a 4 yr old child?
  104. Based on all of the complaining, should the All-Star rosters expand?
  105. why do people argue on forums?
  106. If we were hanging out at your house and I complained that...?
  107. my husband complains about how I cut his hair.?
  108. why do i always hear guys complaining about sex?
  109. how can i argue my case to appeal the courts decision to send me to a juvenile
  110. Clutch whined badly and got louder the more i drove it and now it's stuck in gear?
  111. Why do women complain about men who want to sexually dominate them?
  112. I went to my union complaining of my boss maligning me and I think she's retaliating?
  113. What does it mean to have a dream about arguing with the one you love?
  114. Now, the cat is whining and crawling away from me?
  115. How many people on vents have died at home because they could not pay their
  116. why does my rant cellphone have charging problem?
  117. White people complain about racism being taken lightly on their behalf?
  118. can arguing raise blood pressure?
  119. Any good rants for English Homework?
  120. Why do I keep seeing Americans complaining about our Monarchy?
  121. christians you cant argue with this...?
  122. Why the whining about the Lockerbie bomber living longer than originally announced?
  123. Why do I twitch and whine in my sleep?
  124. A sisterly rant about a sister...?
  125. Do you think its bad to buy your clothes from anywhere not just labels?
  126. Where can I hear mel gibson's racist rant?
  127. Does it make Obama look weak when he always whines about the economic problems being
  128. If a contact complains to you because you're not answering many of their Q's...?
  129. Where can I complain about online poker not being fair?
  130. Guys: I have argued with my boyfriend what shall I do, speak to him or not to?
  131. Why white people always complaining?
  132. Where can I complain about online poker not being fair?
  133. Why do pro-life people complain about over population?
  134. my dog wont stop whining at night? how do i stop it?
  135. To the people who download songs illegally (Nah I'm not here to rant at you,
  136. * hvac * cleaning toys/junk in vents??????? Nightmare please help?
  137. How can President Obama complain about the GOP, who have been so helpful to him?
  138. Why do so many women complain about needing a sensitive guy who cares about
  139. What to do about a friend who non-stop complains about boy troubles?
  140. My boyfriend and I are constantly arguing?
  141. What's best place to argue online?
  142. Social anxiety - My first day at work. I need to vent, feedback?
  143. If a lurcher looked all alert and started whining when seeing a cat running -
  144. why is my ferret whining?
  145. My dog was up all night barking & whining to go out?
  146. Why does Rihanna complain about being hit by Chris Brown...?
  147. City is complaining about...?
  148. Why would someone block me, and then complain about liberal moonbats blocking him?
  149. Why do "nice" guys complain about not getting attractive girls?
  150. Why are republicans complaining about Obama Golfing?
  151. LGBT: What do you do to vent when no one is there to listen?
  152. Vented at work, possibly to the wrong person. Think maybe I need damage control.
  153. Vented at work, maybe to the wrong person. Need damage control. Help!?
  154. I just need to vent. If no one minds.?
  155. What is your favorite anti-gun rant?
  156. I seriously don't get why 13 or 14 year olds are complaining about their curfews?
  157. Why do the poor in America whine so much when poverty in the developing...
  158. How come guys like arguing with me?
  159. Can someone tell me why the social cons and theocons are still complaining?
  160. is it normal for a 8 week old german shepherd puppy to cry and whine almost all...
  161. My toe got stuck in the air vent! HELP!?
  162. Should I complain that I paid a higher tax rate than my boss?
  163. Spiritually speaking, not complaining but...?
  164. How do I complain to Jet 2?
  165. Back vents in van a/c blows warm air?
  166. I love opinions. I love ranting. I wish I didn't have to though...no
  167. I love opinions. I love ranting. I wish I didn't have to though...no
  168. I understand people coming here to debate, rant, or even to get on other
  169. My Car runs, yet it really whines?
  170. Why do Republicans complain about Obama's experience and qualifications, what...
  171. Isn't it funny watching conservatives argue for lower corporate taxes?
  172. Engine is whines when I accelerate, just like a powersteering fluid low but not
  173. when i feel like someone doesn't like me, or is treating me bad, or we just...
  174. How many of you realize that I am really Keith Stone and post my racist rants to...
  175. Is GWS more to you than just arguing about feminism and laughing at trolls?
  176. who do you think some illegal immigants complain about the jobs they "can"
  177. Anyone else need to rant about something? +BQ's?
  178. What's a good movie about a family that argues a lot?
  179. What Shakespeare quote argues the idea that "man proposes, but God (fate) disposes"?
  180. How do I complain about my housing association?
  181. Dont you hate it when people try to argue with you, when this is probably thier...
  182. removing interior car vents?
  183. What can i do about my laptop vent?
  184. I have no vent in my room?
  185. venting...confused about cycle:(?
  186. Just need to vent a little..?
  187. Why do people argue about evolution?
  188. Hi blacks. Why do you think you argue less with your parents than whites.?
  189. Hi blacks. Why do you think you argue less with your parents than whites.?
  190. why does my ex love to argue with me?
  191. Am I the only guy who gets aroused when I see 2 women arguing?
  192. For Sale Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro$300,Nokia N900 $220,Apple iPhone 4G 32GB
  193. My friend thinks a metaphor is a meteor. How do I get him to stop whining and
  194. How to Transfer/Backup iPod files (Windows/Mac)
  195. Hey twins fans stop your whining.....?
  196. How to make my dog stop whining?
  197. why do lots of people on Y!A think I'm about 14 years old just because I whine a lot?
  198. Why do people complain about being blocked and why?
  199. why do people treat black women like crap and then complain that we have an attitude?
  200. which phone is better samsung exclaim or the samsung rant?
  201. Why does my best female friend complain to me for ages that she never has a
  202. Why do Republicans argue that companies are Groups Of People and should have the
  203. Should those whose unemployment benefits are about to expire stop whining and
  204. My dad and older brother keep arguing!!?
  205. I'm white and have never been a victim of racism: why do most whites whine...
  206. some advise on a rant i wrote, i dont know it its worth calling a poem or not.....?
  207. People have been arguing for Obama's impeachment since before he was
  208. How come we are 2.5 TRILLION in debt under Obama, yet the liberals whine
  209. Samsung Rant ringtone question.?
  210. Why do "large" teens complain about being so big when they do it to themselves.?
  211. how many people on YA suspect that the women that complain about their...
  212. Why do the liberals always *complain* about the USA's involvement?
  213. Stupid Things To Argue about?
  214. When Chris Christie SUCCEEDS in turning New Jersey around, will libs...
  215. Why do Christians argue with atheists about the "uncaused cause" logical fallacy?
  216. I don't blame Rooney or A Cole for thier rants?
  217. me and my friend had an argue... i try to apologize and he keeps insulting
  218. When someone argues with you about something and then calls you self righteous...?
  219. What is vent when referring to a suit?
  220. Atheists, have you ever enjoyed playing "devil's advocate" and argued that
  221. Remember back in 2001 when Republicans were whining that the National Debt...
  222. New date emailed me to complain about things I said to him?
  223. Should a grand mother complain yes or no?
  224. Why do so many people buy the largest / most-gas-guzzling SUV they can...
  225. my three year old argues with me all day, nothing is working! help?
  226. I thought this is Y/A why do people do racial rants on here just to make people mad?
  227. my friend Mable be complaining about her job something fierce?
  228. Why did Barack Obama campaign on the xbox 360 and then whine that people
  229. Rant about birthcontrol..?
  230. Venting, Depressed about Relationship?
  231. What is the whining noise when I accelerate on a cold engine?
  232. where can i buy small air vents to put on my bearded dragon enclosure?
  233. When people come over and complain they're bored it ticks me off....so what...
  234. what about your cat whining?
  235. A.C. problemb with my 95 ford? Keeps changing from vent to floor?
  236. How do you save picture mail on Samsung Rant?
  237. Anybody listening to TanKKKredo's hysterical ranting on Thom Hartmann's show?
  238. What do men have to complain about?
  239. What does it mean to have a dream about arguing with the one you love?
  240. my girlfriend is complaining that she sleeps all day and she wants to go out and...
  241. Is it horrible that I don't wanna hear my boyfriend complain anymore?
  242. Why are people whining, 2-1 IS the REAL score?
  243. How to block the return air vent in my room?
  244. To all the people saying that mexico complains and what not...?
  245. How to deal with bitchy girls who like arguing?
  246. which phone should i get.... samsung rant? or sanyo incognito?
  247. how can i help my friend out shes always complaining about her looks?
  248. My friends keep arguing...?
  249. Why are no Liberals whining about the violence at the G20 Summit?
  250. Sorry about my England hate rant after Germany won....Germany or Argentina?