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  1. Is it ok if I keep argue in Islam?
  2. why do liberals complain so much?
  3. Why is someone that calls himself "libs are morons" whining about civil dialog?
  4. I will never drink while pregnant, but my fiance says its safe to drink
  5. Why do we bother whining and complaining about the opposite sex online?
  6. I will never drink while pregnant, but my fiance says its safe to drink
  7. Are there any views today that argue against total depravity, that aren't considered
  8. Why do Christian people argue over things that don't really affect salvation?
  9. Did NY Times publish an Op-Ed arguing that parents should have a right to kill...
  10. "We're arguing about whether we're arguing or not"?
  11. my boyfriend and i argued 3 days ago,he's not answering my calls till nw...?
  12. How can I argue that machines are not the same as people?
  13. is there anything i can use to block sounds from traveling through my air vent?
  14. using fan to vent Oxygen and Hydrogen gas?
  15. There is a problem with my vent ranking system?
  16. Laptop Vents/Overheating Issues?
  17. Could I extend my dryer vent that has four 90 degree turns in 16-18 feet?
  18. How to stop whining at night from a Dachshund?
  19. What would cause my 06 Dodge Caravan's engine to whine after being ont he freeway...
  20. Why whine about the cost of "Obamacare" when we blew $1.75 Billion...?
  21. Why are some blacks and whites on here whining about slavery?
  22. Why do Republicans whine so much about a perceived "entitlement...
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  24. The upcoming Sons of Anarchy fourth season
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  26. what should I do, my freezer vents are blocked (frozen)?
  27. It's SO frustrating (long-ish rant)?
  28. Why do Cons whine and complain so much?
  29. Why do democrats and republicans argue, when they agree on all of the
  30. Arguing over a movie...?
  31. When Should I Fix My Gable Vent?
  32. Do black people like murdering people as much as arguing racial bias against figures
  33. Do you think this is ridiculous? (my vent)?
  34. Why do I always argue with my boyfriends?
  35. Do you parents keep complaining about you for being on the internet for hours?
  36. stem cell research rant?
  37. Why do feminists think that married men cant own property, but they complain
  38. why do girls complain to me?
  39. Parents: is this a good way to argue?
  40. Why do progressives post such asinine rants?
  41. I know it's wrong, but I'm so extremely annoyed by people with health problems
  42. why do some girls not take care of themselves yet they complain when the...
  43. What should I check if the vents in rooms don't blow equally?
  44. Does a American mother have the right to complain if her US born daughter is
  45. Keypad light on rant cellphone?
  46. What do we do about our neighbours who scream and argue all the time?
  47. Why is my dog whining beside my girlfriend?
  48. Why is it every liberal that calls into a conservative radio show sound like...
  50. What vacuum should i use to clean my ps3 slim vents?
  51. What is the point of being Emo? No offense, but go ahead and rant. Just for fun. :)?
  52. POLL: Do you think there should be a rant section on YA?
  53. i have a three year old that is circumcised just started complaining about his...
  54. Why?? Why do about 90% of gay males have such bad attitudes? Why do they...
  55. Is there anything you want to vent about?
  56. Is Alaska's Joe Miller like most Republicans, putting off the inevitable
  57. Why do people dismiss valid questions as rants?
  58. Why do people whine when art and music classes are cut?
  59. Why are people arguing over Zain Malik's ethnicity / race?
  60. Robert Pattinson: the most dangerous and gorgeous vampire
  61. vent viser-deflector?
  62. Why do atheists and Christians argue so much?
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  64. Isn't it funny that all these Republikkkans are complaining about their taxes...
  65. Manor West Nightclub
  66. i need relationship advice and a place to vent?
  67. how do I get my cat to stop defecating and urinating in the air vents?
  68. Child doesn't argue back with parents? Will they be able to stand up for their self?
  69. Antrim Escape 2 Help with vents pls?
  70. Why do right wing gun owners whine about how the federal govt. is going...
  71. Can anyone find a study that shows how much people complain a day?
  72. Is it wrong that someone on Facebook is complaining that Jo Yeates hasnt
  73. Why are right-wingers against health care reform, but then they still want to...
  74. Why is air flowing through some vents and not others in my house?
  75. My filthy roommates made me sick roommate rant?
  76. Why does my dog whimper & whine when I give him a new chew treat?
  77. Me and my friend are arguing that the song "harder better faster stronger" is...
  78. If a woman calls herself a feminist, then goes on a misandrist man-hating rant..?
  79. Why do girls complain so much?
  80. Why do Christians whine about crosses being banned when the 10 commandments...
  81. wall & Attic condensation how to stop it. put in sofit vents &roof vents...
  82. FACEBOOK.. Anyone know how to contact Zynga Farmville to complain and get an answer?
  83. Parents are CONSTANTLY disagreeing and arguing. Advice?
  84. Staying motivated to work out and lose weight : / (RANT)?
  85. how to connect a new mic to vent?
  86. Anyone know an email address for the MA State troopers as I would like to lodge a...
  87. how big should the vent hole be in a poulan chainsaw gas cap?
  88. Website for COMPLAINING?
  89. Next time you Christians go whining about Christmas spare a thought for
  90. So...have you ruined anyones Christmas yet? No, Not a poem... it's a rant..comments?
  91. Rush has been running his mouth for nearly 20 years... which of his rants
  92. Would a justin bieber rant get a lot of views on youtube?
  93. How come when creationists argue evolution, I go along with it, but when I then
  94. Do you feel that your libra planets keep you arguing on both sides of the fence?
  95. Christmas Day Rant...?
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  97. Why do people prefer Vent as opposed to TeamSpeak?
  98. 99 honda accord, a/c compressor won't kick in, no heat thru vents, and blower is...
  99. Whether the defandants win in a Federal Court, does it depends on how well
  100. What do you think of people who argue during Christmas?
  101. How to Appreciate FLV Videos Easily
  102. My 8 week old chocolate lab keeps whining in crate HELP Please?
  103. Why do teen girls complain whenever asked to do a simple chore?
  104. Not really a question, mainly venting.?
  105. Airsoft gun whining motor sound? ?
  106. Is it normal that the air coming out of our forced air vents doesnt feel hot?
  107. german shepherd puppy whining?
  108. Christians: You CAN argue religion without threatening hell on people, right?
  109. what exactly is it that those that complain about the rich having money do for
  110. Seems like a lot of vehement anti religion rants today.- Merry Christmas to all.....?
  111. This is more or less a rant there's no need to answer?
  112. My wife complains of pain. What to do, any advice?
  113. For those Republicans who still complain about the healthcare bill?
  114. Why does Artie Lang Fan feel the need to whine so much?
  115. I am looking for a vent that goes through the downstairs ceiling to
  116. how can i add ringtones to samsung rant?
  117. My parents are always arguing just like cat and dog and i feel so stressed...
  119. Can anyone try to argue Janet Napolitano's side on this one? Should we...
  120. Why do people complain about their personal problems on Facebook?
  121. Who is this guy????? The camp black guy on youtube who rants about stuff, pic
  122. Why is it OK for women to complain about the unfairness of life, but men...
  123. How do l get me a complain file fo gittin layoff so quickly?
  124. How do i complain about my about my teacher?
  125. when fighting i used to scream at top of my voice and used to rant abusive words....
  126. Is it wrong to whine to your girlfriend if you are working 2 jobs and
  127. My Yorkie is in heat and she keeps whining. Do you know anything to ease puppy PMS?
  128. Why does La Raza (race) argue that the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo give illegals...
  129. Atheists, do you really gotta spend hours on here trying to argue for your...
  130. If poor blacks are going to whine about needing help, shouldn't they?
  131. basement exhaust fan venting?
  132. Secret Message-Vey: Is it possible that someone could disguise ranting &
  133. whining sound when..???
  134. recipe for vol au vents?
  135. Why is asking a question about some women's attitudes labeled "ranting
  136. Why do some Muslims complain about western countries yet they immigrate there?
  137. how can you argue that north korea is a better society to live in than 1930s
  138. My dog whines for absolutely no reason and also anytime my 1 yr old son makes any
  139. Tug of war arguing, how to stop it?
  140. i miss my dog,, venting...?
  141. Are there any vents under the Alienware M15x?
  142. what do you think about geno auriemmas rant about the Connecticut womens
  143. Why would you aim the PSU fan towards the vent roof?
  144. Whining noise coming from my car when driving in low rpms?
  145. If 9/11 was in fact an inside job as the documentary "Loose Change" argues, who
  146. My girlfriend complains when I go shirtless?
  147. How can I stop my dog from whining?
  148. My psychiatrist told me to be open to my friends but they just think I'm whining?
  149. My girlfriend complains when I go shirtless?
  150. Really need to vent about gift-giving and when is it going to far?
  151. what is a good complaining website?
  152. Really need to vent about gift-giving and when is it going to far?
  153. Really need to vent about gift-giving and when is it going to far?
  154. Why do girls complain about being called whores?
  155. Is discussing god with christians like arguing with children about who is the...
  156. ex boyfriend and i argued about the reason why we broke up?
  157. Every year about this time, christians complain christianity is under attack...
  158. Complaining neighbors? What to do?
  159. I hate working at Walmart, because all my coworkers complain & argue all day??!?
  160. let me try this friend question one more time... last time i got spam and rants?
  161. Corn snake lump before vent?
  162. Can someone talk sense to me? I just need to vent?
  163. Why do some Christians complain that atheism/science is a religion that requires
  164. Where can I complain about the CBS NFL Broadcast?
  165. the egyptian whine need help..?
  166. Americans why do spend so much time arguing in this section?
  167. i was driving my 2000 dodge durango and my tranny quit shifting it acts...
  168. Do you argue with idiots?
  169. Why doctors complain about being underpaid?
  170. how can you argue that pride and prejudice is not a criticism of marriage?
  171. Is there anything sad or bad or aggravating about your life that you need to vent?
  173. How have explorations of saltwater lakes and hydrothermal vents on theocean
  174. When we argue my husband says he feels he is being cross-examined and he hates it?
  175. Need to rant! Feeling shi**ty!?
  176. Tevez's mom rants about Man City on Facebook?!?!!!?
  177. Do atheists come to this section only to argue?
  179. What the hell is going on with this kid? I just need to rant.?
  180. Is the samsung rant a good phone?
  181. Rant: "Why's this in LGBT?"?
  182. Why does my dog disturb me and wake me up every morning by whining and
  183. why can't cons and libs agree on anything? have you ever heard a solution to the
  184. Why arent Heat bandwagoners complaining about coach spo anymore?
  185. How do I deal with neighbor who keeps complaining about noise?
  186. Why do girls complain that guys expect more from girls?
  187. my baby Lab keeps whining and barking why?
  188. Why are people whining about Cliff Lee signing with the Phillies?
  189. Fast food grill cook: what is the best method of cleaning the grease off of the...
  190. Is this a good way to vent out to him? NOT THAT LONG!?
  191. my mom wont stop arguing with me!?
  192. my mom wont stop arguing with me!?
  193. Why is Taylor Swift always complaining about boyfriends?
  194. what is the best way to argue against a holocaust denier?
  195. Why is Taylor Swift always complaining about boyfriends?
  196. My Hubby Walter Complaining About MY Diarea From His Sperm?
  197. Why do people complain about spellings on here with names?
  198. What is up with the unblocked but inaccessible vents in Black ops? Also,
  199. How to stop arguing with my bf?
  200. What do you do when your parents try to argue with you?
  201. Did Floyd Mayweather's racist rant ignite all this racism in this boxing section?
  202. What do I argue about Canadian multiculturalism post WW2?
  203. what to do about whining puppy?
  204. Who is going to whine about this?
  205. Do i have a right to complain?
  206. Do you have the time to listen to me whine?
  207. Why do i feel the need to complain about racism?
  208. Why does everyone always complain and make generalizations about postal employees?
  209. why do so many people rant about how women's sports isn't taken as seriously,...
  210. Boost mobile samsung rant or Virgin mobile samsung intercept?
  211. Should have I have complained about the way she dressed at work? opinions please?
  212. Don't you just hate when people who don't have real problems complain about
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  215. What heat transfer is involved in a heat coming through a vent in my...
  216. why do girls complain about this double standard?
  217. Why do old people like to complain so much?
  218. Me & my husband have been arguing a lot over nothing?
  220. HONDA CRV making a "gurgling, whining" noise?
  221. how can someone argue that art history is important?
  222. If the Bush tax cuts were followed by this economic fiasco (undeniable) then...
  223. Hey Jets fans! Now that one of your coaches was caught cheating, you
  224. Would putting an exclamation point in my question be a Violation for...
  225. Are the tireless rants on the internet a good indication of how God is patient...
  226. Why do Dems whine about current tax rates increasing the deficit & then
  227. My wife is a SAHM and constantly complains. We argue a lot. Got advice?
  228. Obama told us that the health care mandate is not a tax. Why are they arguing in...
  229. Why would you argue about something unreal?
  230. Am I justified in venting on here for a month?
  231. Do you think it is ironic that our christian GS member (w/blue eyes)...
  232. Why do Dems whine about current tax rates increasing the deficit & then
  233. Is it right to complain about your coworkers' constant tardiness?
  234. Why are English students complaining about the Scottish Government's...
  235. How do you show/vent out emotions? especially sad/upset ones.?
  236. What to say to a friend that always complains shes fat?
  237. Why do liberals whine about Rush?
  238. Why would anybody vote for Obama again after his whining and crying to Dems?
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  241. Why do people complain about earmarks?
  242. How do I get my girlfriend to do more things and stop whining?
  243. Is this a good reason to complain about my boss to HIS boss?
  244. Will Our Dream Act Pass Reid to Republicans: Quit whining about working...
  245. How do you create the song "Rant" by Bo Burnham on Garageband?
  246. How can i put a lock on my samsung rant with a passcode?
  247. When faces with cold hard facts and statistics why do liberals always revert
  248. Atheists: Why Argue if Bananas prove God exists?
  249. Why do some Americans be complaining about foreigners taking their jobs when...?
  250. Why is everyone always arguing over their country's over the internet?