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  1. Who wants to complain about something?
  2. Life is too short? im not sure why i am venting on here? ?
  3. Why do gas furnaces get vented but gas stoves do not?
  4. questions about mixing weed and adderall, as well as a bit of a rant from me?
  5. Why do grown kids argue with moms before they move out?
  6. (im not trying to argue, I want real input please!) If grocery store dog foods are
  7. my 8 month old puppy semms to whine when she can't see me what is up with that?
  8. Why complain about black history month when we wh!tes have Oktoberfest?
  9. What episode of Keeping up w/ the Kardashians does Bruce complain about Kylie's make
  10. If a good friend of yours argued with you....?
  11. A looks question? If you're just going to complain, don't answer?
  12. Why do Black people complain about being Poor when they spend $80+ on shoes?
  13. Why do women in general complain that they hate their period so much?
  14. Don't artists who think they sound intense by whining like babies about
  15. My dog is constantly whining at my rat cage?
  16. Girls!..guys!.... What are some reasons you gets in fights or argue with your...
  17. Poll-Have you ever argued with someone of a higher status?
  18. I want to argue it is socially responsible to legalize marijuana, what ethical
  19. Crossdressing Rant/advice?
  20. My parents argue when they are drunk and it gets really serious?
  21. Must I vent my furnace?
  22. how do i vent out my anger?
  23. Why do critics argue that Mark Twain ruins "The Adventures of Huckleberry...
  24. how to complain about my vauxhall?
  25. me venting does anyone feel like this?
  26. Why is there a noise coming from the passenger side floor vent in my 99 honda civic?
  27. Politics: Do citizens moan and whine too much about law enforcement while taking
  28. Why isn't there a website where we can just b***h and rant about what's on our mind?
  29. My dog whines at my new kittens!?
  30. Why Do Doctors Complain About Money?
  31. Having a bad/good day? Need to rant?
  32. Anyone else slightly offended by Michael Douglas' little football rant?
  33. Why do people complain about black people and their cars?
  34. Why do blacks still complain about racism?
  35. Why does my dog keep whining and tapping/nudging me?
  36. who do minorities complain people dont call obama president obama?
  37. Why do us Americans always complain about other people?
  38. Smoke has been coming out of my Nissan Xterra's center air air vents.
  39. Ford Fusion - Air vent loose on the inside?
  40. Calling all teens: Time to vent?
  41. Do couples argue/fight during initial dating period?
  42. Do couples argue/fight during initial dating period?
  43. Why do black people complain when there are no Black characters on a tv show, but...
  44. When intolerant religious conservatives rant about the rights of other women...
  45. When intolerant religious conservatives rant about the rights of other women...
  46. Why do black people complain when there are no Black characters on a tv show, but...
  47. How to get dog to stop whining?
  48. Is questioning the use of vaccines the same as ranting?
  49. How do you argue with ignorant people?
  50. Why do you complain.....?
  51. Why does my dog whine at my other dogs wound?
  52. Is questioning the use of vaccines the same as ranting?
  53. I want to complain about Penn Foster?
  54. Why Do Doctors Complain About Pay?
  55. car vents/heat/defrost/a.c. no longer work in car, what could be the problem?
  56. Why arent liberals complaining about rising gas prices? they did under Bush?
  57. Why arent liberals complaining about rising gas prices? they did under Bush?
  58. Why do people complain about IE?
  59. 3 yr old complaining of chest hurting with coughing?
  60. register vent filters?
  61. Can I vent for a second?
  62. 3 yr old complaining of chest hurting while coughing?
  63. Mill argues that it is better to be a human dissatisfied than a?
  64. What can i do about my air vent!?
  65. When Kant argues that we should treat people as ends, and not means, what
  66. My 7 Week old puppy wont stop crying/whining! crate potty training help!?
  67. How good is Arsenal coming 2nd and not even complaining about injuries?
  68. Liberals always complain that welfare isn't a big budget item...wouldn't it be...
  69. Where can I complain about Joe Fresh clothes?
  70. Lately I've been blocking things out and there was also voices in my head arguing?
  71. How do you politely tell someone to stop whining?
  72. Poll: Beside the weather, what are you always complaining about?
  73. why is everyone whining about black ops its getting on my nerves?
  74. I just feel like venting. ?
  75. Why do women complain so much about their periods?
  76. Having a difficult pregnancy so far & I need to VENT!!?
  77. Can you argue with this?
  78. Girlfriend asks a lot of questions and demands answers, argues with me when i...
  79. How come my 7 week old puppy whines when he is going to the bathroom?
  80. Why do the WWE Raw fans complain about it's PG rating?
  81. CHRISTIANS, WHY do some say that you are Ranting, when Yahoo gives us 5000
  82. Does the fact that no matter how much they rant and rave, creationists are not...
  83. Is there anything you just want to rant about?
  84. Was this question rightly deleted on the grounds of "INSULTING AND RANTING"?
  85. How can I argue back?
  86. Why waste your time arguing with creationists?
  87. dryer vent leak after snow?
  88. How long will the rabid right whine over losing repealing Obamacare?
  89. What was the deal with Beck's hysterical rant on the coming Islamic caliphate?
  90. high school seniors: do you feel like your life is falling apart? (ranting is
  91. Why do women procreate with losers/deadbeats then complain?
  92. My parents don't let me vent to them ... who is in the wrong here ... me or them?
  93. Why do people complain about camping on MW2?
  94. how long to puppies whine?
  95. Could it be argued that God is an atheist?
  96. Mum complains about having no money - yet she's a spendaholic?
  97. Why are all these people complaining about a few inches of snow and ice?
  98. Do you like to rant about how DJ Weddings has been Top Contributor in P&S...
  99. What is everyone ranting about?
  100. My girlfriend is venting?
  101. Please help me argue with this guy: He says killing dogs is the exact same as...
  102. Why do White GOPers ranting about "affirmative action" chalk it all up to a "black"
  103. Why are rants about Nazis not reported but those against atheists are?
  104. PoLL!!Will All The Men In This Room Please Tell Me What You Think Women
  105. 2000 GMC Jimmy 4X2 only blows air out vents in dash on all settings.?
  106. Why do divorce ladies whine about their ex Husband all the time?
  107. 6 yr old daughters need for attention/praise...and whines so much teachers are
  108. why does my girlfrined fight we me everyday? she argues bout everything and
  109. Do rational people argue about evolution or is it more like defending...
  110. Instead of complaining about racism, why don't black Americans be grateful
  111. Rant about Battle Royale and other similar media?
  112. Don't u think its stupid people are complaining!?
  113. Why are you idiots always complaining about Yahoo! News?
  114. Is it normal for steam to come out of my vent on my roof when I have the dryer going?
  115. My husband & I argue when kids fight... what to do?
  116. what a funny way to ask people to stop complaining over facebook?
  117. is there a place where you can just vent your problems? like a chatroom or...
  118. Who do I complain to about the water at my apartment?
  119. Can someone argue against this claim?
  120. ok so im putting it in a small space now and all he does is whine how do i get him
  121. How can i get rid of a high pitched whining noise when i play certain Blu Ray discs?
  122. 12 days over due, how do I complain about the hospital?
  123. Trickle Vents and Baffle pPates?
  124. i drive a 2003 sls taurus. when i turned the heat on the car starts smoking from
  125. How does a guy feel when you constantly argue with them?
  126. Ford 2005 f350 vent for gas tank?
  127. My rant on All Grown Up?
  128. 19" Emerson LD195EMX not working...no lights, funny whining noise...?
  129. What do you think of Satan's rant about God?
  130. When i play League of legends my vent doesn't work?
  131. ladies, my wife always complains of a bad headache after an orgasm(s). any ideas why?
  132. I'm an athiest, and know one rants to breed wits me m e pweeze?
  133. What could be making this scraping sound behind the ceiling vent?
  134. Argued with my boyfriend over facebook!?
  135. Argued with my boyfriend over facebook!?
  136. Puppy keeps whining? HELP!?
  137. What does it mean when Cancers (guys) start whining around?!?
  138. Why do Christians argue this?
  139. I Love Michael Jacksons Music and i thought alot of him as a muscian. but me...
  140. Why argue about any religion?
  141. Now you are arguing semantics Mr. Miles?
  142. How do I train my GSD not to whine?
  143. 2 year old beagle/terrier new to our home-came from a shelter-but whines...
  144. you lose one friend, you lose another-just a vent. Comments anyway?
  145. Options for our dryer vent location?
  146. Why do Americans call it whining when they don't like it when someone...
  147. NBA has an 82 game season! So why do NFL players whine so much?
  148. I think he's "the one" but we keep arguing! Help?!?
  149. My girlfriend and I are having some problems, arguing alot and never doing anything.?
  150. My boyfriend and I are arguing/fighting/disagreeing ALL THE TIME, any tips or...
  151. Does any of my ranting make sense (XD)?
  152. When asking doesn't get you your way, do you resort to whining?
  153. When asking doesn't get you your way, do you resort to whining?
  154. If Doctors Complain About Money, Then What's With The 6 Figure Salary?
  155. Is buying products from China and complaining about the bad US economy hypocritical?
  156. how to stop whining coming from my car speakers?
  157. I am such a wreck and just need to vent...?
  158. The Enlightenment differed from the scientific revolution as an intellectual...
  159. Cons whine about debt but keep voting for the same people(R) who caused
  160. Why do we have two different vents in our house? One is up high and another down...
  161. just came on to vent.. so if you want a story read, if you don't who cares?
  162. My boyfriend and I keep arguing?
  163. Have you ever argued with your teacher and won a mark or two in the test or exam?
  164. i have a restraining order how easy will it be for him to argue it and say im lieing?
  165. I just need someone to vent to!!!?
  166. VOIP for Gaming? No Vent or TS.?
  167. Why does my voice sound scratchy/loud in vent/skype?
  168. Help! Now?! **whines**`?
  169. Who do we complain to about Royal Mail?
  170. Where is a good site to read and vent about the Colorado Rockies?
  171. My computer freezes up a lot is there anyone who would be willing to get on
  172. A question for counselors and psychologists: how to cope with people who want
  173. Why do sensitive people sob and complain over dogfighting when animals kill each
  174. Why does it feel so good to argue with people about religion?
  175. Why do we argue over things that can't ever be proven?
  176. What's up with all of the complaining lately about shallow guys?
  177. Why do I smell burning coolant through my truck vents?
  178. Complaining about one's life?
  179. My girlfriend wants to take a break in our relationship because we
  180. 2005 Chevy Trailblazer-not much air coming from vents when heater or AC on.?
  181. Have you ever argued with your teacher and won a mark or two in the test or exam?
  182. what does it mean when my dog whines alot and has a hunched back?
  183. Why is it that per capita food stamp usage is higher in the red states yet those
  184. 2005 Chevy Trailblazer-not much air coming from vents when heater or AC on.?
  185. Why is it that per capita food stamp usage is higher in the red states yet those
  186. Why are liberals still trying to argue policy....?
  187. My husband is always ranting about me but cried when I went to hospital?
  188. Why is it that per capita food stamp usage is higher in the red states yet those
  189. Do you get annoyed when people in the U.S. complain about living here?
  190. Vented PVC Cleanout Caps?
  192. Have you ever argued with your teacher and won a mark or two in the test or exam?
  193. Do you get annoyed when people in the U.S. complain about living here?
  194. Who here Is Tired of hearing white People Whine about Racism?
  195. How can I make my puppy stop his freakin whining?
  196. tennis ball stuck inside vent of my gas furnace!!! help!?
  197. I have a samsung rant how do you...?
  198. How can you complain to your landlord in this situation without coming across as
  199. My husband is depressed and won't go to a doctor? (sorry i rant)?
  200. Why won't my dog sleep through the night or stop whining when I leave the room?
  201. How do I stop arguing with my mother over this brace and get her to
  202. Why does my dog keep barking and whining.?
  203. Ways to vent negative emotions without causing myself harm?
  204. Ways to vent negative emotions without causing myself harm?
  205. If ur mom put a complain about ur bf wit the police when ur uder aged..can...
  206. Is there anything I can do to complain on people trying to sell their cars next to
  207. I make good wrestling rants on Youtube?
  208. Positioning of hood vents relative to the air filter?
  209. Isn't this considered completely totally rude?? (Rant included)?
  210. Why do Cons complain about Obama for NOT: closed Gitmo, ending war(s),...
  211. Why do parents argue with me?
  212. I have guilt feelings about arguing with my mom!?
  213. Should rename this section to "Ranting Morons" section?
  214. i need a good, funny, rant?
  215. I feel guilty arguing with my mom?
  216. Ok are they going to be any real questions on here or just Republican ranting?
  217. replacing exterior dryer vent?
  218. Is it alright for a guy to constantly complain about blueballs to his girl friend?
  219. AnimalManiac said you may see some bleeding in the male vent area after...
  220. "Parade of lobbyists" rant!?
  221. What does whining about Barack Obama and "socialism" every day on Yahoo! Answers
  222. How many people have you encountered with a voice like a diff whine?
  223. how long until my dog stops whining when he wants to be with a female in heat?
  224. My mother calls the customer service department of large corporations and...
  225. Why do some women complain about their body after giving birth?
  226. How are you supposed to buy your wife a surprise, if she handles the...
  227. What is the upgrade for the rant?
  228. i was wondering the same what happened 2 job vent OMG what's happening 2 this
  229. hi i just want to vent my pathetic life...since i have no life...or
  230. Men: Why do you guys think girls/women are being dramatic when complaining about
  231. 30 Helens agree... love hurts. Who are you to argue?
  232. Why do people bring things that are off topic when arguing or discussing about
  233. Does Mary Shelley's book Frankenstein exemp that everything degenerates in the
  234. I would argue that no two people believe in the same god... could that be...
  235. Little rant going on here..?
  236. Please help me, I am a desperate whining person?
  237. What to do about neighbors who are complaining of us slamming the doors...
  238. Do you have something you want to vent about..?
  239. plumbers... kitchen dbl sink in island.... mechanical vent?
  240. What is this weird sound I hear occasionally in the vent (or maybe the wall)?
  241. Spanish HELP: how do you say "why are you complaining? you started it." in spanish?
  242. Why people argue on religious matters? have you ever thought it doesn't
  243. Why do Christians like to whine about how other people raise their children...
  244. Is there a number to call to complain about your apartment complex (Texas)?
  245. Do Republicans complaining about the way Obama is trying to clean up the
  246. Easy Question: Zodiac signs how was your day???? and tell me your complains if...
  247. Why do most parents complain about being a parent?
  248. So, why isn't the media complaining about gas prices and unemployment like they
  249. Why are (Asian) parents always complain and are in denial?
  250. My mom's boyfriend constantly whines and complains until he gets what he wants.