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  1. I sued for child education benefits before my child turned 21. He has turned 21 and
  2. Why is my 15 MO whining only around me?
  3. Do Republicans forget about Bush creating DHS and medicaid part D, when they...
  4. 1998 Mazda B-2500 Pickup - Hot air blows thru defrost vents & floor vents?
  5. What would be a good topic to argue about in an arguementative essay?
  6. How to Paint stove vent hood?
  7. Why do people pick best answers solely so they can rant about them?
  8. How can I get people to stop ranting about me on here ?
  9. Mates, why is I to stupid to ask cricket question in cricket section instead of
  10. Why do Republicans complain about DADT when it comes to the Military,
  11. my 4 year old daughter is complaining of s burn sensation when she pees?
  12. Do you think people who constantly complains about how awful WWE PPV doesn't...
  13. why does our vent at school make a rattling sound?
  14. How do I complain to General Motors?
  15. How often do you complain over the internet?
  16. Unhappy with haircut...Should I complain?
  17. Does it feel good for you to vent?
  18. I am looking for a vent window passenger side for a cutlass supreme 1994 convertible?
  19. omg GRR must vent & advice?
  20. Gas oven isn't vented to the outdoors...?
  21. Could I be a model? Another envious teenage girl rant.?
  22. Is this a funny example of Righties here that just rant amongst themselves...
  23. Do liberals rant about the tea party because they can draw hundreds of thousands?
  24. Has Yahoo Answers staff quit deleting rants masquerading as questions?
  25. why does my dog whine all the time?
  26. The bottom left part of my stomach is making constant whining noises, what could...
  27. My dog's just been spayed and is whining. Is this normal?
  28. How would you argue against the notion that if society accepts homosexuality
  29. Argue your support for the North to include accurate details about causes and
  30. Does it make sense that the Tea Party, comprised mainly of baby boomers, would
  31. My best friend and I are arguing?
  32. Please check my English translation "two persons were arguing with each other"?
  33. my pregnant wife cannot stand me talking, but she talks, but i argue and
  34. do you have the time to listen to me whine?
  35. My Pc Monitor Wont Turn On, And There Is A High Pitched Whine Coming From It
  36. Why does my dog whine around new cat?
  37. Is speaking up for your rights "whining," or admirable?
  38. What's the ideal enclosure size for this sub (and ported or vented)?
  39. I have issues and I feel like venting?
  40. Question about venting in a pole building?
  41. I have seen people argue that God could have created himself. If he did, what...
  42. Why is it that black and whites complain more about racial represenatation in the
  43. Mommies: I got a bad haircut. What do you think, should I call and complain?
  44. I need to build a case to complain about a teacher?
  45. Good rant videos on YouTube?
  46. Vampire Ranting About Vampire Novels?
  47. Simply, temporarily stop HVAC flow out of one flexible duct without damage and not
  48. Simply, temporarily stop HVAC flow out of one flexible duct without damage and not
  49. Some air comes out from the vent after duct cleaning?
  50. People that complain about Israel, what other options does Israel really have?
  51. Could Dittoheads tell the difference in his ranting when Rush Limbaugh was
  52. Why do evolution theorists try to argue with Creationism...?
  53. Right now the Democrats are only one seat away from stopping any
  54. We keep arguing, can anyone help?
  55. 2000 Cavalier making whining noise when accelerating at low speeds? More...
  56. Rick Sanchez fired by CNN for racist rant? What is going on in your opinion?
  57. what does it mean to argue a unicorn case in a court of law?
  58. How can Atheists argue against these facts about Gayuality?
  59. wheres Jamai---cawks fan? did his mommy catch him arguing over the internet and...
  60. IMPORTANT TEST QUESTION! ; In the republic,Plato argued that...?
  61. Why is my husband so defensive when we argue?
  62. How do evolutionists argue with Creationism...?
  63. Is it dangerous (a fire hazard) to block heating vents with cardboard?
  64. Why don't the nonexistent whine about other non-existent things?
  65. What is the name of the vent used in a building of more than 10 stories?
  66. 2001 Lincoln navigator is blowing smoke from the vents?
  67. Biology Help: Hydrothermal Vents?
  68. What to do when puppy won't stop whining?
  69. What to do when puppy won't stop whining?
  70. on a 77 nova there is a vent behind the driver and passenger windows....
  71. Ford Sports Trac1st gen, engine(possibly transmission) whine?
  72. Truck making low winding/whining sound from back. What is it?
  73. What to do when puppy won't stop whining?
  74. P&S: When arguing with someone, have you ever said, "are you retarded?"?
  75. Anyone else think Cena will break Nexus by making them argue?
  76. When your pet dog starts arguing with you what do you do?
  77. Isn't arguing for central messages running through the diverse books of
  78. I feel like I messed my relationship up by all the arguing I did :(?
  79. why do you feminists feel the need to argue about everything?
  80. People argue survival of the fittest when it comes to humans and animals but...?
  81. You and your spouse have been arguing.....?
  82. What are some songs about arguing about something with yourself or just
  83. Some on the right were outraged that Colbert testified in character.Did...
  84. I found out that my bf tried to invite a girl over at 4 am when we were
  85. Do i have a right to complain about this?
  86. Opponents of inflation targeting argue that it ___________.?
  87. Do you complain too much?
  88. Wife and I arguing over son and his pet?
  89. It can be argued that the foundation for community support for law enforcement is...
  90. Do women ever get tired of arguing?
  91. should i complain, and if so, who do i complain to?
  92. why do people complain heels hurt?
  93. I need a catchy synonym for "complain" or "whine"?
  94. Question concerning the health of my family. My husband and my daughter have both
  95. Smell from vents in 2005 ford escape?
  96. URGENT! a good name for a rant on piers morgan?
  97. URGENT! a good name for a rant on piers morgan?
  98. I will agree to never mention my atheism again, nor argue with a religious
  99. URGENT! a good name for a rant on piers morgan?
  100. Why does my girlfriend always complain about her great body?
  101. To all those Republicans complaining how much Unions make, pull yourself...
  102. Why does my girlfriend always complain about her great body?
  103. some kind of insulating material is raining from my vent, is it most likely edible?
  104. Scrubs, Season 9, episode 12. Dr Cox wears blue clogs as he argues at the...
  105. Spiritually speaking: what do you hate (anything, go on a rant)?
  106. some kind of insulating material is raining from my vent, is it most likely edible?
  107. (UK) Why are comments from centre right or extreme right users on
  108. Why is it conservatives are always complaining about P.C.?
  109. What is this whining sound, and if it the clutch or drive-shaft, how much to replace?
  110. Will Obama whine and call for LA styled riots when he loses his mandate to govern...
  111. Do the Britards of a nation cry and whine together?
  112. Why do leftists suddenly claim they don't care about rally turnout, after...
  113. For those who rant about the state of the government. What have you done to
  114. everytime we text we argue...?
  115. What's something that two siamese twins would argue about?
  116. How to upload photos from Samsung Rant onto PC? if i don't have a cable or micro sd
  117. why are steeler fans complaining and raven fans boasting?
  118. Have to argue FOR racial profiling!?
  119. When Im playing Soldier Front my hotkey for vent wont work. Help?
  120. Refrigerator Damper vent not staying open?
  121. 03 avalanche air not blowing out vents?
  122. i have 2004 dodge ram 2500 heat and air will only come out dash vents no...
  123. for sale brand new apple iphone 4GS 32GB.......$350
  124. My Blue-tick puppy won't stop whining when we go to bed.?
  125. Why did they deleted the scene where Ted Jones and his kid argue from...
  126. Are you tired of people complaining about Vick?
  127. POLL: do YOU think this guy would receive a violation notice from Y!A for ranting?
  128. When someone argues with you, how long should you wait before telling them they
  129. Why is my cat whining at my roommate and I when we take our individual showers?
  130. Has your teacher ever argued with you about something you know isn't true?
  131. Will the air fender vents of a gta work on my reg 91 firebird?
  132. help! new puppy whining?
  133. Tried to kill a spider w/ Windex then accidentally swatted it into a...
  134. help with a rant? indian rant? stereotype?
  135. Why do people whine so much about getting blocked?
  136. Is this harrassment, would you complain?
  137. Why do women whine so much about there not being any "good men left"?
  138. toyota yaris heater fan whining?
  139. My sister complains about every little thing I do and I'm sick of it?
  140. Good things to rant about?
  141. just venting..... because life is unfair :(?
  142. why do muslims whine about being victimized and miss portrayed?
  143. christians argue for and against evolution.?
  144. can I run the vented part of the soil stack between a partition wall into the loft?
  145. I just need to rant a bit?
  146. I just need to rant a bit?
  147. Just rant it out so I can enjoy life.?
  148. Obama said the recession ended in June 2009 so what's everyone whining about?
  149. Is this a good rant to knock down someone's self esteem?
  150. What do you enjoy more: complaining about having a girlfriend/boyfriend or
  151. "Recession Officially Ended June 2009" so what will rightwingers whine about now?
  152. I can't hear anyone in vent?
  153. write an essay which will be read by middle school english teachers in which
  154. NAACP condemns Mayweather's racial rants, how does this impact minorities in America?
  155. Brand New Nikon D80 : $500 USD
  156. Why do some people populate more than 2 kids and start complaining about
  157. When will Muslims stop whining?
  158. Do Christians understand that atheists arenít arguing about the importance of...
  159. What are funny topics for a rant?
  160. Why is it when a couple is trying to maintain their relationship and they
  161. Cheap way to fix laptop vent?
  162. RHH: A short rant...?
  163. How to turn people's volume DOWN in ventrilo (vent)?
  164. I constantly argue with my best friend, because I spend too much time
  165. Why do Jews whine so much?
  166. "THAT'S SO GAY" rant?
  167. My dog wont stop whining, is this normal?
  168. In Discourses on Livy (1517), Machiavelli argues that the purpose of politics
  169. Pendulum and one mass-spring below vent?
  170. Should I complain my swimming instructor? doesn't he understand its not right to
  171. I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Extended Cab. My transmission started whining so I
  172. what would cause an electrical burning smell to come out of the ac vent?
  173. Women who hate men: Does it annoy you that in order to complain about men you...
  174. Religion-Rant, Thoughts?
  175. Why does my parakeet wiggle its feet, one by one near the vent? My birds
  176. Why do black men complain that their fathers weren't around for them?
  177. I have a 2006 Chev Trail Blazer that has a loud whine or hum when I use the
  178. What kind of ranting is appropriate to include in a manifesto?
  179. I had a massive argue with my younger brother?
  180. stinky vent pipe on roof help?
  181. For Sale Brand New Unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9700 & Apple Iphone 4G,Htc Evo 4G
  182. How do I complain to Yahoo?
  183. Why doesn't Rush do any fact checking before he starts to rant like an idiot?
  184. how do I remove the EVAP canister vent valve on a 2000 oldsmobile silhouette?
  185. Girls, do you like guys more that argue with you?
  186. What purpose do people online vent their hate on others serve?
  187. How can you argue that the U.S. *is* a Christian nation?
  188. Why is my dog whining/sighing?
  189. mom keeps complaining that i'm "lazy", how to make her stop?
  190. People keep complaining about companies sending jobs overseas but what can be...
  191. Am I pretty? My friends always argue with me. i think their just biased.
  192. Can anyone argue what positive things the new 1099 requirements hidden in
  193. Parents:Kinda a venting...?
  194. POLL: Do you have the time To listen to me whine About nothing and
  195. Why are people complaining about Roads being shut for Der Pope?
  196. Should I Complain To The School?
  197. How do I get someone to listen to my rant/get what im saying?
  198. What does argue not concerning g-d mean?
  199. finish this sentance- critics of functionalism argue...?
  200. I feel like ranting... Why do people say today's music sucks?
  201. My PC is making a whining sound. Please help?
  202. How can i complain to AT&T?
  203. How do you fit a roof tile vent and what type?
  204. Would only a dedicated atheist argue with religious people at a funeral?
  205. Can someone please help me with a complaining and perfectionism issue?
  206. what is there to rant about in politics?
  207. Busy day, rant it out, and then have fun. YAY! Opinions if you want!?
  208. plz tell me how to stop arguing?
  209. Can someone give me a link to videos of Xbox Live players arguing?
  210. What site is the best site to buy a vent server?
  211. Why do people keep whining about "muslim" terrorists. have christians
  212. for sale:Apple iPhone 4G 32GB - $350,Nokia N8 ---- $[email protected]
  213. ladies when your husbands or boyfriends argue with you?
  214. How to vent about someone in your diary?
  215. If i have windows 7, and it doesnt have stereo mix(i've looked under
  216. How can you argue against these SHOCKING FACTS about Atheism?
  217. My assignment is to compare the argument of Don Marquis (who argues that
  218. Which of the following scientists argued that variation among individuals
  219. Is this even worth arguing for?
  220. Laptop cpu whine/high pitch noise/annoying?
  221. Bad massage therapy session...Should I call and complain or just forget it?
  222. My 6 month old Chocolate lab runs around the house crying/whining only with one
  223. why do people complain about boys being put on Ritalin?
  224. Is it still OK for me to complain about Bush?
  225. my rant crashed so i got a new cdma phone how do i connect it to my sprint contract?
  226. ok republicans are you ready to get educated? you always complain about...
  227. Republicans: Why are Liberals complaining about Afhgan's nouveau-riche
  228. My friends are so awesome but my sister (that kicks it with me as well) argues
  229. My parents are arguing again - what can I do about it?
  230. What do you think of these People who Rant about Socialism, Feminism, etc...?
  231. lady gaga grew up rich why does she complain?
  232. Dog whines when going for rides in my truck, How do I fix?
  233. Why do Christians/Muslims argue against earliest Genesis tales?
  234. Anyone else need a place to vent?
  235. I need to argue something that has never been argued before.?
  236. why do white ppl complain when blacks use ebonics?
  237. are we getting to "pc" in this country (im just ranting)?
  238. How can a conservative logically argue on grounds of "political...
  239. Where in the quran does it speak of the children arguing with allah to send the...
  240. Why does my GF screams and yells when we argue?
  241. When questions are asked that rant against non-whites...?
  242. What is your opinion of people who pay no taxes themselves, yet rant about
  243. Attention all authors who like to rant about writing!?
  244. So I need help instilling a specific habit for when I argue?
  245. My parents argue what do I do?
  246. Are many Muslims exhibiting hypocracy complaining about the perceived intolerance of
  247. How can Hampshire Police complain of lack of funds - When £1Million has been
  248. Why do married men complain so much?
  249. Do I have a right to argue this parking ticket?
  250. Why do dogs always whine about being outside or even if their inside the...