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  1. Why are democrats whining about Darrell Issa investigating relevant issues of...
  2. I NEED TO VENT. DAMN SCHOOL. Depression.?
  3. Why did Reagan once rant in a speech about the unfairness of overly-generous...
  4. My girl always complained about "my saggy balls and small penis size". Is there any
  5. My dog won't stop whining!?
  6. my 4 year old has been complaining about a headache for 5 days now he woke up...
  7. Kind of dumb I guess I need to vent?
  8. my mom is being a b****, like no kidding, help T.T(you don't have to read all my
  9. "Americans" Just a stupid rant on views of Americans?
  10. Where does the extra boost pressure vent to in a 2008 Mazdaspeed3?
  11. Why do women have children and then keep complaining that they have no...
  12. Do liberals get away with murder on Yahoo Answers because conservatives do not
  13. Why do women have children and then keep complaining that they have no...
  14. why my boyfriend is always forced me to use this?
  15. A small moth flew into the vents of my 2011 Macbook Pro. Should I be worried?
  16. Why do lesbians even complain about anything in this society?
  17. Car tire makes weird whining noise?
  19. Liberals: why must you rant about people dying whenever someone disagrees with you?
  20. Disney World OF English
  21. something sweet to say to my boyfriend after arguing?
  22. Use the word argue in a college admission essay?
  23. Birthday near Christmas ranting?
  24. Should I complain to the company about these paint marks on my Warstic baseball bat?
  25. Do the wall street protesters know how to do anything other than whine and moan?
  26. Why are none of the people complaining about corporate influence in government...
  27. how do you argue with people that are good at arguing who also lack
  28. Why does my gf still talk to her ex even though all they do is argue?
  29. Why are women worse than men at everything other than making sandwiches,
  30. a rant: facebook, what's the point?
  31. Friends complain about my cleavage?
  32. is the vent of the female goldfish bigger than the male's?
  33. What's the deal with crazy old people who complain about "ghosts"?
  34. I need to vent with someone, you want to?
  35. Location of vents on a lead-acid battery?
  36. Are there any rant sites?
  37. Why is it illogical to argue that marijuana should be legal because alcohol...
  38. Funny smell coming through vents in my car?
  39. My turbo starts to whine at 4000RPM? Is turbo going bad?
  40. how to i file a complaint about a neighbor who is complaining about my
  41. keep arguing with girlfriend... help!!!!!?
  42. Do you think the IWC is whining too much about the recent changes in WWE?
  43. Why do women complain when a man gets government assistance?
  44. I need someone to vent my problems to.?
  45. Venting maybe an asewer?
  47. Atheists, why do you complain so much about something you don't believe in?
  48. Let me see if I have this right....Obama whines about voting on his "jobs bill"?
  49. Is there a place where I can go and just vent?
  50. Old girl friend argues me without reasons?
  51. What song is playing in the background of Arnetta the Moodsetta's "I quit this
  52. Why doesn't Obama tell all the protestors to "Quit their whining! Stop their...
  53. Why complain and then do nothing?
  54. Anybody love arguing and good at thesis statements help me out:)?
  55. Venting about Teenage pregnancy.?
  56. why do some women complain about premature ejaculation?
  57. My friend won't listen, and I don't care for arguing so I can't get through to him?
  58. I just want to be smart. Why is it no matter how hard I try, I always fail?...
  59. Stinky smell coming from central heating vents?
  60. My dog's not acting right. She's squatting but whines as if in pain.?
  61. Buy or Sell: This is the greatest rant by a coach?
  62. Why do Republicans complain about our insecure borders when their foreign policy...
  63. Why do conservatives complain about President Obama's wife vacationing at the...
  64. Why is my dog whining like this?
  65. This is really more of a rant...sorry=/?
  66. Why does my dog whine when doing tricks (video)?
  67. Which would H.L. Hart argue?
  68. how to suck air from vents bowsers inside story?
  69. Me and my bf argue too much?
  70. why does my car make a humming/whining noise when my air conditioning is turned on?
  71. A good way to release stress and vent your anger/frustration? Picketing on
  72. My boyfriend is not willing to be affectionate with me unless I argue with him
  73. Don't you just hate it when people cry and rant over facebook about a their
  74. Why does my mom complain about everything?
  75. I need a vented box dimensions and how to tune it correct?
  76. need help with vent visors?
  77. the black "smoke" that flows out of deep ocean hydrothermal vents is made of
  78. please help i need the phone number of I.G office in manila, please help i
  79. Does it make Libbies look weak when they always whines about the economic problems
  80. My boyfriend calls me names and threatens me when we argue?
  81. Liberals, do you really have the right to complain when you refuse to buy
  82. Atheists why do you spend so much of your valuable time on arguing and...
  83. I desperately need some advice about my puppy, he cries and whines?
  84. Was Collins submarine software development a monte carlo experiment ?
  85. Is John Cena gonna whine until he gets another rematch for his Title belt?
  86. can you please give me advice on how to NOT argue with my ex.[working on getting
  87. How come men complain about feminism?
  88. New girlfriend complains and whines?
  89. Whining sound on cold start?
  90. on cool nights my window a/c makes inside air hotter than outside air, vent setting
  91. How toget 5 months puppy to whine at the door?
  92. arguing with my ex. how can i stop & make things right between us? just a
  93. are you bottling something up in side? need to vent? don't know who to go to?
  94. How can it be argued that life can only come from artificial machinery in...
  95. A website to tell secrets/rant anonymously?
  96. My 5 yr old daughter is complaining of neck pain without fever. should I be
  97. I need to vent to someone? Please?
  98. no one can connect to my vent server i dont have a router?
  99. Why do girls complain when guys try to dance with them at a club?
  100. Which authority is specialized to follow a complain on Middle east airlines -
  101. more of a rant than a question anxiety related?
  102. Why does this girl always try to argue with me on Facebook?
  103. Sex before marriage? this is sort of a rant, I want to know your opinions please!?
  104. 97 ranger vent always blowing warm air?
  105. why dose my cockatoo whine when I am around.?
  106. We have a 92 Chevy C1500 Silverado with a whining transmission.?
  107. Any advice on talking to my bf w/o arguing?
  108. How do I vent anymore?
  109. So, is the Republican campaign going to be based on "whining about being called...
  110. Help! Greasy ooze liquid dripping out of Stove Vent!?
  111. Why do loud, ranting, un-informed conservatives scream about pennies while...
  112. how did merton used this typology to argue for the necessity of civil rights...
  113. do you like to vent on YA!?
  114. Why did my son complain to a teacher about my new nickname for him?
  115. When was the last time you heard a Liberal rant about the Qur'an?
  116. MEN\BOYS -Would you complain/feel uncomfortable if a guy took his daughter/little
  117. During a microscopy, your lab partner is observing a cell that is centered in
  118. what are the negative things of rants???
  119. Can anyone argue Pro-Hitler?
  120. Isn't it funny to listen to the Red Sox Fans and Local Boston Media Whine...
  121. Imagine kids not whining...?
  122. Why is it so useless to argue with the pigs on the left?
  123. Why do a Republican candidate's supporters flock online to complain about how
  124. My boyfriend and I been together for 3 months and honestly I feel like I'm...
  125. How do you get a dog to stop whining and barking when u leave him alone?
  126. Those who oppose the Patriot Act argue that it violates the
  127. Why do some straight men whine about gay men trying to convert them when...?
  128. My dog keeps whining when i pet her?
  129. Can you give me an examples Of Jacob Javits arguing about the Congress controls?
  130. stupid problems....just venting?
  131. Wet venting questions?
  132. should i trade for matt forte or ryan rant?
  133. The right complains loudly about taxes. Why not a peep about the usurious...
  134. can you explain bo burnham rant to me?
  135. Why do racists complain about section 8 voucher recipients?
  136. Is this the best rant ever?
  137. Why do theists ( specifically christians ) constantly rant about faith being...
  138. why would they complain about this?
  139. Who else is sick of the corporatist lies and the uneducated and poor idiots that
  140. My 3yr old boy is always crying and whining? Need advice?
  141. How would you define a rant?
  142. What air intake can i put in my 02 Pontiac gtp to make the supercharger whine louder?
  143. why would they be complaining or are they being controlling?
  144. I whine too much in the Rock and Pop section, huh?
  145. In spite of the debate & arguing here in YA, in reality, do you even care anymore?
  146. To all, who keep arguing that Evolution is a religion?
  147. In spite of the debate & arguing here in YA, in reality, do you even care anymore?
  148. Dropped Ipod in vent of a 2002 Pontiac grand am?
  149. why wasn't I invited? venting here... but advice would help?
  150. My room has no window,what to buy for venting out air?
  151. how to stop a whining puppy!?
  152. how do i clean a clogged vent pipe?
  153. Why do Atheists always complain about being victims of hate?
  154. Why don't the feminists on this site ever rant?
  155. why does my power steering pump whine?
  156. so confused about my mess of a life and im 14? a rant.?
  157. Do you feel like arguing/cursing your boyfriend sometimes?
  158. Why do most girls complain that all guys are the same?
  159. How can I argue the idea that suicide ISN'T giving up and being a failure?
  160. How can I stop ranting to everyone?
  161. Whenever I argue, my cat hides for an hour?
  162. High school prom of my sister....
  163. My neighbors pitbull keeps whining? Please help..?
  164. Why waste your time pasting long rants and passages? No one ever reads them?
  165. Is this worth arguing about?
  166. Who is glad Vick got hurt and is whining about the officials?
  167. My playstation 3 will NOT work without a fan behind the vents?
  168. What would the press say if Perry demanded that the white folk needed to
  169. How do you change the vent control valve in a 98 pontiac trans sport ?
  170. I need to rant about this.. Please listen?
  171. Did you just hear Vick whine how he's getting knocked down on every play and is
  172. Someone Help me Argue that the 7 Years war was not considered a world war?
  173. why is dirt coming out of my vents in my truck?
  174. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon(1809-1865), one of the most influential of the earl
  175. Why do people complain when the school takes there phone?
  176. Why do we let the president of Iran come to the UN every year just so he can rant...
  177. Do you find it humorous when YA trolls whine about people having "too...
  178. Is venting the only want to release anger?
  179. Do you find it annoying how people complain about Holyfield cheating yet other great
  180. When will all these Gen Y ne'er do-wells quit whining about "underemployment"?
  181. (10 points) disillusioned with the rules of dating! (a rant to take part in!)?
  182. Is it just me, or is this messed up? I don't know what to do.. (kind of
  183. How do can you deal with a customer who rants about their political beliefs?
  184. Is there anyway to argue for control of a YouTube account?
  185. my fiance can't stop complaining and whining?
  186. what does it mean when you dream about arguing with your brother?
  187. Okay, I see that most of you on here were right that I do complain about my...
  189. Why do people complain about "being in their face" when you try to bring
  190. Can we agree not to get posts deleted that don't involve illegal things, such as
  191. I need someone to vent too!?
  192. Have you ever gone on a drunken rant and said really hurtful things to someone you
  193. Does your dog cry/whine a lot?
  194. Do most dogs whine in their kennels?
  195. Why do black women continue to hold on to black men while complaining about white...
  196. What should I do when I'm arguing with a friend?
  197. Me and My BabyFather Argue Over Stupid Reasons..?
  198. Me and my mother are arguing ?
  199. Has anyone had a ps3 slim for a long time without vacuuming the vents?
  200. Does "Inappropriatus" block others when they reply with facts he can't
  201. People cant hear me in vent i checked all the settings still nothing?
  202. Me and my mother are arguing ?
  203. Is it okay to put vent in ceiling to draw air?
  204. My dogs whines to come inside, and even holds having to use the bathroom to
  205. i got to write agument essay on "where i lived and what i lived for" how do
  206. My parents argue so much, it makes me wanna cry.?
  207. My chinchilla fell into a vent.?
  208. Do you start to complain when there's no rain?
  209. I have a wood stove with an 8" vent, and a 6" hole in my chimney.?
  210. Why is it? That Atheists Lose Their Courage to Rant on Muslims About Their Beliefs?
  211. Why do people complain about handycap parking so much?
  212. Why is it that the ones that rant and insult others on here.?
  213. help with our canadian rant? outline included?
  214. Nissan 2008 altima transmission whining noise?
  215. are these people arguing about the same issue? thanks in advance?
  216. How do you vent off from rage?
  217. How to deal with my parents constant arguing?
  218. If I'd ranted that the Atheists had caused all the worlds wars instead of...
  219. why does my dryer vent to the roof and the septic?
  220. Can one argue that human quests are as much attempts to restore disturbed...
  221. I am a taxi driver - people keep complaining about the smell inside my taxi and
  222. redbox customer service is so rude! how do i complain to someone higher up?
  223. Where are all those Libs who were on here ranting and raving about Davis'...
  224. Why do we argue and hate over Religion, race, nationality and politics?
  225. Why do women whine and complain so much about their periods?
  226. What's the word for when someone complains about something but it really makes
  227. As Socrates argues for censorship he describes form and content of music....
  228. Why was this lady in line at walmart ranting to me about Halloween and picking...
  229. Complain to a seller in Ebay for this?
  230. Arguing the American Revolution (British side), anyone from the UK would be helpful?
  231. Does your Mother in law annoy the holy living @$%& out of you? This is a
  232. Id like to vent, if youd be willing to read and maybe give some advice.?
  233. Have Republicans passed the President's jobs bill or are they still whining
  234. How do I help my dog to stop whining?
  235. How can I complain directly to facebook?
  236. What should I say in my 'Seizure time' video rant?
  237. Why are people complaining about DRAKE BEING EMO ?
  238. My mic isn't working in Vent?
  239. why do me and my girlfriend argue about everything?
  240. How can i cook with my electric skillet if the lid has no vent?
  241. one of my friends was complaining about his visit in poland because of racism , why
  242. 2 powervent waterheaters, one 3" pvc vent pipe?
  243. Why is Obama always whining ? I thought he was a new kind of politician ?
  244. My "friend" complains about her weight when I weigh more than her.?
  245. does any one know what a double-tapered sh*t is? (from George Brett's rant
  246. My microphone isn't working in Vent?
  247. Partner complaining about my sex demands?
  248. What dummies were those whining about the "Buffet Tax against fat people"?
  249. With US poverty rates exploding and already highest in 1st World, are US
  250. What should I rant about on YouTube?