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  1. Isn't it irritating when girls who rejected you in the past complain about their
  2. Does the user "Why am I arguing with children" have anger management issues?
  3. Can the people in the apartment above me really see me through the heat vents on
  4. More of a rant, less of a question?
  5. Repair scratches while cleaning Stainless Steel Vent?
  6. canadian youtuber? wears the same hat in every video? rants about stupid articles?
  7. Some men complain about having to ask women out, but doesn't it work in our
  8. Will God laughs at atheism's rants actually change anyone's mind?
  9. I wrote this response to a female complaining her bf said she dresses like a
  10. Question for BITTER men and women? What is your story? Vent with me?
  11. What's a good website for venting that allows for response?
  12. why do men make everything complicated? when will they stop whining?
  13. I have the Rant for Sprint, and I have a question about the sound settings.?
  14. Is it foolish to argue with women?
  15. What gave the whine While the engine was running inside the cab of the 55
  16. How come black people constantly complain about slavery?
  17. ... ever wonder what all the whining and whimpering is about ...?
  18. do guys complain about not having girlfriends as much as girls complain
  19. to be frank, a vent from a 15 year old, please read?
  20. a vent to taurus girls?
  21. What's more fun, watching Lions lose or reading the rants of sad bandwagon
  22. Do you like lying down next to the heater vent when it's cold?
  23. Will we have to endure another Christmas of Right Wing Rants about saying
  24. Chimney vent to close to wood frame in attic?
  25. What's your arguing/fighting style?
  26. Wife has become comfortable Complaining About Everything. Shes the Most Pessimistic
  27. Orlando Furioso, why does Bradamante not complain to her mother about her plans for
  28. I like a married man and just want to vent...?
  29. Dog keeps whining after puppies left?
  30. What to do when I'm feeling sad, depressed, anxious? (A long rant about my life)?
  31. Some historians argue that American Immigration policies be viewd as restritive?
  32. What song did the band on the Fallon show play for whining Michelle Bachmann?
  33. Rude asian classmate says, "i don't need professor and that he is...
  34. Do We Still Have To Tell People What Primaries Mean & How Important They
  35. How do i complain 1800 dentist?
  36. My new puppy won't stop whining/crying when he's not right beside me?
  37. Argue your view of evolution?
  38. Water around bathroom vent.?
  39. Just a rant, but can't you feel the pain?
  40. do you hate ranting religious nuts?
  41. Why do conservatives whine about President Obama when he tries to bring...
  42. How do I get to my vent valve?
  43. Register or return vent; Which can I block with my bed?
  44. Why are people complaining about the sneaky hat theme?
  45. How can anyone argue the Cons pathological hatred of the President is not...
  46. Does it annoy you that WWE no longer allow blading due to complaining
  47. My aunt and her husband argue alot I can't take it anymore ?
  48. why does my dog whine nonstop?
  49. Venting. What should I do, I think I'm depressed?
  50. Survey : What do you want to rant on me?
  51. Atheists! If all Christians believed that the Bible was entirely allegorical, what...
  52. Why do Cons complain about Libs on welfare when Blue States are richer, contribute...
  53. is it normal to fight and argue with a guy who i've been dating for 2 years ?
  54. What is the best type of exterior RV vent?
  55. Is anyone else tired of some "wwe fans" whining about how today's ppv sucked?
  56. ugh I just want to vent about school and brother?
  57. Why would anyone complain about Lovie Smith coaching their team?
  58. In the 2 months the occupy deadbeats have been whining about social...
  59. [RANT] Why do so many people on YA waste their time...?
  60. Why is it my daughter complains of back lower back pain?
  61. Why do Liberals always whine about the top 1% having 40% of the nations wealth?
  62. My Bf Argues Too Much idk Wat To do?
  63. How to stop the arguing between my brothers and my mother? Its getting to intense?
  64. Serpentine belt whining noise?
  65. Since, as a woman, I am supposed to shut my mouth in church - and one...
  66. Why do many conservatives rant against public schools, when school boards...
  67. 2000 ford tauras a.c vents won't change?
  68. Help!! Why does my dog like twitch his head and whines?
  69. Do you need to vent something?
  70. Why don't people complain about the Bush tax cuts for the middle class?
  71. Walmart over-scheduling hours; should I complain or suck it up?
  72. Is this a psychology forum or a venting outlet for whiny little emo brats?
  73. I'm 15 and... Well I don't know. Rant.? :)?
  74. Ebay 21 day holding policy and fees: What agency can I complain to?
  75. I have got to RANT!!!?
  76. New room mates complain about noise?
  77. Why do black people complain about racism?
  78. What are some good topics to rant about for an English speech?
  79. the entire vent system is messed up in our house, anyone can explain how it...
  80. why do british soaps.. show scenes where people always shout and argue with each...
  81. 97 Malibu making a weird whine noise upon cold start?
  82. Front air vents not working in Mitsubishi Outlander?
  83. Is it possible to argue the "reasonable amount" healthcare will cover for a...
  84. Do people really think by complaining about how tired they are, this will
  85. I've been involved in Boardwalk Empire
  86. What is it that makes you not wanting to love your creator apart from
  87. What to do-Need to Vent.?
  88. Ranting: I am so confused..?
  89. Uncloging air vents, what do i use?
  90. My close friend has a new girlfriend, and now he just argues with me all the time?!?
  91. what are some of the dumbest things peta has whined about/done?
  92. What do you do when your parents constantly argue?
  93. What about the Rotobrush air vent and duct cleaning system, with an
  94. Legal Guardianship question (rant)?
  95. Whining turntables / vinyl?
  96. Did you know PETA is complaining about the tanuki suit in the mario series?
  97. Why do some conservatives believe in social Darwinism but complain about the...
  98. help please i have to argue that socialism has negative effects?
  99. Why does the Right Whine about Media Coverage when Rupert Murdoch has 75% of the TV
  100. Just need to vent, and hear peoples opinions? :/?
  101. My dad really emotionally abuses me? and then physically when I argue back?
  102. can someone argue that socialism is the best and list 3 reasons why?
  103. how can i complain to yahoo about a moderator?
  104. My sister took medicine for her pneumonia and is complaining about cramps?
  105. I was venting, and accidentally sent the message. It was really mean and I
  106. Would you attend Rev Wrights Ranting Yelling Hateful Sermons for 20 straight Years?
  107. my weim suffers with separation anxiety even when i go upstairs,could an
  108. Which sign complains/dislikes their boyfriend all the time and still
  109. Help! My sister hears every move I make through the vent!?
  110. Why do couples argue & how can it be prevented from happen?
  111. For everyone complaining about their lack of social skills, etc....?
  112. Need something to rant about for english?
  113. Venting issue or drainage?
  114. Does your husband complain about you?
  115. I am going to rant because I have no one to rant to.?
  116. Is there nothing more hopelessly futile than arguing about which version of...
  117. Ma truk da water s bn used up realy fast but ders no leak n a wirrd gas
  118. Any ideas please what the whining sound may be from my real wheel on a Vauxhall...
  119. I keep hearing the postal union commercial complaining about 5 B fees paid to
  120. People are always whining, saying why this? why that? just face the fact...
  121. My parents continue fighting/arguing. What am I going to do?
  122. A Question About Che Guevara (Please, no rants) ?
  123. If you take your air condition vent and remove it from the dash of your car,?
  124. Who is most likely to complain "the police stopped me just because i'm ____...
  125. do you ever feel like theres no point? (vent)?
  126. need help with my rant please?
  127. Why do women whine about sexism since they are the most sexist people?
  128. (Best) Friend issues/Venting *10 points for best advice*?
  129. Have you read Katherine Graham's autobio? On the 4th page, already she whines...
  130. Whom do you complain to if something worse happen to you?
  131. Should i argue with Teacher?
  132. How to stop my dog from whining for food?
  133. Should we attempt to send back some illegals ? Illegals rant?
  134. i'm sick of my parents always arguing.?
  135. Can you use indoor vent kits with any electric dryer?
  136. what subject should I pick to argue in my argument calss?
  137. How many of you here are pssed off rednecks with nothing better to do then to
  138. what subject should I pick to argue in my argument calss?
  139. Is this a good plan? I'm venting to u, i need someone to talk to.. ?
  140. i'm sick of my parents always arguing.?
  141. why do some people have the exact same prejudice towards others, that they...
  142. Why do people commit crimes and then come on Y!A to whine and complain about cops?
  143. Vent causing problems on wow...any advice?
  144. Why do Republicans still whine and moan about Solyndra?
  145. Cannot talk in vent while bf3 is running, any help?
  146. Why do men whine about double standards when they were the ones created them?
  147. Why do Americans complain about taxes, when their taxes are relatively low?
  148. POLL : Do you have any Uncles Who Complain and Whine?
  149. 2008 F150 whining noise above 30mph?
  150. I immigrated from China to Canada so how am I not white that I had to...
  151. could someone please help report my question as rant, I accidentally...
  152. Isn't this copy/paste rant just a restatement (and a poor one) of Pascal's Wager?
  153. Wife and I arguing about our son and playing sports...?
  154. Arguing to get modern warfare 3?
  155. Need help with my boyfriend. we argue and he lies all the time?
  156. TV show rant about phone numbers?
  157. W140 s500 whining noise?
  158. What is a good name for a youtube channel for 2 girls ranting?
  159. Why do people argue that Ron Paul is old and senile even though his
  160. How do I curb the whine?
  161. Why do people complain about Bush's water boarding "torture" but not about Obama
  162. Parents are arguing...can't take it...?
  163. I need things to rant about?
  164. just venting. feel free to comment?
  165. Ethnic minorities don't really complain about us flying our flag, do they?
  166. Guys does your woman complain about you not spending "Quality Time"?
  167. 2001 Honda Accord heater vents keep moving?
  168. My fiance always argues with me.?
  169. no heat coming from vents sitting still. only heat at 35+mph?
  170. Atheists: Argue with this statement made by a religious person to me?
  171. What's this emergency test c0ns are whining about?
  172. i have a 1988 dodge dakota, and only my floor vents wont work. what could be...
  173. What would somebody on the con side of this issue argue......?
  174. Why do rich people complain about paying taxes?
  175. Do people on here that complain about either Democrats or Republicans
  176. If a question you ask is deleted (seen as a rant) are you notified?
  177. Does anyone remember the amazing "Rafa Rant"?
  178. Questions on Yahoo - Are some questions just rants about ideology?
  179. c0ns, has the time come to start whining about the imaginary war on Christmas?
  180. How come you don't hear Greeks complain about the Michigan State Spartans?
  181. I just would like to vent to people that understand?
  182. What should I argue about?
  183. A humanistic therapist would probably argue that the major cause of unhappiness in...
  184. Rant your Twilight hate here.?
  185. Is there any way to clean out a plumbing vent besides getting on the roof? The roof
  186. Gary Wills argues that we are confused about our prison system?
  187. Noise from people, animals, and the loud thoughts of insects upstairs
  188. Christians whine JESUS JESUS, yet Muslims spend a life like him..Explain me...
  189. Why does FOX rant about Union monies being used to BEAT fascist issue 2 in Ohio,
  190. I heard that if Cain would've just attended the r@cist rants of a bl@ck...
  191. My puppy wont stop barking and whining in his crate its driving me nuts?
  192. How do you vent your frustrations? your anger?
  193. Poll: Why do guys complain about shopping?
  194. If you saw a man and a woman arguing in public and she was hitting him over and over?
  195. REPUBLICANS, why are you complaining about the Occupation Wall Street rallies,...
  196. I cannot stop the engine whine coming through my amp. Please help.?
  197. Poll: Why do guys complain about shopping?
  198. Poll: Why do guys complain about shopping?
  199. Car is making a loud whining noise and hard to get in gear, is gearbox going?
  200. Christians, How many people have you turned to god while arguing with them on R&S?
  201. I'm a singer but the neighbours complained about my loud singing, what shall I do?
  202. Dead crested gecko with blood around vent?
  203. I will take a break from my usual post/rants and do what Herman "Big Daddy" Cain
  204. To those who complain that colleges and media are too liberal: why not try
  205. if a female cheated on her man with her brother-in-law, do you think she have a
  206. How badly did I screw up? (Rant)?
  207. Do republicans realize their anti democrat rant about spending is hypocritical?
  208. How do i complain about the american military bases occupying english soil?
  209. Rear differential whine, how long can this last?
  210. Why do white men complain so much but white women don't?
  211. how to complain about insurance?
  212. Is there anyone here that will listen to me vent?
  213. About cleaning refrigerators; how about the places you "can't" get to, like
  214. How can anyone say , that social security IS being managed well. For years
  215. I have a farmer's pocket knife with a bone handle, pliers with wire cutters,...
  216. What should I do if my parents argue?
  217. Isn't it loony? The Libs are STILL whining about Bush. Isn't the mental disease of?
  218. 6 month old maltese has yellow goo in the edge iof her ear and a bit...
  219. conservatards can you argue with this pic?
  220. Cleaning my ps3's vents?!!!!!!!!!?
  222. I need help! why are we arguing so much?! :(?
  223. Breastfeeding - need to vent?
  224. Friends in School Constantly Arguing and Fighting, Help?
  225. People who whine about how TNA sucks, even after The Muppets appeared on Raw...?
  226. What do you think of Mayweather arguing with radio host ?
  227. I would like to thank whoever invented flexible aluminium dryer venting
  228. How can I get my friend to stop complaining?
  229. why does air change from vents to def on 2002 marquis?
  230. in my 2003 cavalier, heater vents work but the windshield defogger doesn't blow?
  231. Why do women whine about not being allowed to hold combat jobs in the US military?
  232. Possible misfire, plus whining noise?
  233. Does it annoy you when people argue more passionately about music than social
  234. So my upstairs neighbors are young and black. n they are a couple. last
  235. should I argue the restocking fee for returning my item?
  236. How do you complain to Starbucks?
  237. Worcester Bosch boiler 24CDi automatic air vent.?
  238. Why do college grads who earn minimum wage whine when minimum is a fortune in
  239. Why dont the CONs spend as much time complaining about the 30 Corporations that
  240. why all the ranting about Jehovah's witnesses?
  241. Thoughts on the patriots getting another penalty call in their favor after...
  242. Do you ever get frustrated arguing with the so called conservatives?
  243. Do you think there were other superstars on the WWE roster who should have done...
  244. is it save to vent your dryer vent into you house?
  245. For my english GCSE i need to rant about something, help!?
  246. Why do minorities complain about whites being racist?
  247. Why are my parents always arguing about bills?
  248. How to argue that gun companies should be responsible for crimes committed...
  249. How (and to whom) do I complain about Royal Mail delivery services ?
  250. Why do some Christians on this forum keep posting irrelevant rants about